How To Make A Legal Contract Without A Lawyer

Okay, you've got a business, you got contracts but what about the lawyer? What

do we do? What do you need to know to make a contract without a lawyer?

Well stay tuned here on the Six Figure Mastermind,

we're going to tell you everything you need.

In case you're in business for yourself and you need to make a contract but you

don't want to pay legal fees and you don't want to pay a lawyer to do it, you

want to you know budget, all of your resources and your time and just get

your contract out the door without having to wait for lawyer approval so

there's a lot of ways to do it and most of them are perfectly legal, moral and

ethical so if you really feel like and now I have to say disclaimer, I'm not a

lawyer here, guys, I've never studied law, never have and I don't think I ever will

but there are things that sometimes you don't need a lawyer for it that you can

really just go for it and do it without and contracts is one of those things.

Contracts just need a certain element and if you watch any of our other

YouTube videos, we're going to outline those elements for you so you know exactly

what needs to be involved in the contract and what doesn't so your

contract doesn't always have to have a lawyer's name on it

to be a valid contract. In order for the contract to stand up at court, it doesn't

need a lawyers name on it either, okay. You can get a lawyer if by chance

your contract needs to go to court, the only thing that will make your contract

legally binding basically it breaks down to this. It breaks down to two parties,

having all of their information. I mean, like contact info like name and email and

phone number and address and all their contract information, it also needs to

have details of the transaction you know, you don't need a lawyer for that, you're

the ones making the transaction. You know how much your programs cost, you know how

much your programs cover, you know what you do and you won't do and you know

what your client is responsible for. As long as all of that is spelled out and

written in the contract, you don't even need like the thee's and thou's and this

is and that's of legal ease to do your contract without a lawyer. As long as

your contract is signed and dated, you've both got copies of it and those

signatures are in place and both of you you know, I like to have a physical copy

and a digital copy, those are valid, you don't need a lawyer for those so to

think that you need a lawyer for a contract, not necessarily true. Now what

you may need a lawyer for is to uphold your contract. Let's say that you're in

business for yourself and your contract gets called into question

you know, either your client calls it into question

or you call into question and maybe there wasn't a provision made within

your contract for what you're specifically dealing with, maybe your

client is late with their payments and you don't have a way to get through that,

you don't have a way to deal with that and you do but it's not

included in your contract, that's when you might have to take that contract

into the courtroom and that's where things can get a little bit dicey and

again, I'm not a lawyer, I don't have any legal history at all but what I do know

is what is in black-and-white print on paper is the only thing you have to work

out in court unless you have evidence otherwise. Meaning that if you had an

addendum to your contract, it needs to be in a typed printable or emailed fashion

you know, something that you can show to the judge. If you have a vocal contract

in order for that to be valid in court, it needs to be recorded and you need to

have proof of that that the courtroom is all about proof. You don't need a lawyer

for a contract, you don't need a lawyer even in court even though you know, you

might want to have one again, I can't offer legal advice but you can represent

yourself and you don't need a lawyer for your contract to be completed either, you

don't need one to compose it, you don't need one to complete it, you just need to

have your contract elements in place, those contract elements include contact

information for both you and the person that you're in contracted and if you're

in contract with more than two people, have everyone on there. Everyone gets to

be included and be aware of this too, if your contract is between you and another

person and that other person has a spouse unless that spouse is named in

the contract, the contract does not include the spouse so this is just

between you and that other person, whoever is specifically named in the

contract. If it's a business, it's just you or your business and that of the

business entity so you've got to have all your parties information, you've got

to have all of the terms outlined and you'll learn over time what makes a good

contract and what your business needs. You may find like me, on my contract

seriously for my photography business used to be a half sheet of paper until I

started getting burned here and there and not in a bad way, I just started

learning things. I learned that you know, my clients would take my photography and

add different filters on it and so I was like oh my gosh,

that is so like not, I can't put my name on that cause it's not mine anymore and the

filter does not look great so I added an addendum to my contracts from that point

forward that said no filters and then I had to say no cropping and then I

finally just said cannot alter or filter or crop in any way shape or form. I

finally learned my lesson and put that in there and then I learned over time

about what it meant to have travel expenses covered and what I meant to

have food expenses covered and what I meant to have all those things covered

so guys, Google is your best friend here. When you're developing your contract, we

went from lawyer to Google right like I don't need a lawyer. No you just need to

google so go to Google, find contracts that are relevant to your business and

relevant to what you do, read through my and I mean line by line, you've got to

put on your oracle hat for a minute and just read through everything line by

line by line by line by line if you're using it in your contract and then you

make sure that you've got all of that lined up, it all fits your business,

it all works for you, it all works for your client, you have your exit

strategies covered and then you're good to go. If you need to bring a lawyer into

it, it probably won't be until a later date and my guess is that you could

mediate or the client before it got to that point but you don't need a lawyer

to make a contract, all you need is all the information written, spelled out,

black and white. Are you surprised? Like it's really not that hard you know and

you might be surprised on how much you can do on your business on your own and

how simple it easy it is in every arena so leave a comment below, I'd love to

hear back from you on what you're doing in your business that you find success

in and that you find joy in and why you stepped into entrepreneurship, that's the

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