Card Ideas for Pastor Appreciation

crafters to name here with another court

project this is a thank you card to my

pastor for pastor Appreciation Month and

his wife because she does give a lot to

our church as well and not only what she

does but in the time that she sacrifices

with him to minister to our church

congregations so anyway this is one of

those little chords that just could it

just seemed like I had more trouble

putting this card together more things

went wrong I think mainly because I

wasn't paying as much attention to the

finer details and such that I should

have but it's just one of those that I

almost didn't put it on YouTube because

of all the mistakes but then realize

that we all have those moments and maybe

it's good for everyone to see you know

how do you work with those mistakes and

not just throw an entire project in the

trash because it didn't go the way you

wanted it to so hopefully this chord

inspires you to work around mistakes and

make something of it anyway so anyway if

you'd like to see how I made this gourd

stay tuned I started by trimming all of

my paper pieces that I was going to use

down to size I use this craft cardstock

as my card base and then the white piece

you saw me cut is where I'm gonna be

doing the background for the sentiments

and everything so I check the size to

make sure everything was fitting

together correctly then on a piece of

cardboard I just taped down that white

piece of paper and using a polka dot

stencil and some of my memento ain't

little Dew Drop ink pads

I just stenciled about on a background

and I just use makeup sponges as my

daughters and here I'm just picking out

a watercolor background that I want to

use for my sentiments that I'm gonna be

stamping so I'm picking out aints that

coordinate with those colors of that

watercolor I started with pear torte as

a lot as color in the center and then

with cottage Ivy I went around

the outside of that

and kind of a circular motion and then I

moved the stamp to the four corners to

finish stamping around the outside and

for that I used an u blue as my darkest

color and I think it made a really

lovely little background I really enjoy

using the stencils and inks to create

different looking backgrounds and I'm

definitely enjoying water coloring for

different backgrounds as well you can

just really customize the look of a card

and everything be so coordinated using

these methods so I realized here that I

had smeared a little bit of an ink on

the kind of middle right side of that

paper out and here I just trimmed it

down just a little bit more where so you

wouldn't see where it was taped but I

tried to erase it because sometimes of

things still wet enough it will erase

but it didn't and so I thought about

starting over and decided now I'm gonna

work with it I'm just gonna place being

strategically to cover it so I used a

couple of stamps from two maymay made it

stamp sets

I used thankful from divine emotion who

defined emotions and then I cut off

before you from one of the sentiments on

her sweet treat stamps

and I gave him a test stamp and then

went ahead to my watercolor paper and

for that I'm using rich cocoa for the

stamping and then I stamped them in the

locations I wanted on the watercolor

paper and then just use my guillotine

cutter to trim them down to size

and I placed a thankful over the worst

of the smeared egg and I used some foam

adhesive to kind of pop them up a little

bit give him a little more dimension and

I still had just a little bit of smeared

ink away before we get there then I

realized this is what him another

mistake this is we're up to mistake

number two I had wanted to use this

blue-and-white Baker's twine to add just

a little bit of something extra in

between the two sentiments and so I

peeled the paper up a little bit to

place the twine and then realize I had

adhered everything upside down so I had

to peel it off completely and reinstate

number three but it gave me a chance to

get really get that Baker's twine place

where I wanted it and then realize I

still had some ink smearing so I decided

to use some sequins and some glue dots

to go ahead and cover the rest of the

smears and I did my best to kind of

place him and make him look a little bit

random didn't look quite the way I

wanted him to look but it ended up

looking okay and you can't see it as

well on cameras in person it did add a

little sparkle and shine that the

sequins did stand out through the

background more than you realize here on

camera but I used the green and blue

sequins to coordinate with the

background and the water coloring

so at this point I was pretty well

satisfied with the way everything looked

so we're coming up to mistake number

four trim dabs a white background which

is what I was going to adhere and write

my message on the inside well you can

see I used some liquid glue to do that

and here I'm stamping my handmade by

Ginebra stamp on the back before I could

do all that and realize that that glue

was a bad bad choice because it was

thick it wasn't spreading out and laying

flat it was kind of bumpy so I started

to peel it off and start over and I

thought no I can just add some more

mattes add a little thickness here and

then you won't really notice the

dimension of the glue so I just trimmed

out some decorative paper and

coordinating colors with what I'd

already done and some more craft paper

to write my sentiment on and then I just

used some two-sided tape which I was

having a very difficult time finding the

end up so I guess I'd be about mistake

number five so I just scored it with a

pair of scissors to sort a new end and

then just use this two-sided tape to

adhere those mats because at this point

I was out of tape runner tape and no

refills live I really don't like using

this two-sided tape because it I don't

have a dispense report it's very

difficult play with because of that but

it did save the day that allowed me to

get everything in here so that's why I

started to use the liquid glue to begin

with was because I was out of my tape

runner and I really didn't want to use

this two-sided tape but it did the trick

did the job help me finish this card up

get a little cleanup picked everything

up and it's all done see overcoming

mistakes sometimes and you end up with a

great product and at the end of the day

I'm really happy with the way that this

little card turned out I think it's cute

I think it's to the point and I think my

pastor and his wife are really going to

appreciate it and they're gonna

appreciate that it's handmade and that

they were thought of in a special way so

thank you so much for watching I really

appreciate you guys

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from you guys y'all have a blessed day