I Can't Help But Write Essays In Christmas Cards!! 🙄 (Vlogmas 18)


good morning

so postman has been and he's delivered

more goodies if you watched yesterday's

welcomes you all know that I unbox some

stuff I've had here for a while anyway

and now I have more things I don't have

a pair box anymore but I do have an

address that people can use to send

things but I have to know the people

somewhat it's not my address but I don't

I don't send it out to everyone that's

how I'm tying up my robe today anyway

off the point cuz that's that's not a

point I'm going to today well it's

actually like midday now but I got up

with Adam so when he left early today

this morning he got about eight ish and

as I was saying to yesterday I kind of

have like a side hustle side job sort of

temporarily at the moment just to see

how things go and I've been doing that

in my mornings so I kind of just have

that as my morning thing and then get on

with the rest of the day as it begins so

now it's the rest of the day what I have

planned today is I need to do my last

Christmas cards for patrons and there I

need to wrap up their t-shirts I don't

think I have enough wrapping paper for

everyone bunny to get all that done and

then the reason why is because yes

you've guessed it I'm going into town

and Wear Daily goes to town she would go

to the post office but I'm actually

going into town because I need to go to

the metro station which is in town and

the metro station will get me to

Newcastle city centre which will get me

to Webber spoons which is where I'm

gonna be meeting Adam and a friend are

and I also have a tarot reading to do

today let's go do that

first do I put makeup on now I'll do my

makeup now


Elly's crying again I cry quite a lot by

the way guys today's reason is watching

Zoe's vlogmas and she's filming her

granddad dancing with Diane and he

really reminded me of my granddad he

according to Zoe he's like cared for a

lot by her man and that's just really

made me cry sorry just know so much

makeup is done I really enjoy doing

green on my eyes recently it seems like

I have five to do today

yikes I don't have another grandbaby for

that so I don't know what I'm gonna do

I've got more than enough car so I'll be

writing those now I don't just write

like to and from Ellie I literally

waffle on so much in my Christmas cards

so when we write an essay I'm know it

probably just gonna sit down here and do

it I would like to put on some light

music or well I gotta put music on it or

like a film or something but I always

get so distracted and one of those

people that can't really certain things

I can do but writing I can't do at the

same time was like listening because I

start writing down the thing on

listening to so let's get crackin I'm

still setting my dressing down cuz it's

nice and warm nice and snug

Oh Santa Claus I love him so much so

let's get going shall we let's

time-lapse begin


a written now I just need to get it on

the dresses do-do-do-do-do office I'm

not going to show you that this time I

know oh and I need to wrap all the

chef's up and I do not have enough

wrapping paper I don't know what I'm

gonna do just watch inner Stacy from

governor Stacy um I ran out of wrapping

paper I was gonna use other up papers I

had like because I've been using tissue

paper and I was like I'll just use over

a paper it's fine but then which is kind

of annoying there's gonna be two people

left that don't have any wrapping paper

on their t-shirt but well I just like

tied a little bow around the t-shirt it

didn't look too bad that looks kind of

cute right with a card no does that I

don't know I can't help I'm just trying

to like convince myself that it looks

fine but anyway it's taken almost the

whole day to do all these I have no

words for why it's honest

so what's you're not done package is

done I squish them into there even

though they're kind of seeping out but

they're done which took a lot longer

than I thought it was going to and now

I'm gonna do a reading for somebody I

haven't really incorporated Tarot into

vlogmas as much as I wanted to which is

a shame but as you know though these are

the cards I use oh where am I gonna do

this actually the flat is an absolute

disaster because I've just been like

just I haven't even had time to eat

today let alone clean I'm not sure about

this top with the dungaree combination

by the way what I was going to do was

every day I was gonna pull out a card

and tell you how like I would read that

as my card of the day and I haven't

really been doing that enough to be

first cuz I don't I don't actually know

if people care for that but reading

someone else which is always more

exciting in my personal opinion and I

thought I could do better when I read

other people obviously I'm not gonna

film any of that because that's their


and not yours I usually put an incense

stick on of some sort it's not necessary

that's definitely not something you have

to do but sometimes people like doing

that to have some sort of ritual so they

know they're getting in the zone so just

for fun I've cut the deck and I have

asked for a card of the day for myself

before I do this reading just to warm me

up to get me kind of like you know

thinking in that frame of mind again cuz

learning tarot reading tarot is a little

bit like reading another language I said

this before this will be my card which

is a really nice one so this is queen of

Pentacles she's very content and she's

abundant she has all that she needs in

her hands like material wise finances

she's very in her element she is the

queen of abundance and Finance and

things showing for themselves and

results so this is a really promising

card to get for today I know today's

like basically over for me but that I

mean I'm still going out in a minute so

this would show me that I have a lot to

show for myself so meat-like be proud

it's also very kind of like still and

quiet there's not a lot of like

craziness going on with this Anna it's a

very chilled relaxed laid-back card and

a little hair here a little rabbit it

emphasizes that you know like it's so

calm and still but the rabbits and

wildlife can walk by and not be startled

so and therefore you can connect a

memory of your day to the card and then

the future when you're reading their

shoe you will remember your memory

because that's how the brain works a lot

better it can memorize things when it

links them to situations happening in

their life so cool I'm gonna get I'm

gonna get on with this now q I think

that went really well I'm probably

leaving a lot earlier than this coat is

cold than necessary but sometimes the

post office is full and it's also rush

out right now so

it's probably I'm probably like I might

not even get on the metro sometimes you

have to like sacrifice yourself to the

next metro and a waiting like a million

years but I'm leaving now bye I didn't

film anything while we were out but we

are home now

caught you look knackered I'm very tired

I said I'm so tired I'm gonna unbox this

that came in the pool we think it's from

Zara thing yeah I went to Weatherspoon's

and the festive food is on that was

bangin it said open a slap for me we

should open a Sabu to jardim there's a

candy cane on top as well

oh really

yeah well done jeez I can't read blood

up there's a lock on here as well you

too Ellie an antenna sorry I'm fine I

like to molecular because I'm polite

have a perfect Christmas and a fab new

year I hope you 2020 brings you lots

laughter and happiness loads of love

Zara and Zebedee the cat right

how lovely is this oh my oh I was only

saying how I need to show up its up and

down more often

stay wild moonchild

ah let it have a trouble no travel more

Super Mario Brothers trouble well that

is adorable

that's awesome cool thank you very much

that's well cute look this size

Wow okay I don't know that's what one of

the prettiest mug looking like ever seen

that's got like a cool like rainbow

shine doesn't it

so holographic me and my friends are

doing Secret Santa and the one thing I

said that I want is well the one like

keyword I gave was holographic that like

suits you take that suit me to a tee I'm

so tired you should be tired moral thank

you so much Sarah I've had this for a

while you know oh thanks Sarah

thanks evidene Oh Caesar I just want to

explain the shows I've been starting to

work with them I have put positive

intention into each of them they're all

mean different things for example lips

limp it is courage confidence strength

moon snow is psychic awareness

purification and peace

they're like little crystals but they're

tiny little seashells mother so delicate


oh I'm gonna have to take him out the

packet oh my I can't keep her in there

like that

how cool hello Pennywise pop you know

I'm gonna say don't you you put your ear

up to this you can hear the sea going I

don't it's not doing it

love has to lift his hair up so usually

all the sounds are outside of an echo

it's over yeah usually when you have a

shell like this you put your ear up to

it my dad used to tell me this and you

can hear the sea crashing but although

you can hear the waves of the sea

crashing and then I got older and

realized it's just you listening to the

blood gushing through your ear and brain

and head these are so cute which one's

gonna give me wealth

oh that's like your awareness instead

thank you sir thank you sorrow say thank

you everybody

thanks guys Christmas


there's something very pure about

watching a man wrap up a present even

though there shouldn't be any

connotations about men wrapping up

present it's still rather sweet to watch

a man someone so much to me before

shampoo the stray beast struck who's

very hard to make ends meet he rubs his

claws around the shop as he desperate

tries to conquer the difficult quest of

wrapping his first and only Christmas

present this year so I'm currently

editing tonight's well yeah tonight's

vlogmas and Adam comes in the room with

this in his hand he's bloody gone and

made a Christmas tree origami wait no a

origami Christmas tree he made out of

paper himself how clever is that I told

him off though because I said he should

have done a time-lapse of him building

it because that would have been top

quality but top quality vlogmas content

but he's inspired me to make a little

Christmas tree a scene of my own how

cute is that

well done Adams kinu done looks but I

knew he was making origami in the other

room but I expected you just makes me


at the moment I'm trying to chase up a

brand deal that never followed through

of their payment so that's taking up a

lot of my time having to chase someone

who I can't physically talk to like I'm

trying to find his number I've got his

address and stuff if I need to make

legal action but that's a little bit of

the bull lake right now but I'm gonna go

to bed now

I'm so excited to sleep don't forget to

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tomorrow bye babe