Sending Christmas Cards to Strangers

ah Christmas cards remember when those

were a big deal when you'd pack a little

bit of festive joy into an envelope and

send everyone you knew some warm wishes

some season's greetings and Christmas

blessings well that's not such a thing

anymore at least not for younger British

people according to Global Research

Centre Mintel less than half of Brits

aged under 35 buy Christmas cards these

days which makes sense statuses and

festive gifts have taken their place you

can easily reach out to friends and

relatives online these days so you don't

need to send a card through the post but

what about people who aren't online what

about those people who don't have family

and friends around them at this time of

the year

who's wishing them a Merry Christmas

with so many people opting out of

sending Christmas cards that means some

people could go the entire Christmas

season without getting a single

Christmas greeting I want to change that

or at least try to a little bit by

sending as many Christmas cards as I can

to random addresses across the UK and

hopefully one or two will land through

the letterbox or someone who might

appreciate it originally I plan to send

out 100 cards returns out stamps are

expensive and I'm pretty skin so I just

bought as much as I could afford I told

the man at the post office what I was

doing and he was actually kind enough to

buy me a pack of stamps himself thanks

Wayne and I cracked on with the right in


to select the random addresses I just

went on Wikipedia where they have a list

of every postcode area in the UK I

selected a region let's use Cardiff my

home city as an example which then takes

you to a more detailed list of postcodes

I picked another one at random search

sat in Google which indicated the area

on the map and drop the little Street

View man into a random part full of


and there we go this house is getting a

card from me for Christmas that's a good

start isn't it I tried to send these

cards as widely as possible I sent them

to Oxford Newport redditch Bristol

Waterford Manchester Slough neat

Sheffield for Talbot Cambridge and a

bunch of other places in total I wrote

30 cards addressed to homes across 26

towns and cities in the UK and then I

sent them on their way


it's been a few days since I send those

cards out I think a bunch are still in

circulation but I've received a few

responses so I just wanted to share some

of those I didn't leave a return address

but I did put my email address in the

card so people could respond if they

wanted to and I had a very nice email

from someone don't know who they are I

don't even know which part of the UK

they're from because they didn't say but

they seem pretty grateful for the card

and sent kind thoughts back in a

thousand-fold which was nice so I'm glad

that the card reached them in particular

whoever they are I also had another

email from a journalist in Bristol who

received one of the cards he said he was

lucky enough to have lots of friends of

family around him but still appreciated

the gesture and he was kind enough to

send me a bunch of photos of where the

card ended up and then something

interesting happened to me I received a

mysterious card through the post

as I said I hadn't put my address on the

card that sent out this one just had my

house number on it not my address or my


returns out this was from a neighbor

down the street now I live on one of

those streets where the neighbors don't

really talk to each other throughout the

year but they'd send me a card

regardless so this was a nice reminder

for me as well as sending random cards

to random strangers all across the UK

it's also worth remembering the

strangers closest to you whether this is

your first card of the season or you've

received plenty from friends and family

it's always nice to receive one so I

made sure that I gave them a card in

return and on that note I would like to

wish everyone watching this video a very

Merry Christmas as well