Learn to Write a Conclusion in Under Five Minutes!

well guys it took me a while but I'm

finally back to tell you how to write an

excellent conclusion paragraph now this

specific video is going to be geared

more towards an informative or

argumentative piece as opposed to a

narrative piece so keep that in mind and

let's get started so there are three

steps to writing an awesome conclusion

paragraph the first is to always make

sure that you restate your pieces next

you want to summarize your main points

and finally you want to draw to a close

now remember this is your last

impression for your reader so you need

to make it count you can do these steps

in any order but I'm going to start with

restating your thesis here's where you

remind your reader of why you wrote your

essay your main argument but you want to

make sure you're not too repetitive

so you want to reword it and say it in a

different way than you did in your

introduction paragraph so take a look at

this example of how to reword a thesis


the first example would be an example of

a thesis you might include in your

introduction the second example is how

you could reword that same thesis in

your conclusion so you're not too



next when writing a conclusion you want

to make sure that you summarize your

main points from your body paragraphs

here's where you want to condense them

and restate them so you're not repeating

yourself but you're making sure to drive

your point home for example if we

continue on with the same topic you

might use these main points in your body

paragraphs Studies on the positive

effects of creativity in the classroom

connections between reading and memory

retention and literature circles and

connections between classmates teachers

etc in the restated version the bolded

is the thesis statement that we restated

before after that I've shown you an

example of how you could restate your

main points without being too repetitive

and finally you need to draw your

conclusion to a close so that you don't

leave your reader wondering what's next

there are a couple ways you can do this

but some of the most popular are making

a final and passable observation having

a call to action or even ending with a

powerful quotation

so here's an example of each an

observation a call to action and even a

quotation all of these are really

powerful ways to end your concluding

paragraph and your essay as a whole they

make an impact they address your final

point but they also let your reader know

that you're finished so there you have

it the easiest way to write an awesome

conclusion paragraphs do make sure that

you restate your thesis summarize your

main points and draw to a close however

you want to make sure that you don't

drag it out don't introduce brand new


don't leave the reader with questions

and did I mention don't repeat yourself

thanks for watching comment below with

any questions or suggestions for future