Prison Wife Shares Ideas - Cards For Inmates

hey guys since we have a question from

one of the girls on strength of the

knife and she was asking for some ideas

for the postcard and subsequently not to

be instead of just sending on parsing

the store or the same kind of letters

woman over again so I decided to there

were a few ideas to see what I receive I

can help on so the first thing I thought

of was okay so you know we always hear

about these like chew cheesy old school

like love letter type of things where um

a lot of times I'm like oh my gosh how

cheesy but I've been reading situations

cheesy kind of like good and they look

forward to that because we have so I put

on my greatest and that's top and click

fifth just to show you like these silly

little things like where you put the

paper and write and you know come lo pan

just make sure that's right so you can

get it um they love that kind of stuff

or even like you take your uh I don't

know sometimes looks like my favorite

this is my favorite perfume and I it's

the one that I usually wear and he ought

note and I just spray the paper in the

envelope with that that's always

something fun and extra to do and like I

said these are things that people often

think are cheesy and after the day would

be fun but here's what I thought other

things I thought of you know they have

those boards in there that a lot of

times were allowed to hang stuff up on

toys think what it can send them to hang

up on there um one of my friends and I

went to target because rightly first and

forget there's a for the dollar section

usually you can buy like scrapbook stuff

there so I thought um that kind of stuff

for a dollar like I've gotten like

stickers I've gotten a cute little like

sayings you could put off put on


I've got in hey guys I'm back I'm sorry

about that um literally every single

person might have to deal on my name at

the same time because sometimes aren't

competent and can't do anything without

but anyway so um like I was saying

target is great because they have this

in the front when you walk it in the

dollar section often they have like

especially around holidays like

Valentine's Day probably right now with

Easter coming up and even like st.

Patrick's Day stuff um they have all

kinds of fun stuff like stickers um

papers with fun like I got like a little

sticky pad with like hearts all over it

one time around Valentine's Day and then

I got one with like like little birds

that are kissing like lovebirds and are

stickies and so like every time I send

him like papers or cards anything like

that I leave sticky notes in them and

that's fun they don't get taken um what

else I got there all kinds of scrapbook

stuff so scrapbook paper and that kind

of stuff so you could even like get

construction paper or even just regular

paper and like cut out shapes and like

fun like stuff out of magazines and

stuff and you can um you can glue that

on there and um less like we had some

problems at the penitentiary they

wouldn't accept that a lot of times they

he got a reject notice for that but I

think it's like the lower levels and

like the counties in the states usually

it'll accept those but you only know

unless that if you try it so um that's

an idea also um one time I did this was

like the most fun thing I ever did for

him I did um face in a hole which is a

website I'll put a link to it below but

I always joke with him because I used to

do fitness modeling and he's like really

into fitness and exercising and abs and

all that kind of stuff so I found like a

magazine cover piece one of my jokes is

that one day when he comes home we'll be

the fitness couple and we'll be on the

cover of magazines a joke so um I found

like I think it's like health and

fitness or something like that and it

was like a face in a hole so I literally

put like a picture of his face in the

hole on like the body and May and bah

bah blah and he said as he was looking

there he was laughing hysterical so and

it's free use it and then you just print

it out like I like anything else so even

if you don't have your own printer and

you go to like Kinkos or something what

is it like a couple cents to print so

that's really cheap really fun thing to

do you can there's all kinds of fun

stuff like you can put

one time somebody sent one of Adams

friends and him one of him like walking

on water and it's like hey Steve buff

these things or like one of a whole

entire family at Christmas and they'd be

like propped his face into it and you

don't need to know Photoshop or anything

like that it's basically like drag and

drop right and then you can like turn it

like you ever play with with elf

yourself at Christmastime like that kind

of thing it's super easy

like like dummies can use it so you'll

totally be fived that so fun

um another thing I like to do is clip

things cut things out of newspapers and

magazines and you can make stuff like

that that's always fun um let's see what

else is there I have I made a little

list because I'm trying to think of fun

stuff real um you can write him a poem

which sounds cheesy but sometimes I

think look I've done that and I've

actually said like this is really cheesy

but who cares it's fun it's something

that he would like and it's free you

could write him a song I know one of the

best gifts that Adam has ever given me

ever ever was the first Christmas we

were together he wrote me a song and it

was so thoughtful and so sweet almost

for my hen one time for Valentine's Day

I remember I gave him um I wrote out and

encounter like how I felt the very first

time I ever went to visit and what was

going through my mind or what I felt

like the day I met him also from my mind

or you know from from my version inside

my head because often you don't tell

them those kind of things so you know

you could do that that could be fun um

and you just literally write a story

it's as simple as that you know and this

is what I felt and this is what I

thought and this is how you look to me

and and then he gets to read that and

it's like wow it's like a look inside of

your head that's a lot of fun and of

course that's a free option um you can

write him a story as far as anything you

can write him you know what it's going

to be like the first day you get home

and if you want I oh and then if you

have any kids in your life like I nieces

and nephews a lot of times I'll have

them draw pictures and like write like

little cards because that's full

adorable and it's cute and they don't

see stuff from little kids but even if

you don't have little kids like even if

you don't draw or do anything like that

like you can try and that's fun to send

even though it's silly sometimes but who

cares so at one time um Adam was in

lockdown for like I think like close to

a month back mousse in the pan like it

was a particular amount of time so he

said that he'd never drawn but she was

so bored at point so he tried and he

like it wasn't even that bad and he

wound up sending me this picture they

drove his plane that I'm like throw a

picture of what he was looking at which

just happened to be heaps fun but um

like that's kind of fun because it's

just something different and like you're

opening up your

yourself to be vulnerable like even if

you don't draw be drawn these pictures I

did that once for him I don't I didn't

try to do anything like crazy or great

but I drew um like stick the Irish type

stuff say lady but who cares or you

could even do like cutouts like when you

relocate in school like snowflakes and

like those kind of fun things like

there's like you can do letters and cut

out things and who cares it's just

literally you just got creative use your


pull out your inner child and have fun

because any single thing I'm telling you

that you send he is going to love

because it's from you know um and then a

lot of things that I do have to do with

pictures so um it's really cheap often I

use wall prints calm because it's

literally I think 11 cents or 19 cents

to print up pictures and you could

either get them shipped directly to you

I think that it's even cheaper but it

just takes a little bit longer or if

there's a Walgreens near you you can go

right to store and I'm done in an hour

and it's like 11 cents so and they

always have coupons online if you just

google it so um a lot of times I do a

lot of fun stuff with pictures either

you can use Picasa or one of those like

photo editing websites that you can like

edit your own photos and like like I did

I'll put the picture in here but um I

have it on strong prison wives and I

believe I have it on my Facebook page as

well but like I did some photo editing

and I added words like an image of me

image of you guys you can send him you

can photo document things like in one of

my Bob's below I threw my birthday party

one year and I just photo document it I

just took pictures of the whole entire

thing if you have access to a camera or

even like a camera phone you can do that

and if you don't have a computer to

upload them to you can literally go

right to the drugstore I know you can do

it at Walmart I know you do it came or

Walgreens like I said you can do it at

CVS can't go which might be a little bit

more expensive any of those places

literally have like the kiosks that you

could do it all yourself and you can

plug your camera or your phone or

whatever right in there

you don't have the computer to use um

and it's pretty cheap so I did a lot of

that like a lot of times I'll do like

maybe he can get 25 pictures at a time

so I'll do like 10 or 20 pictures and

I'll number them and I'll great funny

things on the back I'll even do funny

things like he loves you oh so it was

one time I did myself in like yoga poses

like being stupid

um so anything like that the only thing

that I wouldn't suggest because I've

done it is I sent pictures of like I'm

Italian and I had a big family dinner

one time on Christmas and I was like you

were gonna love this you've got to see

all his food and he was like what a

tease why are you sending me pictures of

lasagna that I can't eat it's kind of

tease so maybe don't do that but um what

else could you do uh-oh I've done stuff

like I've gone to the dollar store and I

bought like markers and like fun gel

like pens with with gel on the inside so

you're just taking paper and pen that

doesn't cost anything that you could

spend a couple dollars on like the fun

gels and all the different colors and

you could just write with those Oh

another time

I sent him one year on Christmas I was

trying to do 12 different things for the

12 days of Christmas so I found this

website I'm going to try to relocate the

link and post it below but um I sent him

there was like these quotes of all like

I love you I love you this much because

dah dah dah

and it was like you won or any kind of

quotes are always good um just Google

things like like love boats or

relationship quotes or you know I will

be with you forever folks or that I


song lyrics are always great

and they don't require much thinking

just remember just like I said get in

touch with your inner child and have fun

because anything anything anything

anything you send he's gonna like and

you know if you can splurge a couple

dollars and send pictures of yourself I

know he's going to love even like some

things like oh how could I forgotten

this it was one time I got like a

t-shirt and his thing is like so really

we're always like really optimistic and

positive so I found this t-shirt that

said stay positive and I saw just a

photo shoot of myself in it and I made

him calendar just remember if you do

that and that was like a couple dollars

at Walgreens but if you do that um make

sure that you only send them like it's

got to be sent directly from them and

it's got to be like the flip kind of

could only be 12 by 12 it can't be any

more a really really cheap way to do it

is um you upload the pictures online you

go to like I think it's calendars calm

or something like that you impose your

picture on there you print it right from

there you don't even have to go to

Walgreens or anything it's black and

white unless you have access to a color

printer which I think you can get out

like Kinkos Walmart all that stuff too

but or like staples OfficeMax

anything like that that's a really cheap

way to do it it's like you've my friend

used to do it and she would send him

like once a month um like just that

calendar so that's something that's mail

he gets every month and you put things

on there like any kind of birthday he

needs to remember like his mom your mom

you know my birthday that's a big one um

anything like that but also like if you

visit him you could put like your visits

on there because really cute stuff so

that's a great one I forgot about um

like I said that's a piece of mail every

month and then she would take like

themed pictures of herself so like you

know yesterday was st. Patrick's Day so

we would go out and she'd get something

green we would do like a little photo

shoot and um to take the best pictures

of that and then she would put them on

this little online collage I'm almost

positive it's calendars calm but if you

just Google like monthly calendar you'll

find it um and then she would print it

off it I think she would go to Office

Max or staples and right there you got a

piece of mail he's gonna love because

it's got your picture on it and you look

reminded him of all these fun dates and

that's a great one another one dude was

like you could do like fun things on

like I used to go sticker crazy and

sticker happy some places you're allowed

some places you're not but I'm sure like

most places like counties probably UPenn

um and I would just get like stickers

out like at Walmart but anywhere like

the dollar store Walmart Target and you

could just go sticker happy because it's

99 cents for like a pack of like sheets

and even like another fun thing I did

was like I would take a whole bunch of

pictures and then I would get those

scrapbook pictures or I mean stickers or

like just like stickers that have like

sayings on them but like the little

bubble things that come out of your

mouth and that's a fun one because you

could have like a whole conversation

which is like hysterical like these kind

of things they go blob and they laugh

and like I even remember qubit show of

his friends and like I would get these

funny like emails and like cards back

from people that are like you are

hysterical so that's always fun

I guess that's it so so have fun with it

I would love to know what you decide

please if you feel like it comment below

and let me know or even if you have

access to a camera I could take pictures

and toast them a love love love to see

what you come up with because we could

all share our ideas with each other and

sometimes if you just look around like

one time I even googled like um cordis

and or what to send to the boyfriend in

jail and I think that what some of it

was like really cheesy but some of it

you never know you can find some cute

stuff and also maybe we could start a

wall to give other people ideas to send

because it gets you run out of stuff to

do for like birthdays and holidays and

that kind of thing so I'd love to know

what you come up with and I hope this

helped let me know if you want more I'll

keep thinking and I'll even ask him and

you know what otherwise have got in

there oh you have a great day I hope I

helped and I will see you in the next

video also that was great great great

and I appreciate getting that question

because these are the things that I love

to comment about I love to help you so

please feel free to keep adding your

questions and letting me know and I'll

make videos beat them with those

questions and hopefully I can help you

so you guys have a great day and once

then I will say it over and over again I

will see you in the next