How To Write A Book With A Friend

hi i'm kate targovnik i'm the author of


it's sort of a narrative nonfiction rom

through the world of college


i arrive for cheerleading camp to follow

this team

and i find out that brad quit that he'd


and that the team had a new coach and

that was a very

low moment for me because i didn't know

if the new coach was gonna let me follow

the team

i thought my whole book could have been

shut down right there

and one of the first calls i made was to

joey jaeger-hyman

who'd sort of become my writing partner

because we're working on very similar


i'm joey yeagerhyman and my book is

called fat envelope frenzy

uh one year five promising students and

the pursuit of the ivy league prize so i

followed five different very different


from different parts of the country

during their senior year as they applied

to college

both kate and i had a year to write our

books and we had very hers was due a

month before mine

but she was first working at jane so she


literally go to her nine-to-five plus

and then

travel on the weekends that was crazy it

was great so

i i loved having her company and then i

started getting really used to it and

then i would like

you know go anywhere she wanted or you

know we were just like really

glad of our ways to work together

because it was it was a good experience

there's only so much you can say to a

person when they're worried that their

whole entire book is falling apart at

the seams

but she was just very supportive that

keep going talk to this person

go in be confident sort of go at it from

the standpoint that

yes of course this project is happening

and just you know see that they're open

to it and it ended up working out for

the best

i actually remember the exact days our

book would do mine was

due uh june 1st and hers was due

july 1st so it's exactly a month apart

so i remember the night

i finished my book we went out to get


and we had a lot of them and it was

great and she was so excited for me and

i remember the day

she turned in her book we did the exact

same thing it was sort of like

this whole reciprocation and we're done

with this thing and all we have left

is the editing and then she got married

like four days later

but it does help in a way when you're

with somebody because then you can kind

of you can still socialize and it's not

as isolated but

you can both make sure the other one

works and enjoy each other's company and

it just felt like you know i don't know

what it would have been like without her

and it just

was much more enjoyable nothing will

bond you to someone

faster than writing a book together and

going through this

incredibly long complicated process

where most people

you're in it on your own no other thing

i've worked on in my life have you been

in it on your own you have your editor

you have your agent but they just don't

have the same

stake in it that you do and so it's so

amazing to have someone else who's

feeling that

same intense kind of pressure