How to Write a Simple Book Report


right hi guys it's mr. B here and today

we're going to be looking at book

reports okay what we need to include

them inside them to make them really

good okay the first part we're gonna

look at is the opening a mobile report

now all I'm going to do is I'm going to

use a well known book after the site's

here I'll get Charlie in the Chocolate

Factory I'm gonna use that book with an

example okay so you know exactly what

I'm talking about

okay so you know or maybe one or two

sentences we obviously need an emo book

we need to know what we're talking about

okay it include the author who wrote the

book and include the genre as well what

type of book it is I don't care you

might also want to mention when it's

published because that could really help

out might be a story that was a long

time ago or really modern stories that

could affect how the story's has been

written by the author okay so we using

my example of Charlie in the Chocolate


we'd see my book report is on charring

the Chocolate Factory which was written

by Roald Dahl and have all include this

my first published in 1964 just double

check that

yes 1964 in America okay it was that old

and as well as that if you want to look

for when it was published in the front

of books okay normally here where

there's all this text somewhere I'll see

it first published I'll tell you where

it was first came out okay and I'll

write something like it is a fiction

story with a fantasy setting okay it's

fantasy setting Cosette in our world but

fantastical things happen in it okay

nice little couple of paragraphs that

introduce a book report now looks let's

look at the main part of okay so now

we're looking at their main body of our

aerbook report this is the really

important part okay

there's really important part there's

got three million sections of care in

this part wouldn't talk about the

setting the mean characters and the plot

which are broken into our problem and

our solution okay these some sort be

broken down in our who what why where

when okay and I said them in the

complete floor and what I'm pointing

them at okay all five W's and how as

well okay so those come beneath to make

this okay so you set the new main

characters you're gonna talk about them

pretty early on in you mean bored

okay so you would say something like

giant Chocolate Factory is set in London

in the past and the main characters are

Charlie and his family who were very

poor and then we move on to the plot

okay so remember on the plot we have a

problem and a solution to the problem is

that they're very poor okay

they win the contest and they go to the

Dare and Willy Wonka's chocolate factory

our solution is how the problem is fixed

in the end now if you're doing a book

report and it's not on a full story you

might not have this solution okay you

might not have problem solution you just

have the plot of the part of the story

you've read if you're in a big but

reading a big book and doing a book of

policy on the first three chapters or

something like that okay but probability

means tell us what's happening there

okay so we can see the our who is our

main characters what lives all plot and

what I wouldn't know plot as well when

and where that would be our setting okay

and how old in the plot okay so that

would be your biggest part of the story

we're seeing the characters we talk

about where it is we talk about what's

happened and how it's been fixed if

you've read the full story okay and

there's one last piece that we need to

do to make our book reports brilliant

and then the last part of your book

report after you've told us what the

story's about is your view

okay this is really really part way you

can let your audience know how you feel

about your story okay tell us about

things you thought were good times about

things you thought they were bad and

then maybe compared to other books

you've read or other maybe media's like

sort of films stuff like that what would

you compare it to okay couple of

sentences where you would say suddenly

like in my view in my opinion child

chuckling Charlotte and the Chocolate

Factory is a brilliant book with lots of

fantastical creatures okay I've talked

my head I can't think of anything bad

for Charlie and Chocolate Factory it's a

long time since I've read it and no

books perfect so there will be some

things I could improve there but you

might really find there's lots of good

all you might think that's really bad


am i compare it to the film I much

preferred the book than watching the

film because it was a lot more and

description in there and my imagination


bit more wild okay so you put them three

pieces together you'll have yourself a

good book upon obviously how much you

need portly to them depends on how much

how many pages or how much you need to

have a new book report if you're just

doing a page book report

then obviously make a section sort of in

a pH if your eye has to do with two page

ones here and for more obvious you've

got a lot more detail in that me and

body of it okay so I hope you enjoyed

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that helps until next time see you later