Christmas Money Holder Tutorial


hey guys this is Denise from Awesome

crafts and in today's video I'm gonna be

showing you how to make these cute and

simple money holders now this one is the

first one I ever created and all it has

is a belly band you lift this up and you

insert the minion here it looks like

this you have plenty of room to add as

much as you would like now I left it

playing in the back if you'd like you

can go ahead and add some pattern paper

here um write a cute little sentiment to

and from but I left mine just plain you

can also write a sentiment or stamp a

sentiment up here as well now these are

the recent ones I created and as you can

tell there's a difference on these I

added a dimensional and this one I just

glued down you can do either war but I

like the way the dimensional looks so

I'm just gonna go ahead and just quickly

show you the ones I've made and then

we're gonna go ahead and do a tutorial





alright let's get started okay so the

supplies that you're gonna need for this

project is one card stock measuring 7 by

8 another card stock measuring 2 and 1/2

by 9 and for the mats you're gonna need

one card stock or pattern paper

measuring 2 and 3/4 by 6 and 3/4 and you

will need an additional one measuring 1

and 3/4 by 6 and 3/4 this is for the

inside that's for the cover and that's

it that's all the paper that you're

gonna need

ok what you're gonna do is get your 7 by

8 card stock with the 8 inch on the top

you're gonna score it at 3 inches and at

6 inches and that's it sorry for the

dogs in the background it's our

neighbor's dogs all right the next

scoring that you're gonna do is for the

band again this is two and a half by

nine with a nine inch side on top you're

gonna score it at 3 inches and 6 and

onee that's it this is the 7 by 8 paper

and the two and a half by 9 so it's just

four score lines on your debt you're

done with this 4 board alright what

you're gonna go ahead and do is fold at

the score lines

and remember on this one the smaller

side it's gonna go on the inside and the

bigger side goes over okay now what

we're gonna go ahead and do is glue the

small flap to the inside now this is

where I prefer to use liquid adhesive I

have my art glitter glue that I use um a

lot of people have been asking me where

I get this from I do get it on Amazon I

have a prime account so I do get the

free shipping a two-day shipping which

is really convenient for me

I will leave a link down below in the

description on the ones I get there's

different options depending on the size

that you want different bundles but the

price is really great and of course free

shipping can't beat that

so again the links are down below in the

description now I don't recommend using

tape for this part because it does tend

to stay a little sticky or tacky at the

ends and the money you can get stuck to

it so liquid adhesive is the best way to

go for this part so what you're gonna do

is just add a little bit to the very

edge on both ends just like that

fold it over get your bone folder and

burnish the ends just to make sure that

it has a good stick

that's it now this is where I like to

put my pattern paper again this is one

in 3/4 by 6 and 3/4 the sizes will be

down in the description as well so you

don't have to worry about writing it

down as I say it I'm gonna just add some

adhesive now here you can use liquid you

can use tape whichever you prefer

you're gonna just try to Center it as

best as you can again use your bone

folder you're gonna just go over it I

love this paper it's so cute

believe I got this paper last year from

Hobby Lobby it's a single sheets of

paper that they sell

I believe they still have it this year

so this is where I flip it over it's

gonna look like that I flip it over and

I like to lay this flat so when I put

this cover I can get a better look at

the center part

so what you're gonna do again is get

your adhesive try to Center the paper as

best as you can

again bone folder go over your paper

burnish that down pretty good I like to

crease the score lines again and that is

it really simple now these are great

craft fair projects one of my top

sellers most popular items a lot of

people give money and gift cards you can

even put a gift card in here if you

don't want to put money in here all

right so we're done with that part now

we're moving on to the belly band again

this band is two and a half by nine

scored at three and six and one-eighth

so what I like to do if you notice I

don't know if you can see this bold goes

right there and this one goes a little

closer to the edge so I like to put the

shorter side on the inside longer one on

top but it really doesn't make a

difference that's just my preference I

put glue on the end of this one glue on

this side so when I fold it down

begin bone folder furnished that way he

gets a good stick there we go

you have your belly band no this is

where you're gonna add your sentiment

stamped image and embellishment anything

I'm gonna go ahead and I have this stamp

this is from Santa now I used my

cuttlebug in a die to cut this little

scalloped circle not sure if you can see

that now this one I used I believe it's

the two and three eighths let me just

double check yes it's the two and 3/8

scalloped now these are all the sizes

that it came with I'm using my

Spellbinders nest abilities and it's the

classic scalloped circle is small I

believe I got this on clearance from

Joanne's but I did find these on Amazon

for the same price that I purchased them

on clearance at jo-ann so I'm gonna

leave the link down below as well in the

description for these dyes that I use so

again you can do a stamp cut it out with

any die cut if you don't have that you

have a punch use the circle punch a

square punch anything that you have on

hand you can also use any little

embellishments these I got last year

from Hobby Lobby they were three

ninety-nine but I think I got it for

Ford here 50% off

they look like this they're single sided

but it's oh my god

cardboard so it's really sturdy so if

you want you can also do something like

that for the belly band if not you can

also use I can pick up these from Big

Lots I did and they were $3 next 48 gift

tags they even have the adhesive on the

back so you can do anything if you want

you can put something like this put it

on there and it has the to-and-from

already i even times so you can use

anything that you have any embellishment

stickers and stamps anything you can put

a Christmas tree anything that you have

so what I'm gonna do is get my little

circle dimensionals I get these from the

Dollar 19 no actually I got them from


they were like a dollar I believe in

their little dollar section sorry for

the background noise okay so what I do

is I peel off the back of the

dimensional I like to add additional

adhesive to my dimensionals because I

want to make sure that they're gonna

stick and they're not gonna fall off

especially if they're gonna go in

stockings with candy or anything else

you don't want them to just easily pop

off so I'm gonna go ahead and just stick

two of them down

just add a little bit

I'd just I'm not sure if you can see it

I got just a little bit of glue

push down add a little more adhesive

there doesn't take much it's really

strong glue you want to make sure that

not sure if you can see it at the end

can you see that sorry if it's not

focusing there you go okay so that is

gonna go down so you wanna make sure

that's at the bottom I mean you're gonna

go ahead and just try to Center it as

best as you can that is it and that is

my belly band this is my money holder


and that's it these are really quick and

easy to make you can mass-produce them

cut all the paper score all of it and

then just assemble them there really

fast really popular bestsellers at the

craft fairs again you can also put gift

cards in here if you don't want to put

money you can also put to and from

sentiments too and from a sentiment in

here it's really your choice you can

even cut out if it's colored cardstock

you can even cut out some white

cardstock that way you can write inside

as well and that's

my quick tutorial on how to make these

christmas money holders again the again

the links for the dyes that i've used

and the art glitter glue is down below

in the description as well as other

crafting supplies that i use or that i

prefer those links are down below follow

me on instagram at awesome crafts the

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