Starting your Book of Shadows || WICCA 101


hey guys my name is Ella and for today's

video I thought I'd go over some tips on

how you can start your book of shadows

or grimoire as some also call it a book

of shadows is a sort of diary for many

witches and awakens to keep recipes

dreams meditation rituals and just

general information in you can keep one

book of shadows or you can also keep

multiple depending on its purpose

for example dream sources recipes or

rituals versus meditations so the first

step to having your own book of shadows

and starting your own Book of Shadows

would be to of course get yourself a

book a notepad or a binder then my tip

would be to plan out your book of

shadows at least a little bit a good

starting point would be to have a

blessing or a dedication page as your

first page and then perhaps a page about

yourself what type of witch or Wiccan

you are witch spirits or daddies you

work with and what your favorite

practices are etc just general

information about you to introduce

yourself to your book basically then you

can start with including some general

information for example on the Sabbath

and the s pots the moon phases their

meanings and activities that you can do

on those moon phase

then of course if you have a special

interest in something for example you

are a kitchen which you could add the

uses of herbs or different spices than

candle magic you can also include color

charts and their meanings

you can include numerology if you are

practicing the Tarot you can add the

Major Arcana so Book Of Shadows is

really really personal to you so that

means you can include or not include

whatever you personally like and think

is important as long as it is helpful to

you and your practice so one other tip

this tool for example voice write down

your exact spell work so that you can

revise it and adjust it when you come

back later

have a look does it work out did it not

work out white why did it work out why

didn't it work out and it's just very

useful for your future for your own

future as a Wiccan an extra little tip

would also be to write your things in a

pencil so that you can always adjust it

erase it if necessary and then you can

always go over it with an ink pen if you

really like to if you'd like to be

really organized then you can plan out

your book of shadows and for example a

spare notebook that you have for even

just in pencil in your actual book of

shadows you can also use a binder so

that you can add pages into the

appropriate sections or take things out

you can also print pages that way and

like add them in a switches and Wiccans

in today's age are of course really

really lucky we have phones we

Computers and stuff so you can of course

also keep April of shadows on a blog for

example personal blog or public blog if

you like to on your phone and your notes

whatever you like personally sometimes I

like to just quickly write some notes

down for something that you have to add

into my book of shadows for later just

so I don't forget it

don't feel pressured to keep your book

of shadows a certain way there really

are no rules to it as long as you are

happy with it and as long as it serves

its purpose or your craft and your path

if you like you can add dried flowers if

you'd like you can print out things from

online below them in you can even hand

make the book yourself I've seen that on

YouTube a couple of times I know a

couple of witches completely hand make

their book from scratch now a book of

shadows can be very private and very

personal so one thing to keep in mind is

letting other people touch it or read it

as if they are doing so then chances are

they might transfer some of their own

energy onto the book or this reason a

lot of witches and weekend's like to

keep their book of shadows

to themselves they don't really like

sharing anything about it something to

just keep in mind it's all up to you if

you like to share your book of shadows

with others or not so that's already it

about Book of Shadows I just wanted to

make a really quick informative video on

this topic so if you have any more

questions or you would like some more

advice you can always comment or you can

also message me so that's already it

guys thank you so much for watching


you next time