EzyRez - Confirmation Letters and other PDF letters

in this video we're going to look at the

confirmation letter confirmation letters

allow you to provide personalized

information to your guests PDF documents

are created and can be sent via email

multiple guests contact letters can be

set up by late arrival letter follow-up

letters return guest letters to create

your templates or your confirmation

letters you go to the utilities tab to

set up options and then under the guest

contact tree here select confirmation

letter make sure that you modify and

tick the box here where it says use PDF

format version for both email and print

and select save click on the PDF format

button here and you'll get a blank

screen ready to insert information so we

can see on here we're going to insert a

letter description building information

and we've got three paragraphs that we

can complete the closing salutation and

some information for when we need to

email our confirmation letter what

you'll also see over on the right hand

side here is a number of merge fields

that are available and we can insert

these into our letter in order to

personalize this letter to our guests so

we'll just have a look at how we can

insert some information here we come up

with a letter description of course

we'll just name this one as our

follow-up letter and we can start to

type in information you may have already

got a an existing follow-up letter

you've written in a word document if you

have you can copy and paste information

into these fields here what we also want

to do as I mentioned earlier is insert a

merge field so if we want to insert one

here as it says you'll double click to

add the merge field if I double click

there we get the little merge fields and

symbols showing in here we would then

fill in the rest of our information

so I'd fill in a lot more information

there fill in my merge fields as

necessary I also have the option of

course to fill in an email message

settings so a subject

and just a short message

we can also print logos on the top of

our confirmation letters here in order

to do so you tick the box there to show

a print logo and then we click on the

button here to navigate and identify our


we can then see a copy of the logo

sitting at the top of there and that

would appear at the top right of our

confirmation letter there remember to

select save when you have looked at your

information when you have completed your

information click back onto the PDF

format button here to access your letter

again when you've finished completing

your information remember to click on

the preview button here and it will

allow you then to look at your

formatting for your pick for your letter

I'm just going to select a letter I've

already created or inserted I can do

that by clicking on the select letter

option here pick up the other letter

that I have available and you can see

this one here has a bit more information

available we just have a look at the

preview of this one you'll see there's a

bit more information showing in there so

I'll just show you how to access these

and through a booking as well

in the bookings area here we'll just

option jump into one of our bookings

showing here if we want to have a look

at this one here under the reports

option and confirmation letter will

select my one that has been completed

and we have a copy here with all the

information specific to this booking so

the guests name their booking number and

the room or the apartment type that

they've booked their stay dates some

information then of course about their

accommodation and any payments made you

can also email that letter to your

guests so make sure that you have a

valid email address and showing here

select the email option at the bottom

and from here select an email the

default confirmation letter when you

select create email again that allows

you to select the appropriate letter I

like that one there and click on select

and we get a copy of our little blurb

here as part of the confirmation letter

that we set up and the confirmation

letter showing here and if we click on

view attached file again it will show us

a copy of the attachment in a PDF format

to be sent with that email once you're

ready to send of course you'll click on

the send button there just close out of

this one come back to our booking there

you can also send multiple confirmation

letters by using the email feature at

the bottom here please and see our bulk

email video on how that will work for

you so in this video we've looked at

setting up confirmation letters how we

insert our information on the template

there and how to access them through the

bookings area