Types Of People In The Salon

Wow banana hey hello I want a haircut do

you wanna see me italia studies of the

juniors a list of course senior ok see

the size of the $88 stylist I want

studies ah okay stop it so be 68 dollars

maybe junior star Lisa yeah give chance

to people to grow my about to

grow up so Junior Seau easy okay miss

key respects okay so today we'd want to

this length up sorry this leg yeah okay

can okay thank you move your smacks so

today we want straight or your uncle oh

sorry sorry

Street um straight up Austria can you

remove a snake yeah okay then no you can

just relax and read a magazine ah huh

okay again wait how'd you put gee why I

said me oh yeah so slim as usual oh wait

anyway what do you want I got mocha

cappuccino or green tea

I remember if you like green tea okay

I'll be paying the green tea just relax


nikka me often that customer damn how to

tease you know what no color no trim or

pop ladies how we urged you watch me

bother me

so what do we want today no color no pom

just a dream oh good choice

I want to dye my hair brown cut fries

Brown no for you

fringe maybe

got it been how customer take photo you

also your hair so dry very very very dry

I've never seen such Danish I before you

your hair so dry it bajo because this

treatment is for your hair like this one

we got a good one

and we got a chick one but your head

chick one


whatever thought you won also can lie

show me I would look like nonsense

sometimes about the face law or not so

much about the hair okay Wow the clothes

very nice yeah very nice thank you yeah

thank you










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so not showing up sure that's not sure