Reading my dad's old Christmas card

I meant 100 discuss today liberated my

dad's old book smell hot together will

you work hopefully oh I'm too movie on

your thing

see ingredients which are similar hearts

is a holographic card it doesn't I'm

sorry's also do it's like input and also

hospital so should you the max mom with

the war house on the deck for the girls

it does so down for good give us what

we're now long heard such class open

piece of the map now and a lot of it New

Moon in specific is broken with the

parallel silk I know in a moment a

heads off

so the stocking pretzels and beer in the

big repeated my brother's a queer what

opportunities work sandwich creating a

perfect for any Christmas is you wrote

as I continue on for how long right now

my dad old book making me very long to

muster before

well trouble might choose love

and what I'm gonna do is give away I'm

sorry I'll try to give one route but no

Pete Giddings pump down below video