Tips From Breast Cancer Survivor Judy Pearson

I have three tips that I hope will help you or anyone you love cope with breast cancer.

The first one is to keep a notebook. Here is mine. Handy little just black notebook

from the office supply store or Walgreens or whatever. Whenever you go to see your doctor,

write down everything here she says. You think you will remember, but you really won't and

even better, if you have someone go with you, a family member, a significant other, have

them take the notes instead. You kind of a lot on your plate, let them do some other

work. If you have questioned that you want to be sure to remember to take with you to

your doctor, put in this notebook. It is a great way to refer back; however, I have to

share something with you. My surgery was such a booming success that my son who was supposed

to be taking notes during surgery got bored and started playing tic-tac-toe. So you never

know what you are going to find in your notebook, but now or later it is gas to look back at.

The second tip that I had is to never forget this is your body. If you don’t understand

something, if you don’t like something, stop everyone, stop everything, and ask questions,

tell them you are uncomfortable, tell them you don’t understand. You can even pack

up your wagons and go home if you don’t feel right for an appointment, it’s your

body. Remember that scene in Pretty Woman where Richard Gere goes into the women’s

clothing store and says we have got some major sucking up to do. Remember that scene when

you go to see your doctors. Be nice, but if you don’t understand or you are not happy,

let them know, it’s really, really important.

Here is my third tip, maybe not as easy as the last two, but certainly no less important.

We can control where we are going to be, a year from now, a month from now, even a day

from now. That is true with or without breast cancer, but we all have lots of worries only

to our minds. Here is what I suggest you do. Write each one of your ideas, your fears,

your worries, down on a piece of paper, a 3 x 5 card, a post-it note. If you need to

make some calls or do some research and that will make you feel better about it, do that,

but then at the end of day stack them up and move them aside. Worry about each item as

an individual object rather than trying to worry about them all as a whole and seeing

them written down make them actually become objects rather than having them rattling around

in your brain. I hope these tips have helped you. Remember, you are never alone in this

journey. There is always someone there to help.

Hi, I am Judy Pearson, founder of Courage Concepts, an organization that cultivates

courage in women and girls. To learn more about me and my work, please visit my website

at www.courageconcepts.com.