Bridal Shower card and free printable


everybody welcome back to my channel and

today I am sharing with you a bridal

card I had to go to a bridal shower

yesterday and I made this card and I

thought to myself why can't I share a

printable version of this so in the

documents below or in the caption box

below I'm going to have a Google

document all you have to do is click on

it print it and you're ready to go with

an 8 to size card now I did add can you

see it there it is

some wink of Stella - huh isn't this


how pretty is this here's to one amazing

woman and the man who makes her heart


congratulations bride-to-be isn't that

the best alright and you can make the

background any color you want so if

they're their dresses were burgundy the

bridesmaid dresses were pink or aqua you

could change the base of the card to

anything you want so that's what's great

about this I did use a corner punch I

will put together the video after this

so please enjoy this amazing little cute

cutout here it is this is the cut apart

that I am going to link in the Google

Documents below I know it's very

difficult to see but there are two

pieces of paper that need to be cut out

to form the card there's a little line

that you know to cut on right there so

let's cut this out I'm gonna grab my

scoreboard and they're lined up evenly

so all you have to do is cut a straight


and if you're off by a tad your line

will still be straight and you'll be

okay it's almost like a cream color and

there you have it we're gonna stay with

the black-and-white theme now this is

going to be for an a2 size card so we

need to cut this in half in order to get

to a to size cards so I'm gonna put this

at the 5 and 1/2 the mark I am going to

cut it down the middle you could score

it but I'm just gonna fold it in half

have a bone folder now this is actually

a second one I'm making because I

thought that came out so cute I wanted

to share it with you guys so I'm just

gonna grab one of my corner Chomper and

I'm gonna use the scalloped side of it I

don't know I think it's just kind of

more feminine and I do all four corners

and I'm gonna do the inside greeting

it's this is just a plain simple go-to

card I love it love it love it love it

and I was like when I made this I'm like

oh I can make a print and cut version

for you guys to just print it and then

cut it out one two three and there you

have a bridal shower card gonna line it

up see that there's a border around it

look at that how stinking cute is this

then and this is the sentiment here's to

one amazing woman and the man who makes

her heart happy

congratulations bride-to-be goodnight

cute and then I love the XO sign so I

always kind of include that

and there you have it an a to size card

that fits into one of your a to size

envelopes just like that how cute is

this alright everybody I hope you enjoy

this free printable have a great day and

I will see you all real soon bye