Devotional Diva - Bridal Shower Wishes

hi everybody and thank you for joining

me for another episode of divisional

diva it is for Lainey you mean about a

very long day um but I did want to take

a few minutes I know I just drugs in

today's day Lord why do I have to do

this every day I try to be obedient when

he says I like to start with Psalms 1914

which said may the words of my mouth and

this meditation of my heart be pleasing

in your sight Lord my rock my Redeemer

so I like to say that just to remind

myself that it's for his will and not

mine I do this every day and if you are

new thank you so much for checking me

out for the first time if you're

returning I really appreciate you

returning thanks Jay

praise the Lord so um yeah this is like

I think it's after 10:30 in the evening

today so this is all day makeup I kind

of just put a little powder on top of it

and some lip gloss and that's it um but

my aunt is getting married next month so

I went to her bridal shower today for my

day and I wish I totally should have

done the devotional diva from her Bridal

Show one the natural lighting was

amazing and two it would have just been

really I think it would have been nice I

got to remember I remember to do those

things but she is getting married I'm

super excited for her and so one of the

verses that I had for her was for

Ephesians 4 2 through three which says

be completely humble and gentle be

patient bearing with one another in love

make every effort to keep the unity of

spirit through the bond of peace so on

they had to each do like a little advice

thing for her and that was one of the

things I wrote because it was advice to

a bride-to-be and I was like I've never

been married the only thing I know about

marriage is what I learned on divorce

court which is a joke I told all day I

think he got stale after about the third

or fourth time I don't know but I was

out of it I got like a little hero

yeah today it's just like I totally I

came home and literally I'd wake myself

up out of bed to get come do this which

I felt so do my makeup which is super

bad super bad for you don't do that

anyway on is a very she's a wonderful

of a Christian woman she's always there

for you and she's just sweet and kind

and patient I don't know if I've ever

really seen her get upset I'm like I'm

sure she is capable of getting upset but

she just always seems like a very she's

always been very kind and sweet and

loving and compassionate

I believe my mom said that she was like

a peacemaker so you can definitely see

the love of God in her and just a

beautiful wonderful person and so

proverbs 18:22 says he who finds a wife

finds what is good and what sees favor

from the Lord

so my new uncle to be he is find me

something good he is going to receive

favor from the Lord because my on is

very good woman and proverbs 31:10 reads

a wife of noble character who can't find

she is worth far more than rubies and is

my note - I don't know so I'm just gonna

say her name I can because that's what

we call her I love you you were worth

far more than rubies and I'm just so

happy for you

indus god bless your Union and so

excited for you but everybody thank you

for joining me for another episode of

devotional deivanai sharing acharya just

thinking about the bridal shower today

and thank you so much for joining me and

I will see you tomorrow that's it for

makeup dr. Shri devotional diva