Letter from Sponsor Child and Christmas Card to Send - Sponsor Child Updates Ep. 39

hi guys so I'm here to do a sponsor

child update video I received a letter

from France Lea and it has another new

picture and so my question has been

answered now because as you know the

last picture I got from her excuse me

was her with the Easter gifts that I

sent and I could not remember if the

Easter gifts were sent to my previous

sponsor child George leaves or if I had

actually sent them to France Lea because

I had already sent a package to George

Lea's before I received word that excuse

me that her family had left the

community and that I would no longer be

sponsoring her and they had asked me

like a while after that they had

received the package I had sent her and

they had asked me if I would like to

donate it to a child within that

community or would they like or would I

like them to forward the gift on to my

new sponsor child so I asked them to

forward it on to my new sponsor child so

the last letter in picture I received

she was holding the Easter gift and I

couldn't for the life of me remember if

that was the gift that they had

forwarded onto her or if I had actually

sent it directly to her like to her

community excuse me so the question has

now been answered because with this

letter she is actually holding the

Christmas gift that I had sent your

Jalees if you guys remember that video I

can link to it if you guys want

in the description but it had like you

know all the peanuts

stuff like the pen the notebook the

socks and all that stuff for Christmas

so obviously that was the package that

did not make it to George Lee's and they

forwarded on to France Lee so I guess

somehow it took a while to get forwarded

on to her so she received it after the

Easter gift that I had already sent well

hello hello Riley so here she is holding

those gifts and she of course she wrote

a letter and it's in Spanish

and so this is the translated version

and for some reason it's not focusing

okay there we go it says hello dear

sponsor thanks for remembering me I

really liked your gift the chocolates

the notebooks and the pen because

they're very useful I'm going to school

I like to write and color with my

classmates I'd like to know what you

like and if you'd like to color I say

goodbye with lots of affection hoping

that you are doing fine from France

Lee's so so that was really cool to

receive so now I know exactly what

happened there with that package right

Radley then the other thing I received

in the mail from World Vision Riley your

tail is like right on top of this oh my

goodness can you scooch over okay there

he goes okay so basically I received a

Christmas card that I can sign and send

to Georgia leaves so it says World

Vision Christmas memories

police fiestas which I guess is like

Mariano Feliz Navidad is Christmas so

I'm not sure anyone that's Spanish out

there please please tell me so as you

can see on the back it shows the

nativity scene and then you open it up

and it is a memory card game with

Christmas theme so it's about angels not

sure what this is I think it's maybe one

of the gifts that the wise men bring and

the trunk and then there's a sheep

we've got Mary the star donkeys I

believe this is Joseph and then the

three wise men and more of their gifts

camels and baby Jesus so it's like a

memory match card game so I can send

that to her for Christmas and then they

also sent this brochure talking about

the special gift that you can send to

your sponsor child and I've known about

this for some time now I just haven't

really been in a position to do it yet

but I really would like to do it at some


with friends leaves because I never got

a chance to do it with you or Julie's

excuse me and so for those who are

wondering what the special gift is I

thought I would read about it so

basically it says you can do even more

for your sponsor child this Christmas by

sending a special gift now as I have

known about this before it's not just a


you can do this at any time of the year

as a child sponsor so it says for $100

or more you can help your child and his

or her family get what they need most

from something as simple as a soccer

ball to something as important as school

tuition so this is an example for

thirteen-year-old Mike in Zambia an

extra gift meant the chance to chase his

dream to be a pilot when Mike sponsor

sent him a special gift his family used

it to pay his school fees and buy him a

new school uniform and because another

child in Mike's town received a special

gift of over $200 from her sponsor the

community was able to purchase a hundred

and eighty goats for milk now when Mike

goes to class in his new uniform and

with a full stomach he is able to

concentrate on his studies all of this

brings Mike one step closer to

accomplishing his dream I'm very

thankful for my sponsor because of the

heart he has is Mike he has a heart of

giving when you send a special gift to

your sponsor child you're doing so much

more than providing him or her with what

they need you are also empowering your

child with a brighter future so

basically here's the details of how it

works so local local world vision staff

will meet with your sponsor child and

their family to determine the best

possible gift they so basically okay

they didn't explain the one part so you

have to make your gift has to be at

least a hundred dollars so say you

donate a hundred dollars as a special

gift your sponsor child so then what

happens like I said is the world vision

staff meet with your sponsor Child and

Family determine the best possible gift

which basically means they just decide

what is gonna be done with the funds so

then they use the funds you've provided

to purchase that gift and you'll receive

a thank-you letter from your sponsor

child and a photo showing how your gift

is making a difference now this is the

explanation why do we ask for a gift of

$100 or more you're a gift of $100 or

more enables our staff to provide

something that your sponsor child

earnest his or her family need really

needs it also helps ensure proper

stewardship of our staffs time and

resources any amount you send up to $200

will go to healthcare sponsor child and

his or her family now it says here 25%

of each gift under $200 and all amounts

in excess of $200 are allocated towards

a gift or activity that also benefits

other children in the community so

that's basically how they do it and um

so it's kind of like a way to help your

child get you know something that they

need or want and basically you will get

like this little thing that will have

like a thank you letter and a gift

showing what they bought and yeah so

it's it's really a cool thing I'd like

to do it eventually um I just haven't

been able to do it yet but I do hope to

soon so anyways that's the sponsor child

update for today and I am most likely

going to be

getting together the Christmas gift to

send in probably the next couple of

weeks I'm gonna try to probably get it

out the first week of November in hopes

that it makes it there on time for

Christmas I don't know it it's always

hard to know exactly how far in advance

to send gifts I wouldn't be surprised if

most of the time I guess end up there

after the birthday or Christmas or

whatever just because it's really hard

to know exactly how long it takes you

know I I usually send airmail excuse me

my voice is going um I usually send by

airmail and that according to what can

of Post tells me takes about one to two

weeks to get to its destination but its

destination is not France Lee's house

it is the World Vision's office for that

community or actually it's like I don't

know if it's just for the community or

just like the World Vision office for

all of Nicaragua I'm not really sure but

it goes to like one name location and so

they have to sort through all of that

mail and then they have to translate

your letter into Spanish and then they

have to deliver or forward all of that

on to your sponsor child's home so I

don't really know how long that process

is so I know that

mail wise it's gonna take at least two

weeks to get to the office in Nicaragua

but from that point on I don't know how

long the process is until it makes it to

my sponsor child so I kind of try to

usually like send two months in advance

but sometimes I'll do like a little over

a month in advance at the latest but I

don't really know if it makes it there

in time honestly

so I don't know if it's something that I

could inquire about by calling World

Vision just just like get a general idea

of how long it usually takes I have

never tried that or just like I don't

know maybe asking in a letter like did

they get it in time like did they get it

for Christmas order to come after I

don't know like I'm not really sure how

to go about finding out that information

or if anyone like really knows because

it probably just it may vary depending

on the amount of mail they have to sort

through like I'm sure there's some

points where there's less mail and other

times where there's more so I don't

really know but that's kind of I I

generally do like two months in advance

or at least a little over a month in

advance so anyways guys thanks for

watching this update and I hope you

enjoyed it and we'll see you next time

bye guys