Celebrate Today Card Set featuring Project Life Cards

hi everybody Ellie here with Ali stamps

calm and I'm here today to show you all

the cards that are in my celebrate today

card set this cards that is so cute i'm

tickled with how it turns out all it

uses is one stamps at the time to

celebrate stamp set this is a hostess

exclusive stamp set in the occasions

catalog and then it uses on the project

life this day cards for all the

backgrounds and prints which is

something that you can get for free for

fifty dollar with a fifty-dollar order

during celebration but i'm going to be

telling you at the end here how you can

get the cars and the stance that and

everything free is part of my

celebration buying club so stay tuned

for information on that at the end i was

going to show you all these cars i just

love this worm he is so stinking cute

he's got a little faux pierce snail

trail going after after his little

behind and um i love how this this die

the flower flower fair died lines and

matches the flower in his mouth

perfectly i just love the coordination

between his flower and stem and the die

cut piece so so cute some fun card using

the birthday cake from this that i love

all the fun colors fun fun confetti

putting some things at a diagonal both

of these components come from the

project life card card pack this one is

my second favorite next to the worm this

is one of the projects life card kits

used here and then i mimicked this

pattern with the triangle punch going

down the side and i just love how sweet

that looks and the star to my nexus

stars and the balloon i just love the

coordination of all of these pieces with

the triangle banners and stars it's just

so bright and cheerful love that card

another one with the balloon using one

of the project life background cards

using the sky sky guard which ought just

naturally goes with this hot balloon

image so sweet love the twine going on


another one with the cake using this is

the project life card used here to mimic

the little pennants on the on the cake

and then we pulled that shape and again

everything just coordinate so

beautifully this bird makes me so happy

who love these flowers i love how the

punch left flowers look with this

project life layer and this die the

shape of it goes with it everything just

coordinates so nice and I'm just really

thrilled with this card set and how

everything just ended up coordinating

together beautifully um so the PDF

download for these cards are available

for free for my project downloads on

demand subscribers as always they get

all of my class content for free so all

of the full-color photos cutting

dimensions supply list step-by-step

instructions walking you through all

these cards are available on the project

downloads on demand site and if you

aren't already a subscriber you can join

Ford it today for as low as 10 dollars a

month and there's some different

subscription packages available and it's

an amazing program the other option that

I have for you or in addition to because

to get all of the actual stuff that you

need to make these cards if every year I

like to do a celebration club this year

i'm doing a 2,100 club i have openings

I'm enough spots for 20 people and it

just capped at 20 my clubs fella up

every year and I can't do more than 20

because I don't have more project life

cards that's than 20 so as limited to 20

people what you will do is you will

email me if you want in first come first

served for the spots and like I said

they do I've done been doing a different

variation of this club for the past five

years and they always fill up so um go

ahead and email me at ali stamps @

gmail.com if you want in right away and

then you'll have until March 23rd to

place an order for a hundred dollars

worth of stupid a product of your choice

anything that you want from our current

catalogues that's currently available

you're going to email me that order

you're not going to place it online

because it's a club I've got to enter

orders together to get to get what I

need to be able to give you X 2 freebies

so you will be spending a hundred

dollars in product

you'll get to pick out to celebration

gifts of your choice for that 100 other

order like like you normally with 100

other order so anything from this

brochure with the exception of the

blendabilities that are no longer

available there are anything from this

brochure and then anything from the new

flyer that was just released with four

new celebration items so we've got four

new ones to choose from as well this

vellum is just gorgeous and you can see

lots of designs for the vellum on my

blog actually everything I've been

posting ideas for on my blog at le

stamps com so you'll pick your 2 free

celebration gift for your hundred-dollar

order but then I've got freebies for you

for being a part of the club of 20

people so i will send you a pre-cut the

pre-cut kit for all six of these cards

so all the cut of the the the cardstock

will be cut for you all the punching

will be done so you don't have to worry

about having the punches or the bigshot

frameless i'll do all of that for you so

you'll have everything cut and ready to

go all of the accessories that are

needed are included in your kit again

all of these die cut pieces so

absolutely all of the parts and pieces

will be included in your kit so you look

at the pre-cut kit for all six of these

cards you're going to get the full this

day project life card set so the this

day paget's life card set is right here

in the celebration catalog so that's an

entire third additional celebration gift

that you're going to be getting free on

top of the card kit it comes with 30

cards so you're going to use some of

them to make your six cards but then

you're going to have lots left over

these are all the ones that you're going

to have that I didn't use and they're

great you can keep going there's more

images that coordinate gorgeous with the

stamps that polka dot lots of fun things

that you can do so you'll get this full

card kit so you'll have extras so you'll

get that free so a third free

celebration gift a card kit for six

cards the PDF tutorial for them as well

you look at the PDF tutorial as well

with all the instructions and then

you're also going to get the time to

celebrate stamp set for free i'm going

to throw in this too so this is a host

exclusive stamps that you would normally

have to

place $150 order to even be able to get

it basically I'm cutting fifty dollars

off your spending because you don't have

to place another 50 to get the cards

that you don't have to spend the 50 to

get this on the stamp set free so this

stamp set will come free to you as well

for being in the club if you already

have it for some reason you can

substitute for anything that you want

for ten dollars or less so if you

already have a set and i'll let you

substitute it but if you don't have it

you definitely want it to finish your

card set because all of these images

were used and they're the only images

that were used for this set and i'm also

going to throw enough blend of blender

pen so you'll get a free blender pen too

so i use the blender pen for coloring

the only thing that you will need then

to finish your cards are the ink pads so

i used a jet black stays on p ad for

stamping all the images and then i used

the ink from the ink pads with my

blender pen to color in all the images

since not all of the colors that were

needed to coordinate with us we're

available in stamp and write markers and

that way you have the two-tone imaging

to with the blender pens so rich

Razzleberry tangerine tango crushed

curry coastal cabana and island indigo

or the colors used in that so you will

have absolutely everything you need the

pre-cut get the full bonus celebration

item the stamps that blender pen all

you'll need are the ink pads to make

this card all for being part of my

celebration buying club there are only

20 spots first come first served orders

are due march 23rd you can find out more

information my blog at Ali's stamps calm

and you can email me at ali stamps @

gmail.com I hope that you join us i love

these clubs have a great day everybody