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hi friends Deborah here from the prep

pursuit welcome to my channel as you all

well know the holiday season is underway

and it's such a huge time of the year

for giving for receiving and also for

being grateful and thankful for all the

wonderful blessings that we have now

this video is going to give you some

quick tips on how to write a thank-you

note I know there is a lost art of

writing thank-you notes but it really

does show your gratitude and your being

very gracious and polite to send one

when you receive a gift as I talk about

in my videos there is a difference

between a woman and a lady every female

is a woman but not every woman is a lady

a lady is defined as a woman who is

polite well-spoken and refined in all

encounters with others this video is

going to give you a couple of tips so

let's get started I like to get my

thank-you cards from Target and from TJ

Maxx and home goods I am a huge t.j.maxx

shopper or as the commercials say

maxxinista and honestly I love the

assortment variety of thank-you cards

that they have now I realized a lot of

people do write thank-you notes in the

form of an email message which is a

digital copy but it's a lost art to send

a handwritten thank-you note and it

really does take the extra mile to use

the effort use the time put a stamp on

it throw it in the mail and trust me the

person receiving the thing you note will

really have a heartwarming moment when

they open your card in the mail so the

very first tip is to get a couple of

thank-you cards that fit your style if

you like something that's a little bit


festive for the occasion mine are some

of my favorite colors they've just got

some flowers on it and it says thanks

but it's just really fun to make sure

that your personality shows through in

the card once you find your cards make

sure that you've got the proper greeting

your spelling the name of the person

correctly and having the correct address

is important as well that way whoever is

receiving the card it will go to the

correct person at the correct location

and having something misspelled you know

is kind of embarrassing especially for

the person receiving it and from a

person writing it my name is a little

tricky to spell so people commonly

misspelled it quite often but when I

receive mail with my name correctly

spelled it just feels like someone took

the initiative to make sure they were

properly addressing me correctly once

you've got your cards and your greeting

make sure that you write dear good

morning hello hey write a greeting in

front of their name on the card because

that opens the message make sure that

what you're writing the message in the

card you specifically call out the gift

you've received Dear John thank you so

much for the red and white checkered

Buffalo check scarf I totally love it

and it's exactly my style red happens to

me with me my favorite color I love the

gift a cart with that type of message is

an example of something that directly

relates the gift that you've received

and also shows your gratitude it shows

how excited you are and how special that

gift meant for you to receive it and

it's just really important to always

have something personable in there so

someone realizes that the gift wasn't a

waste of their time or a waste of their

energy or effort to give it to you now

the last note I will

give as a tip for thank you notes is

definitely to make sure you're closing

it correctly warm regards best wishes

thank you so much with love depending on

who you're sending it to if it's a

relative versus a friend versus a

colleague or you know a professor

whoever the case it's important to make

sure that you're using a very

appropriate clothing if I sign - thank

you note to a professor and said with

love Devereaux I'm pretty sure that

unless the professor is someone I've

known for a long time that's not the

appropriate clothing that I should put

in my thank-you note perhaps best best

regards warm wishes

perhaps regards talk to you soon thank

you so much with a comma and then my

name signed underneath would be more

appropriate and don't forget ladies the

very last thing on the card at the very

bottom is your name spelled out in print

so I hope that these tips can help you

as you're writing your thank-you notes

and being gracious during this most

wonderful time of the year the holiday

season and I can't wait to hear some of

the stories that you've got to share

about thank-you notes maybe your

favorite place to buy the cards or if

you like really fun stamps just

something that kind of makes your thank

you note stand out when you're sending

them to friends and family I wish you

all a happy holiday season a wonderful

holiday season and I know that we're all

looking forward to the new year for new

beginnings and new exciting memories and

celebrations to share as well make sure

that you are thanking someone when they

deserve it and that you are doing it

properly now if you found this video

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