A quick Christening card

hi everybody is healthy a column got 21

26 I'm sharing with you a quick video I

was asked today to make a quick

christening card I've never made one

before so I hope this is something close

to look what a christening card would

look like what i did is um the card

stock is this like nude cardstock

colored this paper is the newspaper that

you buy for like 69 cents and it has

prayers you know written on it and you

know shaded out those and stuff like

that but I did if I punch this out with

my ek success I distressed the edges and

I sticky doubt the the ribbon which is

throwing the dollar store that I get the

ribbon I embossed the back paper with my

handheld embosser so you can see I

distress the edges and it's just a

simple little car just to see the inside

I'm in the top by the I put it away

already oh no I did the stamp i use i

can find here it is it's this one

come on over

this one

it's not focusing but anyway that's the

stamp i use and it was a stamp set that

i had got for two dollars at AC moore

and it's the Celtic collection and these

are all the stamps it comes with so as

you can see i use the cross but yeah

this is the front of the card i'm not

going to be able to stamp anything

because i really don't have nothing as

far as for christening i have i'm just

going to write something quick on the

inside i did the same thing I added a

little ribbon and that's basically it so

I just wanted to share this quick card

before it goes out because I've done a

couple of projects already and I never

got a chance to make them make a video

from them and I'm so upset about it but

anyway um thank you for watching thank

you for any comments and thank you for

subscribing much love Hildy see if he

did it better focuses

let me go with this one oh yes this is

much better