Boudoir Photo Books

hello everyone my name is Barbarella

Sandra and today I want to talk about

books and not the ones that we read

before bed but the ones that we are

gonna give to our husbands or husbands

to be or to ourselves after your photo

shoot so the first book is this

beautiful hardcover eight-and-a-half by

eleven it's more like eight and a

quarter by eleven actually and it comes

with different colors this particular

color is called gunmetal yes you can fit

about 20 photos in this book the package

includes 20 photos if you want more

photos you may have more but you got to

pay a little more okay

the neat thing about this book is that

you can make a full spread photo without

any interruption on the image so there's

no interruption on the spine and the

spike continues with the image here so

your hubby or you're happy to be can

really just get a nice glance of you so

this is the most popular photo book this

is the one that most girls when they see

you they're like oh yeah I'm gonna have

to have that one so and then I'm gonna

show you another one now too so before

this one came about I used to offer

these so you can have this one too if

you want this one offers more images so

that's the that's the benefit of this

book but the one thing that it doesn't

offer it doesn't offer the hard pages so

this is more of a paper paper and the

full spread because it's not a lay flat


as you see the image gets a little

interrupted so it's up to you which book

you prefer this to comes with a hard

cover and another nice thing about this

book is that it comes with a photo

jacket so you can light on your coffee


or in your bedroom and there it is

reminding you how beautiful you are

every day it's no secret that you have

this boudoir photo book with this photo

jacket okay and here's another book this

one comes in the basic package this the

smaller package again this is a

hardcover book and you may choose to

have a photo on the cover and on the

back for just one overlapping cover so

if you're trying to keep this away from

anyone seeing it like if you have kids

in the house then you might want to just

do like a full color front and back you

can do any color I usually go with the

color that presents itself I'm sorry I

usually use a color that you wore in the

photo shoot so you will see this woman

here this is her corset and it's a

really beautiful color so I went with

this for her photo book a lot of women

asked me what can you just do black Cher

I can do black I can do any color you

want and I can also write anything on

top of this book also forgot to tell you

that this the first book I showed you

can be embossed with any any thing any

message that you want to say you can say

xox oh this one you can write a little

bit more I had one girl once write big X

little X Big O little o and so on so on

kind of

macho Libre I don't know if you remember

that part but so this book is really

beautiful it does it is it has a more

common look to it this book but what is

not common is the machine of these of

these pages are really beautiful and

this is something that you'd have to

just see in person to determine which

one you like and again you can't really

do fool this one you can't really do a

full spread it would kind of give you

that same effect because of that it

doesn't lay flat and this book offers

ten images only okay so that's this book

and if you've decided you didn't want a

book any one print so you can also do

five by seven prints and it comes in

this box here it's it's a good quality

box it's got my beautiful logo in front

of it and that's a way to present your

images too so thank you so much for

watching this video please watch some

more videos answering some questions I

kind of prepare for your photo shoot and

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