The Beginner's Guide to Reddit | Mashable Explains

if Facebook is your hometown think of

reddit like a foreign country you don't

speak the language the customs are odd

and you probably don't know what's going

on but spend some quality time with the

front page of the internet and you'll

find it's an essential resource a

self-regulating marketplace of ideas

simply put reddit is a message board

where users submit links items of value

are uploaded and those deemed unworthy

aren't downvoted

the number of up votes minus the number

of down votes determines a post score

with the most uploaded content

eventually making its way to the coveted

front page content on the front page has

already been vetted voted and discussed

by thousands of other editors these are

things that'll make you laugh think and

motivate you to dig a little deeper

every link posted Heretic goes into a

subreddit related to that subject

subreddits are more niche communities

that you can subscribe to and there are

sub reddits for almost anything when

viewing a subreddit you may notice that

post with the highest score do not

always rank to the top this is due to

read it's time decay algorithm which to

put it simply makes it easier for newer

posts to rise however you can sort

content based on newest top scoring and

most controversial a subreddit isn't

just a place to dump links it's a

thriving community unto itself with its

own customs lingo and moderators it's

where everyone knows your name except

they don't because most redditors are

anonymous it's this anonymity that makes

reddit a safe place for open discussion

but like the Internet itself anonymous

platforms can be a source for good just

as much as they can be a source for my

little pony fan porn the comment system

on reddit is arguably the most important

and often most entertaining part of the

site the up folk downvote system used

for posts are also used for comments so

in theory the most valuable discussion

will always make its way to the top

reddit karma is an accumulation of good

will you receive when other users upload

your posts or comments it doesn't give

you any overt influence and it can't be

cashed in for fabulous prizes but a

healthy amount of karma on your profile

alerts other users that you add value to

the community to learn more about reddit

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