Praying For Your Future Husband / Christian Inspiration // Coffee and Bible Time


hi guys Ashley here and I'm here with

another video on praying for your future

husband I'm really excited about this

video but before we get started you guys

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and if you want to see more so I wanted

to make a praying for your future

husband video because I've seen it a lot

online lately I decided I wanted to add

it into my prayer journal and so this is

what it looks like so if you guys

haven't seen my prayer journal video

I'll have it linked in the description

box below but it's just an amazing

prayer journal with a bunch of different

sections and I didn't have praying for

my future husband in there and so I

decided to add it and and I really loved

how I ended up turning out with all the

colors so an infection I put the left

side I pull up prayers for me and then

on the right side I put prayers for him

and so I thought it would be a good idea

to do prayers for me and then prayers

for him because that I was thinking

about it and there's a lot of things

that I need to pray about for myself as

well as for him so I'll start off with

prayers for me and in this section I'd

pretty much just kind of wrote out my

prayers to God I wrote out now I don't

know my future but that I'm willing to

trust God and see where he takes me and

see where he leads me you know I suggest

writing Thanksgiving to God because he

told us in no matter what time of your

life we should be giving thanks to God

so you know I thanked him for who I am

and just how he made me and how he made

me wonderfully and perfectly I thanked

him I also prayed for patience that he

would grow me during this time of

waiting in this time of singleness just

praying that he would help me to really

grow because this is such a good time to

take advantage of because for me I see

it as a time of really growing in Christ

and learning and stepping out of my

comfort zone and just growing so much so

thanking him for this

time also in the Bible it tells us that

God wants to know the desires of our

hearts so I wrote down kind of my

desires for a future husband on the man

I also wrote down in this section you

know help that God would help me to

realize that overall I should not be

putting my trust and fully in another

boy or another man but that I will

always be going to Christ first and I

will always love him most and so I wrote

that the huge prayer and also another

huge prayer I wrote is and I will be

done and if God's will will be done then

everything will work out perfectly so

overall that's what I pretty much wrote

in the prayers for me section so when

the praying for my future husband side I

started off with first of all thanking

God thanking God that he might ask

someone special for me friend and that

he has someone who he made for me and I

think that's really cool - thank God for

and then I also wrote a bunch of prayers

just prayers that will help hopefully my

future husband

for example strengthened against sin and

fleshly desires to stand strong in

Christ in the little life for Jesus and

not for world worldly ways to desire

God's Word and that he would crave it

mature him grow him be with him in every

aspect of his life just a bunch of

different prayers that came to my heart

that I wanted to write down know just

overall that he would be a man that

wants to live for Christ above anything

else and the one huge thing that I want

to say is that everybody's prayers are

going to look different for this so what

I mean by that is I saw a bunch of

things online that said praying for your

future husband and there were bunch of

prayers ideas in there

I absolutely love those I got so many

good ideas out of those but I also want

to suggest that you kind of just pour

out your own heart write down your own

prayer requests write out what's on your

heart and was on your mind to God

because that's really what he wants to

hear is a prayer that's coming truly

from your heart and that's kind of what

I did I kind of just started writing and

it all kind of just poured out on the

pages and I just think it's really cool

and I'm going to be praying these

prayers over again and I'll be writing

more on different pages but I just

really wanted to show you guys this

because I thought it might give you guys

some good ideas for praying for your

future husband and I think it will just

be really cool to have this maybe one

day when you get married to look back on

so yeah let me know what you guys think

and I hope you guys try this out bye