How to Print Inside a Blank Card Using Word : Beginner Computer Tips

hi my name is Brian and this is how to

print inside a blank card using word so

let's say you have a blank reading card

and you want to print a message in it

using your computer you can set that up

in Microsoft Word pretty easily the

first thing you have to do is you need

to go into page setup which you will

find under file and then you will set

the format for the paper size to custom

you're gonna have to measure your your

greeting card and hit the plus sign and

you're gonna add a custom size I guess a

standard greeting card is 4.25 inches by

5.5 inches and then you're going to make

sure your margins are set to 25 all

around now that I have my page setup

you'll you should notice that the page

actually changes on Microsoft Word so

make sure that that changes or else you

haven't set it up correctly the next

thing you're going to want to do is make

sure that your text is centered you can

do that by going into format and then

paragraph and then alignment and then

centered and then hit OK just to make

sure that your text or your image or

whatever you have in there doesn't get

cut off