Easy DIY Calligraphy Birthday Card

hey i'm becca with the happy ever

crafter and in this video i'm going to

walk you step by step

through how to create a calligraphy

birthday card like this


all right so first things first

obviously the tools you're gonna need

so get this the first

most important thing you're gonna need

is a card

shocker i know no but seriously you need

a card you can use

a card of any color any shape any size

i'm using this pretty blue one just

because i had it lying around but

you can literally use anything you can

even make your own out of card stock

whatever you want to do

i often get asked about the different

types of cards and where to buy them so

that they're good for your brush pens

i have a whole video about paper and i

touch on that but

in this video i'm actually not using

brush pens so i'm just using any card

if you're using brush pens you just want

to look for a really smooth card that's

it but again for this video

we don't need a brush pen which brings

me to my next point you need a pen

another shocker i know for this i'm

going to be using a white gel pen this

is a uniball signo or sino however the

heck you want to say it

and i like this one because it's really

nice and opaque on a colored background

like this but

again any pen it can be a ballpoint pen

it can be whatever is lying around as

long as it's the right color that you

want to use on the color of card that

you chose

next up you're probably going to want a

pencil just to do some outlines

any pencil is totally fine i know this

one looks fancy it's a black wing it's


you know a really instagrammable pencil

that people love and it's a nice kind of

lead but it really doesn't matter in

this video

a ruler and then something round you can

use a compass

or just something that has a round

surface like this that you can trace

so this is just like a jar that i use to

hold pens

and it's about the right size so that's

it for tools and now let's jump in so

i'm gonna actually open my card up i

find it easier to work on it flat like


and the first step is actually just to

take your pencil

and draw a line essentially in the

middle of the card

really lightly you don't want this to be

heavy because you're going to want to

erase it later so just really really

lightly so that you can see and if you

are a person who likes having a top

guideline as well when you're doing


definitely go ahead and do that once you

have your guidelines set up i know you

can't really see mine on the video but

that's okay

just write your word so you're going to

write the word birthday first and we're

going to do this in calligraphy

we're going to be doing faux calligraphy

if you've never heard of faux

calligraphy before watch this video and

then come back

it's a really important skill if you are

in the calligraphy world

and that's what we're doing with this

card so i'm just going to write the word

birthday in

faux calligraphy okay so you can move

and adjust and erase and

fix up this word as much as you need to

but i'm just going to try and gently


the original guideline that i drew it's

easier to do this while it's still


than when you have ink on here and just

generally try and make sure that your

word is fairly centered

on this card it's actually also okay if

it's a little bit

closer to the bottom edge and you'll see

why in a second so

the next thing i'm going to do is write

the word happy and the person's name

so you can do this with your ruler again

if you like and i'm going to do it in

block letters

so you're going to draw yourself a

guideline that's fairly close to the top

of your

original birthday letters and centered

above it

and then you can draw the top guideline

too if it makes it easier for your block


and then you're going to write the word


if you need help with block letters i

also have a video

on that and i'll link to it okay and

then again

erase the guidelines as much as you can

as long as you can see

your pencil guidelines here at the

beginning when you start with your ink

like it

just enough to give you a little

guideline it doesn't have to be super

perfect and then same thing you're going

to add the person's name here at the


my friend that i'm doing this for her

name is jen

or jenny i'm going to write jenny and

you want to make this about the same


as your word happy

and then again erase your guidelines and

that's it for the pencil so

now i'm gonna take my uniball signo

i'm gonna go over this with my ink now

you can do this with whatever pen again

you want

if you're doing it with a gel pen just

kind of have a piece of paper

a scrap piece of paper over here on the

side that you can start getting it

running because sometimes gel pens don't

work super well

this is my favorite one for sure but

sometimes it's just annoying

and then essentially you're just gonna

go over your

original pencil lines here

okay so the writing is all in and now

we're going to add the floral bits

now you can do this in pencil first take

your pencil

and your round surface the one i've

chosen is making it really easy actually


i can see exactly where i'm placing my

circle and you're going to try and

center it over your word and then add

this pencil line really gently

around the edge just on the top and


and then you're going to add a really

really simple sort of wreath

to finish this off so you can do this in

lots of different ways you can add

florals however you want and you can do

it in pencil first if you want to

but i like to just jump right in so

essentially i'm just going to start at

this one corner here

above my b and i'm going to start adding


flowers and stems

so you want them all to be coming off of

that main pencil line that you drew

and you can add little buds

that look like little flowers or you can

just add leaves you can do this however

you want to i'm going to do a

sort of a combination of all of those

things so

i'll have some leaves and some buds

and you're basically just going to keep

building up

around that original line that you drew

you can feel free to copy exactly the

flowers that i'm drawing here or you can

come up with your own

and you can bring them as far into that

circle or

leave them as far away from the center

of the circle as you like i like to put

a couple pieces in to kind of fill it up

so here i might even

add another little bud in here so that

it goes more into the center of the


and just keep filling it up

now when you get down to the bottom edge

some people like to totally flip it over

what i will say is that i like to flip


a lot of people find it tempting to

finish the top and then come down

towards the bottom and switch the


but you want your whole wreath to be

opening up in that same direction so you

want them all to be pointing

down this way and i find it easier to do

that while it's upside down

so don't feel like you can't flip it as

you're working

you just want to make sure that if

you're using a pen like this one

sometimes it's a little bit wet so give

it a little bit of time before you put

your hand over top of it

and then just jump in and do the exact

same thing on this side too

alrighty and that's it so now my

birthday card is complete it looks

really fancy but it really wasn't

actually all that hard

it's guaranteed to wow your friends that

sounds like

infomercial guaranteed to wow your


anyway i hope you enjoyed this and had

fun with it i hope your friends

like their birthday cards and if you

create one i'd love to see it so share

it on instagram

tag me at the happy evercrafter and if

you like videos like this

i also have one that will help you

decorate the envelope that this would go


so you can watch that one here and i'll

see you over there