hey thirtysomethings do you want to know

how to journal in your quiet time with

God stay tuned and I'll the here er is

putting at the coffee table and this is

exactly how I get started usually I'm at

my kitchen table so we're in the office

today so this will have to do but I get

my journal open and have my Bible out

and if I've actually got a daily

devotional that I'm doing so right now

I'm using sparkling gems of the Greek by

Rick Renner and I'll have that out as

well and a cup of coffee and maybe my

breakfast and I get started just by

putting down the date - today is August

11th 2017 I love having the dates there

because I do like to go back and reread

my journals later on just to see how I

was feeling and what my prayer requests

were and maybe if the Lord has given me

a word what he said so that I can go

back and confirm it and it's just great

so we'll get started

sometimes I will dive right into

Scripture and sometimes I will just

start writing out a prayer to the Lord

so let's just start that way and I

usually just start out just by writing

dear Jesus or hello Lord and I usually

always start out with some kind of a


so today I'm going to say thank you for

a new season Chris and I are so aware of

the work

you've done in the past few weeks

to move on our behalf thank you

usually once I get out just the initial

praise I will go to scripture and read a

little bit of scripture just to see what

the Lord has for me for that day so

today I'm in Luke 7 in verse 32 31 and

32 and if you hear your background noise

the road behind me so sorry about that

we can't take away all the sound so I'm

in looks at Luke 7 31 today and this is

what it says - what then can I compare

the people of this generation

what are they like they are like

children sitting in the marketplace and

calling out to each other we played the

flute for you and you did not dance we

sang a dirge and you did not cry for

John the Baptist came neither eating

bread nor drinking wine and you say he

has a demon son of man came eating and

drinking and you say here is a glutton

and a drunkard a friend of tax

collectors and sinners but wisdom is

proved right by all her children so you

have to know the context of what the

scripture is and the Pharisees are

talking to Jesus about John the Baptist

and Jesus is making a point to the

Pharisees that they are kind of double

sighted so they've been accusing John of

one thing and then Jesus does the

opposite and they're accusing Jesus of

being bad because he's doing the

opposite so they're being very very

hypocritical which we know is something

very common for Pharisees but the verse

that sticks out a lot to me in this is

verse 35 it says but wisdom is proved

right by all her children so I'll

actually take that and write that down

and then I'll just take some time to

meditate on that scripture for a little

while so to me this verse really

bolsters up my spirit when we face

trials as Christians where people will

speak negatively towards us or they'll

say untrue things about us and there

they just feel like jobs they just feel

like stabs from the enemy because that's

truly who are into the enemy the enemy

is our enemy it's not other people we're

not fighting against other people were

fighting against the rulers of the air

and Satan uses other people to get at us

and to jab us and to hurt us but wisdom

is proved right by all her children in

the end wisdom reigns truth reigns and

so today that is what I am going to take

and just pack away inside of my heart so

I will take some time to write out a

little prayer to the Lord about applying

this truth to my own my own life

and then after I have taken some time to

write out a prayer to the Lord which

usually got just a paragraph it ends up

being a page or two or three I will just

take some time to quietly sit before the

Lord in prayer and listen for his voice

now if you have never done that before

or you're like what are you talking

about listen for his voice I didn't

think that the Lord spoke to people I

thought that it only came through the

Bible that is not true

yes the Lord speak to us speak to us

through the Bible but he also speaks to

us through the Holy Spirit and some

people hear an actual audible voice from

the Lord I've never personally

experienced that but one time in my

whole life most of the time I just have

a knowing in my spirit of what the Lord

is saying to me so and it actually flows

out of me better in my quiet time when

I'm actually journaling it back to

myself if that makes sense

so I will actually sit with pen and

paper in hand and wait to get a knowing

in my spirit from the Lord and then I

will write myself back a message from

the Lord

so I'm not saying that it is a dust

sayeth the Lord I'm not saying that I'm

actually even interpreting it correctly

but I find that I more clearly hear from

him when I open up my heart to him and

let him speak to me through prayer time

onto a journal page so I'm going to

attempt to do that right now for you

guys to show you on the video I probably

won't do it for a long time

but I just want to give you an example

of like what that would look like so I

will actually try to speak it out loud

while I am while I'm writing it so you

can hear in case you can't read it

Whitney my sweet daughter a sight on

your behalf you never have to worry

remember my word where it says you reap

what you sow the truth behind people's

motives will always be

revealed put your job

in the meantime is to show them my love

now this is a pretty convicting word

from the Lord for me because what is our

natural tendency when someone speaks

negatively towards us well it's to speak

negatively right back towards them but

we are not called to do that we are

called to show Christ's love to everyone

to turn the other cheek when someone

verbally assaults you and to forgive

them as right as Christ forgave you now

that does not mean that you're to

subject yourself to continued abuse by

someone I do strongly believe that

boundaries are very important so if you

do notice that there's someone in your

life who slanders you all the time and

is negative towards you then you have

every right in the world to draw

boundary lines but the Lord calls us to

forgive so I hope that this gives you a

great insight into what it looks like

for me to journal with the Lord I'd love

to hear how you like to journal with the

Lord so please leave me a comment below

and let me know if you have any other

video requests I'd love to hear them we

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don't miss any new videos I'll see you

guys next time happy journaling alright

everybody you are now equipped to

journal with god I'm getting I'm going

to tell you this right now your journal

is going to be full of Revelation I'm so

excited for you I really do believe that

for some of you out there this is going

to be a game

changing peace to your relationship with

the Lord it's going to change our life

it could even put you on a new direction

a new path with your purpose and your

calling it is it is the most intimate

sweetest time that I have with the Lord

and I am praying for that for you as

well that this becomes a non-negotiable

time in your day every day just to

listen to him to praise Him to build the

relationship with him that he wants to

have with you and guess what it's not

complicated it's you your Bible your

journal a pen and Jesus can't wait to

hear how special this is for you guys

talk to you soon