What Makes An Effective Brochure For A Service Business?

I'd say in here welcome back to another

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questions from Cristina it's a great

question about how to make an effective

brochure or leaflet for service business

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this question as I said is from

Christina it's about how to make an

effective brochure or leaflet for a

service business a lot of service

business still really used brochures and

leaflets these days I don't most my

brochures essentially my website but for

those that do here are some kind of tips

to make it more effective and then

largely based on some stuff from back in

the 60s and 70s

these aren't brushes these are adverts

but the great prototype for brochures

these are from David Ogilvy and Ogilvy &

Mather the agency over the course the

king of Madison Street and the original

madman immensely successful advertising

guy and what what these are these are

Orgel these what he called his house ads

so these are this is advertising he did

for his own agency to promote their own

services and these were one-page ads but

the couple key things about them firstly

they don't look like at this first one

is on how to create advertising that

sells it's how to create financial

advertising with sales how to launch new

products how to create industrial

advertising that sells the head of the

ones on TV TV advertising etc so they

don't look like ads and that's the first

thing people are interested in reading

them because it doesn't just look like

something that's gonna sell them some

stuff when you get into them they are

full of useful information the the how

to create advertising that sells one

begins Olga V Mayer's created over one

point four eight billion worth of

advertising and spent four point nine

tracking the results here with all the

dogmatism of brevity of 38 of the things

we've learned and it then goes on to

give 38 of their best tips on

advertising some kind of print and TV

about images about copywriting about

psychology research I'm seeing with the

Industrial advertising and the product

launches etc and they're full of

statistics they're full of examples

really practical stuff so if you're at

all interest in advertising you're gonna

keep the easy going to cut these out of

the magazine or the newspaper they were

in and you're gonna keep them and keep

coming back to them now most advertising

of course we just throw away but if we

think something's valuable we keep it we

hold it so it's taking advantage of that

thirdly of course because there's really

useful valuable information insights and

have really builds the credibility were

overly said was the purpose of my ads

was to project the agency as knowing

more about advertising than other

agencies they didn't want to be seen as

super creative etc they wanted to be

seen as knowing more about advertising

in particular being quite scientific

about it than any other agencies my ads

not only promised useful information

they provided it and they worked you can

do the same thing with your ads and

here's a recent example this is a

brochure it's for money week magazine

which is the financial publication here

in the UK this is a brochure for it that

dropped out of the middle of the week

which is a magazine I subscribe to that

gives us summary the week's news and it

looks like a magazine it doesn't look

like an advert so middlee interested in

this headline dump these for toxic

investments now with white house prices

are set to plummet on page three the

euro a disaster waiting to happen on

page six three survival moves you should

make immediately page ten and when you

get into it is full of useful

information about bad investments good

investments what you should get rid of

survival strategies should be doing it's

not until I think page fourteen that

they start talking about the investment

magazine itself and why you should buy

that so this is the sort of thing as

demonstrated by the fact this is from


I've kept it I'm not even an investor

but I just thought I better keep that

just in case I might need it and so I've

kept it filed away and your brochures

and leaflets can be exactly the same if

they follow the Ogilvie model and have

really valuable information in them then

people will keep them and keep returning

to them rather than throwing them away

and then when they need your services

they'll have them on their shelves and

be able to get them what normally

happens is if people don't need your

services immediately as people very

rarely do brochure goes in the bed even

if they don't need your services this is

useful information we keep it when they

do need them they pull them off the

shelves they have the contact

information got a great call to action

as well in each of them the call to

action on some of these is to write to

them and they'll send you a more

detailed information on advertising in

different sectors so of course not only

does it gauge your interest it finds of

which sector you're in and they can send

you some useful information and

follow-up there or in some cases they

offer a presentation for example about

their their mathematical model the

predicts new product potential for the

launching new products one with money

week simple follow-up you can get a free

free trial for three weeks and if you

like if you don't like it in council if

you like you can keep paying and and get

the regular subscription so in your

brochure leaflet make sure that unlike

99% of all brochures and leaflets you

have a call to action - that could be a

for a free strategy session with you it

could be to get a bigger lead magnet in

the covering the topics you cover in

your in your brochure but make sure

there's something a call-to-action in

there that offers them something useful

as a follow-up and of course your

contact information description of your

services etc so should they need you

they can contact you so that's really my

big tips for brochures and leaflets

don't make them look like everybody

else's brochures and leaflets nevermind

the stock images that you know all the

fancy words etc use the Ogilvy model

right back from the 60s of cramming

useful valuable information into your

advertising or your brochure and your

leaflet people will want to read it

they'll keep it it'll influence them

because you

ability across through it much better

than you ever could by seeing your great

you're demonstrating it through the

usual information you have in it and

that's the best thing you can send

someone as a brochure or a leaflet so

hope you found that useful and if you do

want to get a copies of these by the way

the kind folks said Orgel v-- have made

the veil of them available on a

Pinterest page and just go and look at

them along with a lot of other classic

ogle the ads it's a really great

advertising info in here by the way even

though even though it's 3040 years old

much of it is still valid today and get

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