Easy sympathy card

hi guys I'm gonna show you the worst

card that I hate making let your

sympathy cards but sometimes we need

them and obviously they're unexpected

not like birthday cards so if you need

to make them in a pinch or made a cut

make a couple of them this is a quick

and easy design that you can use so I'm

going to start out with my base panel

which is going to be 5 by 3 and 3/4 and

today I am using the Neenah solar white

just because we are doing some blending

and I'm going to be mixing up some

products here and this is my little mask

template so this is basically silhouette

stencil material and as you can see it

would used to be very sticky and it

ripped a couple pieces of paper but now

it's nice and just right not too sticky

but it works out perfectly for me and I

just kind of line it up where I want it

stick that down to my mat and then I

have my blending tool here and I'm going

to be using Stampin ups wisteria wonder

and I'm going to start off with that and

start off onto the stencil part itself

and then pull that color out and this is

a really light purple color

okay we don't need a whole bunch of that

and then the next one I'm going to move

to is Stampin ups blackberry bliss and

I'm just kind of kind of concentrate

that more towards the bottom and kind of

blend it outwards sort of at an angle

alright so that's all we're gonna do for

blending we're going to pull our little

mask off carefully and you can also use

masking paper and just punch a circle

out alright so then once that's done

we're going to move on to stamping and

what you want here is some kind of a

silhouette stamp preferably a floral

silhouette stamp I'm using a close to my

heart stamp set this is called paper

garden stamp of the month I do not know

how old it is if it is current or not

but any kind of floral solid image stamp

I think Tim Holtz has some as well and

I'm using a very black ink

the versafine onyx ink know if you guys

can see with the lighting

and again just want to ink that stamp up

really well make sure that it is nice

and black because we want a silhouette

image if you have a stamping tool like

MSC or the Tim Holtz tool you might want

to get that out and I'm just lining up

the bottom here and then stamping the

flowers into the circle that we sponge

they're just give it a second

alright so nice deep black crisp image

there this this stamp does have some

designs in it some words and things like

that alright then we also want to stamp

our sentiment this is also close to my

heart set yes yes I sell Stampin Up but

you know what

there's no rule that I can't have stamps

from other companies that's what makes

this fun this is the sincere expressions

close to my heart set with sympathy I

don't sell close to my heart though guys

can't help you with that one you're

gonna have to look up your local

demonstrator for that and I'm just gonna

stamp that in the top corner here as

straight as I can without looking okay

so because we use the versafine ink and

the sink takes a minute to dry we're

gonna set this aside a second clean off

your stamps whatever you want to do so

we're just going to let that dry the

next thing you want to do is cut out a

mat so I cut out some black paper here

which is just an eighth of an inch

larger to frame our image in so we'll

glue that down in a second and then I

have my card base made up and then you

want to run a piece of colored cardstock

five and a half by four and a quarter

through your machine

any embossing folder will do this is a

Stampin Up embossing folder I don't know

if the name of it is can you see that

little embossed design on there so I'm

going to glue that down to the card base

and this should cover the whole front my

card it's actually a little larger trim

that off okay easy peasy all right so

then we're just gonna put it all


and I wouldn't do anything too fancy

with like pop dots or glitter or

anything like that we want it to be you

know a clean and simple card obviously

we want to tell the person that we're

giving it to that you know we feel you

know we have condolences to give them

and things like that so we don't want to

make a flashy card we'll save the flashy

cards for birthdays and anniversaries

and weddings and all that good stuff all

right so there we have a very clean and

simple easy sympathy card that you can

make in a flash and obviously you can

customize the colors and so on I didn't

want to do just the drab gray black and

white so the little pop of color there

I think brightens the card a little bit

and yet still portrays the message for

you so there we go guys if you have any

questions post them down below thanks

for watching and keep on stamping