Writing In Your Bible Tutorial (Part 1)

hello faithful Friends of the Internet

I'm Jason Mayfield today I want to talk

to you about some ways that you can mark

your Bible I'm gonna introduce to you

over a series of four videos some

different marking methods that you can

use to hopefully find the way that you

like to interface with the Bible now

that's a phrase that I've kind of coined

I don't even know if I'm using the words

right but hey who cares right it feels

good so we're talking about interfacing

with the scripture and the way that

we're gonna do that is by putting a pen

to the paper because there's something

about that connection that just helps

now I did a whole video on why you

should Bible journal that basically goes

through all of those benefits I'm gonna

link that video up below also below I'm

gonna link to any stuff that I like to

use Bibles pens different audience

Indians that I use even stuff that I

don't use but I think it's really cool

and could be helpful to you I'm gonna

make a whole list of that stuff but

we're not gonna talk about it in the

videos so what we're gonna do is we're

gonna start today with my method my

method is kind of a box arrow note

method that's right disclaimer the way

that I write in my Bible is a little

messy I like that I like to get in there

and get dirty get down to business have

a good time and just get in there and

make a mess I enjoy that it's not

intentionally destructive but I enjoy

that I know some of you don't because

you come on my videos you talk about oh

it's a mess I can't believe you did I

take it bad in well hey you know what

shut up that escalated quickly

that's what I'm gonna be honest that's

what some of y'all need to hear

sometimes I that's why I love that I'm

not your pastor because I could say this

stuff your pastor can't say this but I

can tell you some of y'all just need to

hear it shut up

move on find something more productive

to do with your day

then go on the internet and criticize

what other people do is it my right if

you aren't here to learn something right

now you're just here to find out what

you don't like just you know go away I

just improved the quality of so many

people's lives right now here's the

method what I do is very simple is I

like to read through the scripture

that's really helpful part of this whole

project let's clean the desk up clean so

I like to read through the scripture and

as I come to something that for whatever

various reason might speak to me what I

do is I draw a box around it so we'll

just do verse 12 here also none of this

stuff is gonna mean anything we're just

gonna draw stuff on top of the book here

this is my test and demonstrations but I

also have to say this cuz y'all come on

you guys I can't believe you met that'd

be bad to doing that this is a Bible

that I paid $12 for it's $12 to show you

things on the internet with it just you

know take a chill pill y'all got me

angry today who out there is making me

who's putting the angry stuff at me

it's one of you I don't know who it is I

think I tell me in a recent video I come

off angry in my videos I'm like I

thought I came up with hilarious we're

this video if we're never going to get

to any content but who cares we're

having fun so I draw a box around it

then what I do is I write my note write

my note here and then I draw an arrow to

it boom boom and I draw a unclosed box

around it now I will tell you this is

looking a lot messier than it normally

does because I am like at this weird

angle to do it

but I want to be able to show you own

camera so please forgive me for being a

little less than perfect so once I do

that I go in and I draw a color around

it I created my own personal color code

and that way I kind of can look at it

once I'm done writing in there and kind

of see what it is off off the top of the

head now I will tell you whenever you do

a color code if you do a color code I

really recommend it your color goes to

your note not to the scripture because

what we don't want to do is we don't

want to try to categorize the scripture

all day long there are other marketing

methods that I think get a little too

academic and so it takes the life out of

your devotional time and you kind of

want your devotional time to have some

life to it and so I'm not trying to


go through the scripture every time I

open it in the mornings there are times

for that there are moments for that but

not every day for you know 30 minutes to

an hour that's just not how I'm roll it

so make sure your color connects to your

note so for instance there's a passage

somewhere in the Gospels that mentions

that and Jesus went a stone's throw away

to pray now this passage doesn't mean

what the note that I've attached to it

in my Bible says but my note that I put

in there is an observation that I pulled

from this text is that leaders have to

create enough distance to have privacy

but also enough proximity so that people

can learn from their example so he went

a stone's throw away far enough away

that you can't hear me but far enough

away that you can or close enough that

you can see and you see the prayer

posture that Jesus had as not what that

passage is about and if it is hey well

I'm nailing it but that is not what that

passage is about but it's an observation

that I had in that observation is more

of a leadership wisdom kind of thing

that would be orange for me so I attach

that to the note not the scripture okay

so continuing on there's a second way

that you can do this that might be a

little neater and I've tried it the

second way is that instead of drawing a

box you underline the passage and then

you write your note note here and then

you draw an arrow and you draw a box or

you could draw an underline under the

note so you could do it this way note

here and you could draw an underline and

so then we're gonna go back in we'll use

since we're talking about orange let's

use orange and we'll do an orange my

wife says I say orange funny and I say I

say it right so you do it either one of

those ways whichever one you like more

now I'm gonna give you the the reason

that I like the box method the underline

method is a little cleaner but when you

come up into a situation where you have

a you know

verses that are spread out from top to

bottom on the page that have a

connection and that connection is really

important to the observation or

revelation whatever it is that you've

noticed in the passage when you go in

and you draw your boxes versus your

underlines when you draw boxes you're

able to take those things and connect

them easily will even put another one

here because the word win is very

important again we're just making this

stuff up as we go today for method sake

and so now you do this BAM and all of

that stuff is connected and that's a

little harder with the underlined

because you don't know there's nothing

really to connect to so I really like to

do in the boxes for that reason now

there's another way you could do this

you could take the same system and do it

with highlights so the way that you

would do that is once you find a passage

that particularly speaks to you about


I'll use I'll use purple instead purple

so you find something and let's say it's

this verse 23 ooh I got it upside down

um so we're gonna highlight verse 23 by

the way it's not always verses sometimes

it's phrases so we're gonna do that and

then we're gonna say note here highlight

now you do that and then you can draw an

arrow boom a little arrow and there's a

couple of ways that you could do this

once you do the arrow and everything you

could highlight under the the note as

two like we did up here just to indicate

or you can once you feel comfortable

that it's dry you can highlight on top

of it now let me give you my warning

about highlighting when you highlight

something and you come back and you read

this the next time or maybe in the same

setting and you realize poof mmm there's

something else in that scripture that I

really need a note on and so that note

for this one's going to be Centurions

turians a big word and you're gonna use

a red highlighter when we go back you're

gonna see it kind of just makes a mess

and even here you can do note you can do

over here boom and then you might want

to even do the arrow on this one and

then highlight it but you see it kind of

creates starts to create a mess here

because at some point you're just going

highlighter highlighter highlighter

highlighter and layer and layer and

layer versus when you do the box method

which is one I really I encourage you

use because it works really well for me

you going in here and we'll say well

we're going to circle the word well well

and then we're gonna draw an arrow boom

boom boom boom boom and then we'll take

the same thing we're doing red so I'll

make an apples-to-apples and we go

through and then there you go so it's a

little bit easier to differentiate and

one of the reasons is when you do the

Box you're leaving all that open white

space in there so this is the method

that I use these are three different

ways you could probably try it out

there's probably something else out

there that you can try but this way

you've got you've done it with the Box

method you've done it with the

underlying method you've done it with

the highlighters you could use Krantz

you could use color pencils you could

use all kinds of stuff I did I hate

crayons colored pencils are kind of cool

I think crayons are just terrible but

colored pencils are kind of cool if you

get the right kind so I'm but I like

using pins because they're big and

they're bold that's why I like them and

it works with my box method yes so if

you found value in this content the best

way to be a friend is to share this with

a friend so grab this video send it to

somebody pastors if you wanna make a big

impact on your church's Bible reading

this year I would suggest taking this

video and putting it in your church

email newsletter and just email this out

to your entire church and let them be

impacted by different ways to interface

with the scripture and so anyway hey I

appreciate you guys watching and I'll

see you in the next vid