How To Write A Short Professional Bio - PERSONAL Bio Example

Are you wondering how to write a short professional bio either for an article

you're publishing or maybe for one of your social platforms? If so, stay around

because in this video you'll learn how to write a bio that captivates and

engages your audience and if you stay around until the end I'll share an exact

example of a short professional bio I shared as a guest on a podcast episode

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biggest frustration is when it comes to building a personal brand. Short and to

the point bio's are becoming increasingly more important. Especially

in this world of information overload. When someone reads your bio, they want to

quickly know who you are, what makes you unique, what you have to offer them and

where they can go to learn more about you. So let's jump into how to write a

short professional bio. Step number one is to identify your

audience. Consider the audience before you craft your bio. You want to think

about where your bio will be seen and tailor it for who will see it. For

example, the bio on your website will be more in-depth and detailed than the bio

on one of your social platforms such as Twitter or Instagram. This means that

you'll have a few slightly different variations of your bio and that's okay.

This leads us to step number two to write a short professional bio and that

is to start with the powerful first sentence. You only have a few seconds to

grab the attention of your audience, so your first sentence needs to be a good

one. Begin by stating who you are what your audience can expect from you and

how you are going to solve a particular pain point that they might have.

This leads us to step number three to write a short professional bio and that

is to tell a compelling story. To keep your audience around longer, tell a story

about your greatest accomplishments and what makes you different. Engage them

with why you are unique and how you became an authority on your topic. Step

number four to write a short professional bio is to include a call to

action. To get your audience to take the next step, make sure you include some

type of call to action that leads them to learn more about you. This can be

something as simple as sharing your website or letting them know what social

platform you're most active on or giving a link to a free offer that you have for

them. In your call to action, explain the benefits they'll receive from taking

action such as a transformation or some type of achievement. Step number five is

to wrap it up with personality. List something personal that makes you more

human and helps your audience to relate to you. So here's an example of a bio

that I recently used as a guest on a podcast. "Heather knows firsthand the

overwhelm and frustration of the job search. For the past 13 years she has

taught thousands of students how to build their personal brand so that they

can land their dream job and succeed in the marketplace. Heather has her own

business where she works one-on-one with her clients, helping them find a career

that brings true happiness and fulfillment. She is most active on her

YouTube channel where she publishes videos every week about career guidance

and new business development." Now if you're interested in diving deeper into

building a stronger personal brand, why not start with the perfect resume. Take a

look at the video I made where you'll learn six steps to write a resume. You'll

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