How To Make Care Packages for Friends! DIY Care Package Gift Ideas (Easy & Creative)

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what's up guys bella's back here so

today i am coming at you with

a diy how-to video on

how to create care packages for your

friends whether it's someone that you're


or it's someone's birthday and you just

can't be with them i find that this is

especially prevalent during quarantine

um and just during this whole summer

with the pandemic

and if you want to send something to

your friends and you want to be

meaningful then stick around for this


so step number one the first thing that

i like to do is grab a notebook and just

write down a bunch of

things that remind you about that person

for example the person that i'm making

this for

will just go with the name of christine

she and i traveled to a trip together

did a study abroad program to the last


and we also like went to europe together

this year so

europe is like a big theme in our

friendship um

and she's traveling so i'm gonna put

down europe i also know she really likes

sloths she's a gemini based off of her


um she loves reading

she's into sentimental things um what


this is just like a good way to

brainstorm and think about like

different creative gifts you can get

but have to do with those areas so i'm

just going to keep

writing these down the next step is

buying all the items that you have

or that you're putting into the box um

and so if you're looking for quick

things to buy i recommend obviously

going to amazon or the dollar tree

um if you're getting like really cheap

small things that you just want to pack


um personally for myself for this gift

i'm probably not gonna go on the cheaper

end just because

it's someone's birthday if it were just

like a normal care package i probably

would just like

go to the market grab some like hot

chocolate bags like some fuzzy socks

call it a day um but for this i wanted

to be very very personalized and i want

to get them good gifts because it's

their 21 21st birthday

and i ordered a couple things i have a

couple packages i need to open

i also went to barnes noble and i got

a book that i love and i want her to

read and i also got a little journal

and i'll show you what i'm going to do

with that essentially that journal is

going to be

a book journal um if you don't know what

that is i can kind of explain like my

take on it

and how you can make it more

personalized for your friend um and then

aside from that

i also ordered these cool luggage tags


because one of the things with our

travel experiences but that was that her

luggage got

lost completely um and then they had

they found it like a really long time

later i think

actually i don't even know if they found

it but i go to these really funny like

luggage tags which i just think like

she'll totally always think of her

friendship when she sees them

um and then aside from that i would have


probably more like snacks like preserved

items that i could pack into the box

just to be cute like tea bags and things

but i didn't want to buy like i usually

have to buy like a big package of those

um to get like the smaller versions and

i i'm only doing this for one friend

this time so it just doesn't make sense


but if i were making like five different

care packages i would totally opt for

buying things in bulk

so i am first going to

look through my camera roll and find two

photos that i want to print out because

i'm going to be putting this in a snow

globe if you

don't have a snow globe but you still

want to include some cute pictures i

would totally

do that and then you can decorate them

with like washi tape um any type of like

stationary paper

and i think that's a really nice touch

you love me



so i have this moleskine that i got from

barnes noble that i'm going to be using

for my book journal um i've never done

one of these but i saw it on pinterest

and i my parents are remodeling our


and that's why there's all this noise in

the background anyways

i'm going to be doing the first prompt

for her just so she knows like

how they're supposed to be set up

because i doubt she's never seen these


um but i'm also going to make a little

table of contents page and also just


put a little bit of like personalization

and color into it i'm not the most

artistic but i just think it's the

thought that counts

um yeah i'll show you guys what it looks

like when it's done


so i was saying that my friend's name


christine but i don't really think it

matters her name is chloe i just thought

that i should use

a code name but i realized that i'm

going to be uploading this video after i

send out the package so

it's fine

finished writing my journal or creating

the journal

this is what it looks like

and then um i have a little note and

like table of contents

or this is the table of contents the

other part was directions

and then this is time to continue and

this is like the template

so if you are trying to create something

like this i basically did

title of the book who it's by the start

date end date genre notes

review slash quotes i love because it's

different for every book

and then it what it inspired me to read

learn or visit like a place um and then

who you'd recommend this to

and what you rate it out of five i think

this is a super personalized way to give

a book and it totally

just shows that you put an effort and

for a book lover i think they'd really

enjoy this

the second part of one of the other

parts of my gift is this book

flipped which i included as part of the

book journal like first entry because

this is my favorite book that i read as

a kid

um it's not like extremely challenging

at all um but it's not like too childish

that i think a 21 year old would still

enjoy this sweet

book and if you haven't read it please

read it and there's a really great movie

on it as well

forget to open up these packages

probably going to take this yeah out of

the packaging

oh my god this is so cute i'm

genuinely amazed i think she will really

really like this

um people from my school will definitely

know who this person is because

of the sloth um all right this will be

the next part of the gift bunch came i

don't think i'm gonna give her all of

them because

they're kind of not all cute but they're

really funny like

um like it says

not your bag no it's not yours

put it back it's mine

excuse me not your bag sorry

it's mine and

don't touch so i think i'm gonna give



maybe two of these i don't know which

ones though



step number three you need to figure out

what type of box you want you might want

to do this

after you buy all your items just so

that you know

how big of a package that you need i

recommend getting a flat rate box

i will show you the one that i have so

my family just ended up having this

priority mail medium flat rate box

one rate any weight box um

it's not that wide i mean it's not that

thick but

i think it'll do if it's not i will have

to buy another one

but the nice thing about these is i

believe that they hold about like at the

max 70 pounds so

it's unlikely that your care package is

really going to be 70 pounds so i think

this makes the most sense economically

um i might kind of decorate it i think

you can decorate these boxes as long as

you don't cover any of the important


so i'm going to do that now it's

time for assembling the gift

so for my gift i will be including a

cute little card

something that explains like what

is in the gift um and i'll probably

write something on the back

i don't know um and then my favorite

book that i'm giving her

the book journal that i personalized


um and

yeah that's what that looks like

the cute and funny luggage tags

say don't touch excuse me not your bag


super awesome snow globe

that was so easy to make and it was from

urban outfitters originally

and the sloth lavender like

cramp microwavable

plush pillow thing um and that's a

little bit

of tissue paper and i'm going to be

putting this in this flat rate box and


it all goes in easily



and voila now all i have to do is

address this and also

yeah say it's from me


hope you guys really enjoyed watching

the majority of that video or

the rest of the whole video um it was

really really fun for me to

create this care package and take you

guys along with me and i think it's

great to do something more personalized

for your friends

i hope you guys enjoy this video and i

will see you guys soon later peace out