Give the Gift of Bible Journaling

hi there my name is sandy Olenick I'm an

artist and paper crafter here on YouTube

and I want to talk a little about giving

the gift of Bible journaling christmas

is coming or if you're watching this at

another time then

Easter might be on the way and sharing

your passion for Bible journaling might

be a great gift to give to someone the

inspire Bible is usually a really good

place to start especially for people who

aren't artistic don't consider

themselves artistic but they'd like to

color something in because these Bibles

have art down the sides and they have

just scriptures written out and pictures

going with them so you can just color

them in study the scriptures on the page

beforehand so you have something to

meditate on while you do the coloring

you can do crazy backgrounds and all

sorts of Bible journaling techniques or

you can just stay simple and color in

the images that are provided the one I'm

flipping through right now is the

regular version of the inspire Bible it

has a bunch of different color colors of

covers available some with flowers some

plain colors this one is the large print

version of the same Bible inspired Bible

and thank you to the publisher for

sending it to me so I could share it

with you a lot of people have asked if

there is a large print version and there

is links in the doobly-doo to all of

things mentioned in this video but the

pictures are blown up as well as the

words on the page blown up so it's not

as though everything's rerun like the

text is not re flowed to make make it

fit for this it's just basically blowing

up the entire thing and what I'm going

to do is compare a particular spread and

then I'm going to color this picture in

the large print version but I'm going to

compare it to the one in the regular

print version and you can see how much

easier it's going to be to do that

lettering in the large print version

rather than the small and there's also a

significant difference in the text size

so for those whose eyes are aging like

mine you may find the large print

version to be easier the pagination is

also the same so the way that that could

be helpful if you want to get one

version for you and one version for

someone who is a person you'd like to

gift from a distance say your


or your grandchild you want to get them

comparable version study the Scriptures

together talk about it email about it

Facebook about it and share your artwork

that you do from each one in the

scriptures it's a way that you can say

on page 372 is this picture that I'm

working on and here's what the scripture

says and this is what God told me about

it so you can study along with someone

else by just using the same page numbers

I recommend getting some watercolor

pencils or I'm using inktense pencils to

go along with the Bible gift because

that's going to help them get started

and the reason I almost recommend

watercolor pencils or inktense pencils

over regular ones is that they can be

used as regular pencils so I could just

color them as I'm doing right here and

leave the pencil as it is I don't have

to actually do any of the water coloring

but you have the option when you have a

watercolor pencil there's a set of

twelve inktense pencils that has a

really good set of basic colors that

would help somebody new at this totally

get started and be happy with that color

selection and on my blog is a little

swatch card of the colors that are

available in that set of twelve if you

want to see kind of what those colors

are so I'm just scribbling the color in

here and filling it in in sort of

general ways I'm not being real careful

with it I'm not worried about making

everything blendy blendy putting a few

colors in more concentration in some

darker areas but really I'm just

layering different colors over so it can

feel almost like a fall harvest time

scene I could take a brush a wet brush

and kind of wash over all that to blend

it but what I want to show you is a

different way to do it that won't add as

much water to the page which means it

won't get as wrinkly crinkly which is

using a baby wipe I've wrapped it around

my finger so that I can kind of push

that color using my finger right along

with the baby wipe and while it has the

green on it I'm going to do all the

darker green parts and just swish the

pencil around look how quickly that

covers a large area and then I'll change

it up if I'm going to switch to an area

that has more yellow in it with the tops

of all of the field has

yellow and I can just smoosh across it

really easily this will not only not be

as wrinkly it'll also dry quicker so you

can go back in and do some more work

there's some scrolling things in the

corner that I'm gonna go in with an

orange pencil and work on and it just

gives you some different options to use

the baby wipe instead of the brush but

you can also give the person a brush to

go along with their set of pencils here

with each of the words that are in this

I'm going to do a two-tone coloring so

I'm going to put one color on the top

one color on the bottom and fill that in

with the pencil it doesn't even have to

be perfect with the pencil because when

I move that pigment around with a brush

it's going to blend them nicely and you

can see how nicely these silver brushes

point this isn't number six and I think

if you're just looking to get one brush

to go with some Bible journaling and

number six would be a good size

especially for this large print version

you might want to go a little smaller if

you're going to do this small print

version or the regular print but I have

done it with a number six you just have

to be a little more careful these

brushes points so well they get such a

nice fine point on them that you can do

a lot of fine detail with them after all

this was dry I was able to go back in

and do another layer of color to

intensify color in certain areas you

certainly don't have to do that but you

just wait until it's completely dry and

then you can do another layer over top

and so I'm just gonna add some dark

colors in some of the deepest shadow

areas to increase the contrast in my

picture and I'm just kind of scribbling

in between some of them I'm using the

shadows that the artists already put

into the picture

to follow along and throw some color in

is kind of scribbling it and being real

real loose with it and then when I take

my brush to it I can just move it around

and I'm always careful when I do my

Bible generally not to use a super wet

brush it's kind of more of a damp brush

wipe the brush off on your fingers or on

a paper towel or something so that

you're not putting a ton of moisture

down but you do end up with a little bit

of wrinkly crinkly Ness sometimes even

with these careful techniques but if you

want to flatten it out a little bit more


sheet of computer paper above and below

and I'm gonna apologize for my crazy

camera focusing I didn't realize it was

gonna do this weird focusing thing but

just iron over top of it you can see how

quickly I'm ironing it's set on its

highest setting pull my papers out and

it's done is I know it's out of focus

but it is much flatter than it was if

you're using anything with acrylic or

with a metallic in it then don't do this

technique because the heat will melt

them and then I'll stick to your paper I

often get asked what's my favorite Bible

because the inspire Bible is not my

favorite because I'm an artist and I

like to create my own things so I'm

going to show you my very favorite Bible

it's an expensive one so if you have

somebody who really is going to put

their heart and soul into it this is an

excellent option it's got this beautiful

leather cover on the front and this

isn't a trans this one particular what

it's into translation that I love and I

would recommend that you focus on what

translation you want to read the

scriptures in not only whether or not

they have the right kind of other

elements in it but this one is my my

Study Bible it's the translation that I

love the best and love to work with the

most and now that I've perfected I

shouldn't say perfected I've done a lot

of learning about my techniques in my

other Bibles I also have those other

Bibles to use as testing to try a

different medium try different colors

and different applications as well as I

have those translations now to study and

I can see how one version translates a

verse compared to another so it's a

great library of resources as well as

lots of places to practice things and in

this Bible this is just the one that I'm

going to be using more on going more

long-term for myself because I love this

leather cover on it so much now one of

the other Bibles that I like a lot and

if you know somebody you're going to

give this to who's really an artist and

they really have some skills then the in

the interleave bible is a good one to go

with because this has a blank page in

between every page of scriptures so you

have lots of room to do your artwork

without interfering with but you can

also interfere with the

texts so you can interact with it or not

interact with it you can just do one

page or you can do the full spread now I

would recommend if you're going to gift

a Bible to someone and get them started

in Bible journaling that you do a page

or two in their Bible maybe on your

favorite verses so that when they get it

they have some sort of an idea where to

begin so on this one this is watercolor

pencils I might do that on my favorite

verse to share with them what the

possibilities are for when they start

creating so here's a couple more Bible

journaling videos if you're interested

in those there is a link in the

doobly-doo to my Bible journaling class

online it's an inexpensive walkthrough

of mediums and how they work and what

bleeds through and what doesn't and how

I went through my testing process so you

can do the same as you embark on your

Bible journaling adventure okay I will

see you guys later take care and have an

awesome day