Hallmark – Children boost literacy skills through writing cards

I want you to have a little think and a

little talk about who you could write

your message to on a card who it might

be does it have to be real do you want

noise to be a real person or joints to

be from the book of Mead or have a

little tool puffle go one mini literacy

of course is important for all children

at Whitefield primary school we believe

in real reading it's a golden thread

that runs through the whole of the

curriculum send them my message to

Charlie Charlie and the Chocolate

Factory because I want to tell them well

done I tried to tell him my message to

Rachael running Russell she's on all of

that and she is very inspirational to me

too messy

I am your number one fan and I really

want to know how to do your insanely

crazy dribbling skills please teach me

your attackers from Mohammed I think the

children loved writing with a bit of a

purpose use in their card and actually

writing it and popping it in the

envelope and I think at the end somebody

said and I like the idea that that's

going to actually be sent now I like the

lesson because we get to write whoever

we want to whatever we want about I

enjoyed the Russian because a little bit

different I really enjoyed our lesson

today because I could write in Arabic


I enjoyed the lesson cuz I've never ever

football player

I mean life children need to be able to

read and write for them you know to go

anywhere and we said we say that you

know once you can read and write you can

reach for the stars you can you know you

think the world is your oyster basically