Alzheimer's and Dementia Communication Cue Cards Tutorial Part One "What is Caregiver Cards?"

hi and welcome to caregiver college

video tutorial we certainly appreciate

you looking for ways to help reduce the

stress and workload that comes with

being a caregiver to a loved one a

person living with Alzheimer's disease

dementia or related memory and her

speech disorders or adults with

developmental disabilities if you've

chosen this tutorial you are interested

in understanding how to use the

illustrated card deck version of

caregiver cards if you are interested in

viewing the tutorial for the mobile

version of caregiver codes please follow

the link located at the bottom of this

page this tutorial is broken down into

two parts one what is caregiver cards

and two how to use caregiver cards

please follow the provided link to a

very helpful part 2 after completing the

first section caregiver cards quite

simply is a deck of visual cue cards

there are illustrations with simple one

or few word phrase descriptions used to

help improve communication stimulate

memory promote independence and reduce

anxiety for the benefit of the person

affected and for the repair givers

caregiver college was founded of the

idea that not only are persons living

with Alzheimer's disease entitled to the

best supportive care and quality of life

but that so are the caregivers we

understand so well because we have cared

for our loved ones too okay looking at

the deck you will notice that the cards

are illustrations and not photos you

will also notice that the main person

characters faces were designed to be of

no specific gender or age this was done

for the purpose of keeping the cards

simple and non complicated design I'd

like to point out what you may have

already noticed different subject

categories caregiver cards had been

broken down into six categories as noted

by the colored dividers for ease of

navigation each subject has an

identifying marker and

per corner of the college much like a

regular plane deck of cards the main

categories are one basic activities of

daily living or ADL's to instrumental

activities of daily living three

activities for command and prompts five

emotions and feelings and six event

people and places I would like to talk

about the basic activities of daily


these are daily self-care activities

they are the things that we do on a

regular basis that ensure our health and

well-being these activities may include

eating trusting toileting and continence

bathing and hygiene walking with or

without assistive devices and

independently using assistive devices

such as wheelchairs hearing aids

eyeglasses the symbol describing basic

ADL's is a star incrementals ADL's are

activities that allow a person to

successfully live independently

they are not necessary for fundamental

daily functioning but they do allow for

independence within a community these

activities may include medication and

healthcare management housekeeping

laundry transportation managing

financial matters use of communication

devices and also care of pets these

categories are indicated by the pupil

walking symbol the third category in

character for college there's activities

activities are the actions are going on

that help with providing structure and

routine to the day this is shown by a

common symbol representing an awesome

activity the puzzle piece number four

commands and prompts commands and

prompts are one or two-word simple

phrases used to help cue a desired

action or response to help keep the

person oriented and safe commands and

prompts are identified by a speech


emotions and feelings by the fifth

category they are used to help convey

and Express ideas wishes concerns and

emotion during the moment at hand a

motion to represented here by a great

big heart the sixth and final category

is actually comprised of three sub

categories events people and places

these are used to help orient a person

to people places or what is going on in

the day or time of day this category is

further broken down into days of the

week birthdays celebrations holidays the

subcategory of people is used to

describe family and friends a place is

used to describe the location you are at

or are in route to the identifier here

is a house I'd like to remind you that

when you purchase any of our products

10% of the sales are donated to the

Alzheimer's Association and the

Alzheimer's Network of Oregon both of

these wonderful organizations are not

affiliated with caregiver cards it is

just our philosophy at caregiver card to

always drive to give back and to offer

help and support in many ways even by

donating some of our profits to support

others you know it really just feels

good to give back well that concludes

our what care giver cards are segment we

thank you for your interest in caregiver

cards and encourage you to continue to

video number two to understand further

how you might use caregiver cards please

visit us at www.gigaprojector.com earth

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thank you for your time and we ask for

God's blessings upon you