How to write a Biography

hi my name is Tyler and I'm going to

give you a little bit of help right in

your Bible feet and just remind you that

this is just one resource that you can

use to support your writing there are

many other resources out there that

could really really enrich your work so

take a look at those as well so let's

look at a biography and look at the

purpose of a biography is to inform and

inspire a reader of an exceptional

person's life so they've achieved great

things and that great people and you'd

love to be able to inspire others with

your life thing to remember it's about

someone else and not you there's some

important points to remember you need to

write your biography and the order in

which the events happen and you really

need to do thorough research on the

person because you're talking about or

writing about a real person you don't

want to make any mistakes so make sure

that the facts you write are inspiring

and engaging and inaccurate give you

some more things to think about if you

don't have enough research material on

this person you really need to start

thinking about whether you should carry

on and find somebody else or maybe fan

maybe you can get more information from

another person so how can you make your

wherever if you're interesting really

important because again you're talking

about people that have actually lived or

are still alive and you want to be able

to craft it in a way that is engaging

and moving story of their lives so write

a list of all the things that make this

person so interesting and some more

things to think about a good thing to do

is create a list of the people that

could help you learn more about this

person and approach them in some way

have someone check the information

you've gathered to make sure it's true

that's a really good one and ask people

close to the person if they could

recommend interviewing anyone else

interviews are really good for

barberries biographies of course so

things to consider when writing a


early life when they were growing up

their childhood their adulthood where

they're from the town city what they did

that was remarkable and what are they

currently doing and maybe late in their

life as well so each of these points you

could actually write the separate

paragraphs so take good notes on the

following important facts of their life

their dates the places events and their

accomplishments and that's pretty much

in a nutshell so writing your biography

let's get started okay so you need a

topic sentence and the topic paragraph

we'll talk more about that in a minute

and this will introduce the person and

explain why you think this person is

worth knowing so I'll go into a little

more detail so you need to write a title

topic sentence and a topic paragraph and

it goes in that order and each of those

and parts the title topic and spend

topic paragraph start building

information around that person so your

topic sentence can be rhetorical that's

a question that doesn't need an answer

and this will really help to grab your

readers attention and then you will

write a paragraph providing more details

on the topic sentence and of course with

your topic paragraph and you've now

introduced your person so your second

paragraph you can write writing about

some of the things that you listed

before the beginning of your person's

life through to the adulthood effect

applies in this case and you may want to

write more than one paragraph and work

through the list that you created

earlier to go back and take a look then

of course once you've written about your

personal and creators are really

interesting and inspiring story you will

then conclude or your write a conclusion

in your conclusion will be summarizing

the most important points of your

biography and at the moment where you

get to focus on the most appealing parts

of your biography here some of common

areas and you will need to pay attention

to this not enough research and

inaccurate information the notes of

poorly prepared with minimal content and

vents are not a true representing is

porn there's nothing for the person

you're writing about and just make sure

the information is correct it's good

luck I hope that was helpful

stop where you need to and reread to

information thank you