What I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a DOCTOR - 5 Things

what is going on everybody welcome back

to my channel for those of you who are

new around here my name is michael

aka dr cellini and i'm a sixth and final


interventional radiology fellow in new

york city now on today's video we're

going to be talking about

things i wish i knew before going into

med school because

the hindsight is always 20 20. maybe it

can help you all out in the future

signing up for this whole med school

round so let's go ahead and get into it


all right so like i said the hindsight

is always 20 20 and i've had some time

now to kind of think back

about things i wish i knew before going

through this whole med school route this

whole position

route maybe it'll help some people

decide one way or the other

number one med school is expensive so i

pulled up the us

news world reports here kind of get a

taste of how much

med school actually cost these days

according to the ama or association of

american medical colleges

the median four-year attendance for

private med schools added to about 338

000 over the four-year course that cost

is two percent higher than in the prior

year and it's around 82 000 greater than

the median

in-state cost of public medical schools

in 2019 and 2020. furthermore among the

48 private medical colleges that

submitted tuition and fees to the u.s

news and world reports

the average charge for the 2019-2020

school year was 57

937 dollars a year so a tuition of

almost 58

000 per year times four is

200 plus 32. so almost like 235 000

roughly that's a lot of money now i know

a lot of people say doctors are

notorious for having large salaries upon


medical school and their residency

training you know about six to ten years

down the road

so a lot of people think that taking on

this amount of debt really isn't that

big of a deal since

you know physicians make such a larger

salary on average taking on a quarter

million dollars in debt

is a big deal and it's not something to

look past now should it sway your

opinion one way or the other

going to med school probably not but i

think it's a big factor

because a lot of my friends in college

owens medical school have anywhere from

100 000 to

upwards of 450 000 in debt and

it compiles year after year and interest

is a

you know what so you end up finishing

residency with a pretty nice sized

chunk of debt so a lot of times i tell

my pre-med students who reach out to me

that you need to try and find the


school the cheapest university you can

go to and also the same thing for

medical school as well there's

little difference amongst all of the

medical schools across the u.s

with the exception of a few of the top

programs so like harvard

you know the harvard name means a lot or

like upenn or

yale stanford those kind of top tier

programs the

name carries with you forever but if

it's not one of those top programs your

medical training

really doesn't matter your residency

training is what matters the most

that's where you learn how to be a

doctor not in medical school

some people are going to hate me for

that but it's the truth so before you

try to go to an

expensive private med school for 70 000

a year

try to get accepted to a cheaper one and

i know that's easier said than done

because you kind of have to take

whatever acceptance you get but

do your best number two it's very long

medical school journey is

extremely long and can vary anywhere

from 12 to

14 to 17 years post high school

for me personally i did four years of

university four years of medical school

one year surgery internship or first

year residency four years diagnostic

radiology residency and one year

fellowship in interventional radiology

which equates to 14 years of training

some may say you don't want to waste

your 20s or

the best years of your life studying in

a book all day long

and in some ways i agree with that a lot

of your 20s are spent

in a textbook if you go into anything

medically related but

i think it's also an investment at the

same time because you can still have fun

and you can still have those experiences

that normal 20 something year olds have

you just have to be more strategic in

how you do them

you may have to study a whole bunch

during the week to prepare for that

weekend or week trip

but it's just a little different you can

still get away and find time to have fun


hang out with friends or whatever you

want to do in med school it's not the

end of the world

everything's possible you just have to

plan accordingly and i mean after a test

you're not studying for that like the

entire weekend so just go out and have


but yes the medical school process in

becoming a doctor is very long but you

guys knew that already

number three nobody holds your hand in

med school now you kind of learn this

the hard way

because as soon as you start med school

you're virtually on your own

everything is self-study and

self-learning and it's

up to you for how much you want to

succeed in medicine

some people work way harder than others

to land that golden

super difficult residency in harvard

plastic surgery or whatnot

and some just kind of do a little bit in

between it's

completely up to you and no one's gonna

hold your hand or tell you otherwise or


give you guidance on how to do it or

what to do like you're completely on

your own

from day one no one sits down and tells

you how to study what to study

what's important for the rest of your

life no one tells you at the end of

medical school

how to get in a good residency no one

tells you what the secret is

no one tells you how to write the best

letter of recommendation it's all like

trial by air that's like the whole

medical school

residency journey you just have to get

in there and figure it out on your own

now luckily we have a whole bunch of

youtube videos and tutorials and

mentors that can kind of help us get

along nowadays but you're still

really on your own and no one ever told

me that so if you're someone who needs

someone to hold your hand

the entire medical school journey you

may either have to break that

or try something else so again if you're

one of those people who likes their hand

held throughout their life or throughout

school and tells you how to study and

all this stuff

you may want to reconsider med school or

you may just want to learn how to kind

of be more productive on your own

because no one's holding your hand

and that's what i can tell you that much

now i already talked about this a little

bit but

medicine doesn't necessarily have to

consume your life you can do

other things outside of medicine now is

medicine very time consuming

and is studying medicine very time

consuming yes however

that doesn't mean you can't do anything

but study medicine in fact i encourage


to do otherwise you need to find hobbies

outside of medicine and make friends

outside of medicine because

it's nice to kind of get away and do

things to clear your head and not be

surrounded by medicine all the time

this is most important in medical school

and residency

where your hours are very long you're

studying a lot or in residency you're

working a lot and every chance you get

you just need to

do something else whether it be rock

climbing going to the gym

which gyms are starting to open now

painting surfing i don't know what

do something active do something fun and

just do something to get your mind off

of medicine

and that's really all i have to say

about that one i'm up i like this angle

i feel this is a bad angle for me

all right now the last tip is arguably

the hardest and that is

it's very beneficial to have a partner

with you

during this entire process and i say

that for multiple reasons

one it's an escape you have someone to

talk to you have someone to talk you

through things when times are tough

you have someone just to bounce ideas

off of and talk with while you're going

through these tough times

and number two it's also good because

you have someone to help you out

so for instance as busy as i am during


my wife helps me out more than you would

ever know

she makes breakfast for me she makes

coffee for me

she gets up when i do to go to work and

she doesn't have to go to work for three

more hours after me

i mean that's those are just little

things she does laundry she keeps up

with the house because she knows i'm


like a dog over at the hospital but also

i'm running this whole youtube business

when i get home

so i'm constantly constantly constantly

working and i just don't have time to do

normal day-to-day activities so she

helps out

so much oh how about dinner too i mean

she's the best and i don't think i could

do this whole thing without her

and now i know you guys well it's hard

for me to find someone blah blah blah

yes that's true but it doesn't have to

be a significant other it can also be a

best friend and it can also be a

classmate or a co-resident as well but

really it's just nice to have someone to

kind of talk through things with

it's cathartic it's therapeutic in a way


for me my wife is that person i couldn't

have gotten here without her

and i don't think i could do any of this


all without her she basically runs my

entire life

outside of work and i'm okay with it so

whether it be a study partner a

co-resident or a significant other

having a good partner on your side makes

all the difference in the world with

this whole process of medicine so all

right that officially concludes this

video hope you all enjoyed it

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