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hi and welcome to creative Chelsea today

I'd like to share with you some

Christmas tags and some really quick and

simple Christmas cards for Christmas for

my neighbor teacher and friend gifts I

like to make them Christmas tags I like

them to keep them really simple just so

that I can mass-produce them and so that

they can use them on any type of gift so

I'd like to show you today how I made

those and then how I package them to

give them to my friends and then I'd

like to show you how you can turn one of

those tags into a really quick and

simple Christmas card so the nice thing

about these tags is that you can use

them with any christmas pattern and

paper as well as any stamp set so all

you're going to need for the tags you're

going to need your some pattern

Christmas paper and you're going to cut

it to two inches by three inches then

you'll need a a strip of a coordinating

color and it is half an inch by two and

a half inches so just slightly wider

than the tag and then you'll need just

some you know some stamps and so I've

went through my stash and I just looked

and for some small Christmas stamps and

I found some paper pumpkin so this was

um October's paper pumpkin and they just

had this really great wishing you a

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

and so that would work really well for

these tags and then november's had some

really fun ones they had had a gift for

you and you could you know just cut that

out you as well as the peace and love

and joy would be fun or you could even

just keep it really simple and do to and


I also found a really great Christmas

tag stamp set this was from a couple

years ago and it did come with a

coordinating punch and so that was a

really fun one to use and then I used

that on these ones you can see how that

that kind of turned out really cute so

just look through your stamp set you've

got something I'm sure in your craft

room but today I'd like to use a stamp

from the peaceful boughs and so this one

is current so if you don't have

something you think will work you could

just use this season's greetings so this

is the punch I'm going to use and it is

retired but the current catalog has some

really great punched shapes that kind of

give this like a decorative tag kind of

so look through that if you don't have

something already in your craft room

so once we've cut out our tags you're

just going to get some scrap paper and

I'm going to use very vanilla because it

matches the tags but if you you know if

your paper is white then you would use a

white cardstock and I'm just using early

espresso ink and I'm just going to stamp


and I'm going to do it twice


and then you punch it so these are

really fast and you could mass-produce

them pretty easily just kind of line it

up okay

so another thing you can do on some of

my tags

I have notched the edges to kind of give

it like a flag banner shape you could

also keep it straight that's totally up

to you I will show you what it looks

like straight and with a notch so this

one will not so I just do that by

snipping from in from the center and

then from the edges so Center just as

high as you want this it to go and then

from edge to that top snip and then

these just get glued in the center of

your tag so at about one 1/2 inches if

you wanted you can measure or just

eyeball it and I'm just putting a drop

of glue and then these get popped up

with some dimensionals and I'm just

going to use up some from my paper

pumpkin kits and so I just have a lot of

those so that's what I'm using so

they're just minis you can use whatever

you've got laying around and that just

gets centered on your strip

well my strip is crooked

probably got bumped okay so we've got

those two tags done and you can see the

difference between just having a

straight edge or a notched edge and

because this label punch was so wide you

know you can kind of pick and choose

which one you like when you have a punch

that's a little smaller and a stamp that

smaller you do see a little more of that

coordinating color so it's really what

you know whatever you want here's a

round one and you can see how it is

slightly smaller than the two inches and

so you get a little more of that

coordinating color but it all is really

cute you know with just a couple

different stamps you can see how those

turn out here's an interesting one this

one was cut to two inches so it's

exactly the same as the tag but then it

just has that little peeking out on each

side and this one I just cut a strip and

stamped on the strip so you don't need a

punch if you don't have one okay so

let's turn this one into a tag I'm just

gonna grab a hole punch and just kind of

a median medium size I'm gonna punch in

the center on the top and then take any

kind of string I'm going to use linen

thread for these ones and I'm going to

measure eight inches

I found that eight inches is really a

good size for me

and you're just gonna string it through

and then tie a knot at the top and then

you've got your tag and these are really

a really fun gift and I've had so many

people tell me how much they really

enjoy getting these for Christmas so

when I package these I will take six of

them or roughly at that many and use one

of the clear envelopes I don't know if

you can see that since it's clear but

Stampin Up sells packages of clear

envelopes and they're really well priced

and so what I will do is I'll take 1/4 a

sheet of paper so this is four and a

quarter by five and a half and it's just

flat it's not a card and I'll stamp on

one side just a really nice Christmas

greeting and so I'm going to use that

same stamp set from the peaceful boughs

and I'm going to put season's greetings

on top and then this really nice

greeting that says made a spirit of

peace gently fill your heart and home in

this most wonderful time of year so I'm

going to stamp that whoops stamp that

under and then what I can do is just

write my friend or my neighbors name at

the top and then just sign our family

name at the bottom and then I'm going to

slip this into the package G packaging

and I want this actually to be on the

back so the side where the flap is going

to close and so on the front is where

I'm going to place the tag so I'm going

to pick six tags so one two three four

five six so I've got six tags and I'm

going to put those in the front of that

paper and kind of arrange them so they

can kind of see

a couple of them stick all those threads

in there and then you just simply tear

off the top and close it and you've got

a really cute neighbor friend Christmas

gift and so you can really do them with

all different colors and with any type

of twine or string that you've got

laying around so this is a really great

way to use up some leftover things that

you've got laying around your house

alright so we've got our tags done so

now I'm going to show you how you can

turn this tag the same idea of a tag

into a Christmas card alright so I've

got a card base and this is very vanilla

again because it's what matches my paper

and I'm just doing folding it in half

and then the only other thing we need is

a coordinating color cardstock and I've

picked Garden green and it is one inch

bigger on both sides so this is 2 inches

so this is 3 inches and then this was 3

inches so I've cut it at 4 inches and

I'm just going to adhere this to the

bottom right corner and I'm leaving

about a little more than a quarter of an

inch around the edge so from the right

to the bottom edge so just kind of

offset it so it's not quite in the

center and then you're just going to add

this to the center of your Christmas

card and so you'll just want to make

sure it's even all the way around

and then open up and you can use a bone

folder or something to really smooth

that glue out great so I just noticed

and this happens a lot right when we're

designing that I did pop this up with

some dimensionals on the and so the tag

is popped up so you can kind of see how

the two different looks but what they

would look like not a huge change but it

does give a little more dimension on

this card than this one and of course

you can step up these cards you know you

can add more stamping you could add more

accessories but the whole point was to

come up with something quick and easy

in case you're needing a really fast

Christmas card and these would be really

cute to even give with the tags so it

could be a fun card to put you could put

this card inside and use that as you

know a little message that you want to

write to your friend or neighbor along

with the Christmas tags so there's some

really fun options with this project now

I do want to give a shout out to another

youtuber out there call me

crafty owl came up with a really cute

card layout and this was kind of

inspired by her card and so I'll show

you that right now

so her card is on a clear background but

she's also using kind of a tag shape as

the focal point of her card so thanks so

much for that great idea I hope you

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