What to Write in Office Christmas Cards

Do you send Christmas cards to your clients,

but you get stuck with knowing what to actually say in them?

That's what we're going to cover in today's Tip Tuesday.

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Hi, I'm Ingrid Moyle from Heart Harmony Communications,

and today we're going to look at office Christmas cards.

A lot of businesses send Christmas cards to their clients and suppliers and they

want to do something meaningful.

They want to show that they're thinking of someone.

But all they end up doing is writing their name over and over and over like a

demented two-year-old. It really doesn't add value.

We're going to do better than that.

Here's some tips on what you can write in your business cards to make your cards

actually memorable and read,

and that you leave the impression that you're trying to. At the very,

very least start with thanks. Thank your client.

Thank your supplier. After all, they've helped to pay your mortgage this year.

They've paid your groceries,

so be grateful and be a little bit humble because they have helped your business

this year. So you can start with thanking them.

You can then move on to sharing a memory.

Your client or the person may have taken part in Movember and grown a

particularly bad porn star mustache.

It might've been that you went to lunch with them and you shared a joke.

Share a funny memory that of, of your time with them that year.

You can also talk about an achievement if they've won an award or there's been a

particular business success. Recognize that.

Tell them how fantastic it was that you heard that they did so well on these

things. So recognize some achievement linked to that though.

Not every year is a stellar year and you may have some years for your clients or

suppliers that have been a bit tough.

There might've been cancer or a death or something horrible that happened to

them this year. So this is a time not to pretend it didn't,

but just sort of say, "Look, I'm really sorry you had such a tough year.

I hope next year's a better year. My memories of ...",

and then you share some positive memories of um,

their previous residence or the person that passed.

This is not the time to go silent because quite often when there's been a loss,

people tip-toe. Acknowledge and discuss.

And this is also the time to pick up the phone and check in with the person and

call them just to make sure,

because Christmas can be a time when mental health issues can come to the fore.

So just check in and be human. Finally,

if you get really, really stuck with what to write in a Christmas card,

write a quote but add value to it.

So talk about why that quote is relevant to you or that business.

So don't just shove a quote in and hope that's enough. Add value,

explain why it's relevant and then you're adding value to that Christmas card.

So there you go. Some tips for what to write in your Christmas card.

Don't just write your name, add value,

add meaning and actually share the meaning of Christmas.

So this is Ingrid Moyle from Heart Harmony Communications hoping you have a

brilliant week. And if you like our tips,

like it below and share it with your colleagues. Talk to you next time. Bye

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