DIY Christmas Card Memory Book - Home & Family


if you've ever wondered what's the best

way to store the Christmas cards that

you receive each and every year don't

worry because ken has the answer with

the perfect DIY Christmas card memory

book I wish I had known about this years

ago well you know the answer is not in a

shoebox in your garage and a ziploc bag

in a drawer in a basket next to the sofa

in March what you've never looked at

then you start going through them each

and every year I go should I keep this

one what am I gonna do with it where do

I put it it has pictures of the family I

should have no the picture of the family

right so this is a great easy way to

keep them you can do a book per year

keep them on your bookcase pull them out

of Christmas I'm pulled it downwards

really and you see people's families

grow and change and the cute little

notes so super easy way to do it so

really a great idea and you can also do

this with birthday cards for each year

for your kids well do it next time get

hurt all right so what can I feel guilt

I keep all those that's like I don't

know who this kid is from like preschool

but I hello the card following a shoe

box shoe box so we're gonna start off I

remember I promise you all at home not

to throw up and show you a purpose for

those covers from the book page

Christmas tree project so this is that

project so get your leftover covers or

if you haven't done that project yet use

your covers now and what we're gonna do

is remove the rest of the pages and all

you're gonna do to do that is you're

just gonna make a line right down here

I've already cut most of this exactly so

yours gonna take out the sort of inner

work no the whole thing the whole thing

is yank it straight out double check

when you look at some books because some

books are made a little bit differently

but most of hardcover books two slits

and the whole inside comes out right so

step number one okay step number two

pick your scrapbook paper just good old

Scotland paper you could use Hallmark

wrapping paper as well okay on your

choice cut a strip there's gonna be just

about the width you want to sort of

cover up whatever book this is that you

may or may not have read or you could do

like Orly did for one of our projects

and just paint the smaller just paint I

have one of those books there yeah you

could and then you're gonna get a little

spray glue there and then what you're

gonna do is just pop that on the back of

the book now you want to cut this strip

so it's a little bit

longer than the actual back of the book

and we're going to do is just fold it

and those pages on yourself nice all

done there now cut another piece that is

going to be the full width and depth

length yes sighs sighs we're gonna go

with size of the book

that's a good work good word and hit

that as well with a little bit of spray

glue okay and that's going to this

really long it's gonna look very fancy

and like ooh you went to a special

Christmas card book binding place didn't


we could make a business out of this

looking at it right by the way I'm gonna

be my side hustle there you go I'm so

boom you're done you want to sit and let

that dry for a bit but you've got your

nice sort of book cover down okay so

once it's dry what you're gonna go back

through and right around here or so on

each one measuring so it's the same

distance and you want to poke a hole you

can just use a drill if you know what

easy drill use a hammer and nail just to

get a good sized hole so you're not

measuring that at all I know you do what

you want you want to measure and when I

get saved an inch in two inches in okay

I'm same thing on the other side I have

one here that I started earlier all

right nice so you can see I've got my

hole right here I went about an inch in

with a drill right now you're gonna put

in your grommet so if you never work

with grommets they're very easy any

sewing shop will have them they're gonna

come in a kit like this they'll have

there's a top and a bottom and then

there will be a little hammer and a

little set like this it'll all come

together with little directions any

fabric store will have it okay what

you're gonna do is take one half of your

grommet this is a very clever idea

cannot pin the hole

and then flip it over and the other half

Nestle's right in there this is almost

in the same vein as scrapbooking it's

kind of is right something to keep those

memories and all that now you put your

little bottom part under you take your

top part your little hammer and a couple

and your grommet is in place nice right

yeah so now all you're gonna do is get I

called him Trapper Keeper hook the

Trapper Keeper hook remember the Trapper

Keepers I love the ideal deciding which

Trapper Keeper you would have for the


you're gonna put those on either side

these are just a couple pennies from the

office supply store right and

a little tip for everyone at home get

another piece of matching scrapbook

paper go ahead and line it up to your

holes and mark it with the pen and then

get a hole punch and go ahead and punch

a hole here and here as you can see I've

got a hole here in here keep this with

your keeper because what you're gonna do

is when you get your cards like oh the

kids have grown so much looks just like

his father I know it's so sorry we're

done with them

yours gonna line it up on your card Oh

Ivan punch punch you know exactly it'll

always be measured in the right place

and then just keep that in the marker as

a marker in there that's a very very

good tip because otherwise you won't

know when it's gonna be a big mish-mosh

that's adorable

fill it up with your cards look at the

habit forever keep them lined up you

know write the oh I can't wait to start

doing this ten no more shoeboxes no more

Ziploc bags write and write the Year

4000 whatever your that's fine chuckling

can you've done it again make sure you

all visit a Hallmark Channel calm for

the full instructions what a great DIY