18 Candles of Chelsy's 18th Birthday

hi Chelsea thank you for being the best

Lola I never wished for but you're still

here and I'm glad I met you thank you

also for me for choosing me as the first

of all among all of them that means I'm

your favorite oh yeah thank you for

everything and our friendship and for

the family bonding we had numerous year

yeah I'm so glad I got to be your friend

and I just want to say that I wish you

all the beauty and the beast'

of life Thank You Julia Chelsea hi


first of all I want to say happy

birthday this is my first there boo so

I'm kind of nervous but I just wanted to

say that for us

I just wanted to say that I'm really

thankful for our first year together

this year you in particular along with

the others you really made my first year

really special and really thank you for

being my pair if you knew you could mop

and Michael for the fair it was really

memorable because it was my first high

school fair too I really wanted to say

thank you as well for being like super

supportive and being like Jillian said

the Lala we never knew we never really

anticipated to have your really fun to

be with and a good luck with your 18

years and more years to come for you

thank you thank you so very much sir

hi Chelsea so first of all happy

birthday also okay so I first met you in

first year yes pre glow-up so great I

remember I met you because I first off

you because you were like oh hi I'm

Chelsea and I like anime so thank God

for anime

no but for you I think thank God that I

have been given a friend who is caring

smart talented and very beautiful

and is the best player and the only Lola

from school that I know so happy

birthday Chelsea I wish you nothing but

the best love you okay

hi Chelsea so first of all happy

legality enjoy legality and second thank

you thank you that I like you're one of

the closest most beautiful talented

sweet people that I've ever known you're

also like incredibly loyal and

passionate about your dreams so I'm

thankful that we got the meet in first

year and you're closer because of

fashion and you know us Kit Kat said


you know I'm just glad that 5ft was also

foreign and that I got to meet you and I

was also especially glad when we're

classmates last year so thank you for

that my wish for you is that you'll have

a happy long successful life and I hope

to see you as one of the most well known

fashion designers so yeah happy legality

hi just happy birthday um I can't

clearly remember when you introduced

yourself to the whole cast years ago you

said that you loved fashion and all that

and like the first thing that came to my


oMG I need to talk to that person and I

did had they not went up to you and said

your name is Chelsea right I wouldn't

have met one of the most important

people of my life thank you for every

single thing you've done for our

friendship and their ups and downs

you've always been there all I wanted

for your birthday and for the years to

come is that you pursue your dreams

because to be honest your dreams are my

dreams too I love you so much

Chelsea and God bless Wow so first the

foremost happy birthday Charles I'm so

glad and so honored to be here tonight

to celebrate with you I don't think one

man can actually cover everything that I

want to say and I just want you to know

that I am so so happy to be here oh gee

Fred I remember no first year I wanted

to be your friend so bad but I think you

got a little scared of me because I was

so eager but I think the reason why

we're all drawn to you is because you're

so kind and you're so loving and I know

that were in our senior year and it

little crazy it's a little bit hectic

but no matter where we end up in next

year with a good tip on them back VGC

respond yeah I will I will always be

here for you and I love you very much

happy birthday


okay so unlike all the other people are

the first few batch I only met Chelsea

last year and that's like crazy to think

how close we've become and how many

things we've already shared with each


um one of my favorite moments with you

is during my birthday actually where you

opened up to me and I actually didn't

know that you were going through the

same things I was going through before

and that made me really happy and I

thought because first I thought you were

this like perfect person and like you

had your life together but then you know

we're all here but and stuff and

something I wish for you is that I hope

you get into the CSB so we can be

college buddies together I hope that and

I love you so much

like I love you so much together I don't

yeah thank you very much to be on a team

tonight it's amazing to see how time

flies a year ago we were just from your

classmates after month we became tutor

mates and now we're like sisters from

another mother

I can't imagine life without you and I'm

so thankful that God gave me you may

give you all your heart's desires

because you deserve it

more than you know it spread your wings

and soar high open your eyes and look

beyond elevate your imagination and rise

above because today is the beginning of

all your wonderful achievements I love

you so much

happy birthday once again

oh my god hi Chelsea

so I didn't really have anything

prepared but I made an acrostic poem for

you while creative writing right so c is

for cherish because that's what you

always do to your friends and loved ones

H is for happiness because you always

given ease for expedition because it's a


Alice for love because you deserve more

S is for suspenseful because you never

know what's gonna happen and why is

young because you'll always look as

beautiful and young as forever I love

you she loves you

hi Chelsea first of all I want to say

thank you and happy birthday of course

thank you for our friendship and even

though we just met last year I want to

say that I missed you so much as a

seatmate and that's a classmate and even

though we used to joke about how I hate

you and how you hate me and how you used

to bully each other I actually care

about you a lot and I wish that you

continue to be as passionate and

beautiful as you are when I first met

you and success in all your life and

whether you what went with whatever you

do whether it is music or fashion thank

you so I Chelsea everyone's like saying

everyone's saying like there's special

relationship so like I met you when you

were born frogs yeah because like I'm

older so like hi Chelsea

first of all happy birthday in case you

forget we're caught it's sad so as your

cousin you know I've been your friend

your enemy and everything in between

but not limited limited to editor mcdo

order and sleepover but she likes a lot

though a lot like it's a problem and you

know no matter no matter what happens

I've always got your back right what I

wish for you is that you make good

choices and as your nagi older cousin I

just want you to enjoy life and be

successful love you

hi happy birthday yeah um you know

trying I was actually up at 3 a.m.

trying to write you you know a speech

but I couldn't really find you know what

to say or like what to even start with

you know I used to you know like you

know like sometimes I joke to my friends

that when I was a kid I was closer to

the door then to you they had their in

queer Christian because you'd always

close it in my face to have fun and lock

me out because I because I was off

because you know I'm the youngest and

all that but you know seeing you guys

you know have fun and they played

together made me happy because why

should I like why should I be there

through winging it when you guys are

better off without me

you know know that like you're an adult

and you know I'm still 13 you know I you

think I wish that you know as you enter

this new phase of your life

the sauna you realize now this entire

time I've always been here cheering for

you and supporting you in sauna you

won't forget me hi I miss you

happy birthday Chelsea mastery theater

I've witness your perseverance and all

the tasks given to you especially after

all the preparations for the college

entrance exams together with our cards

group works and extracurricular

activities thank you for cooperating I'm

amazed that you know your priorities and

you still manage to focus I know you did

your best and I will always be proud of

you I hope this year you will have a lot

of opportunities study harder and reach

for all of your dreams stay pretty happy

and strong okay you know I will always

be there for you as you're a teacher and

friend I'm just a chat away you know

that love you so much have everything

again hello dear for everyone to know I

stand as the mother figure to Chelsea in

school and to the others at the back

guys I didn't really prepare for this

because I wanted to live in the moment

and I wanted to see how beautiful you

are today and to know that you're

already achieving one of your dreams in

life because I remember when we were

first year you said that this was your

dream I'm happy to see that you're doing

everything and you're achieving I

started shining at every time that I see

you and now you're performing in school

from once you were just my grade 9

student and you're as new student I

didn't believe that you know you were

able to do such things but now I'm so

surprised and I'm such I'm a very proud

mother of you and I want to cry but for

you I'll stay strong so I love you so

much and happy birthday my dear but it's

over okay happy birthday Chelsey um I'm

gonna keep this short but meaningful

you're one of the people in the class

that I'm glad they became friends with I

say you're very approachable and you

laugh at my corny jokes good you're

genuinely a nice person and I hope that

being 18 will mold you into the person

that you want to be in the future I hope

that you will continue to be inspired by

the people you love and I also hope that

God may bless your life with more

blessings as he guides you towards your

journey I love you Chelsey and happy

birthday again

thank you Berta hi Chelsea so you know

when I first met you you were Chelsea

who likes anime tells you likes fashion

and Chelsea from SP CP but now do me

you're Chelsea the fashion designer

chelsey the artist chelsea the singer

chelsea the musician chelsea the

extremely talented girl and so many more

words and phrases that i can describe

you with but would take an entire

lifetime to say out loud you have grown

so much since the day we met and i

really can't wait to see what the future

holds for you i wish but i have no doubt

that you will still continue to be the

beautiful and strong woman that you are

today throughout the next few years

Thank You Chelsea today's the day when

someone subtle girl turns into a young

woman now today is the day when you

realize you can go to jail we've only

known each other this year but the span

of four months has helped me know more

about you you like to sing you're good

in singing you love that anime egg thing

called gudetama you love dogs especially

Hachiko and most of all you want to be a

fashion designer I wish that as you grow

older as you grow older you will have

the confidence in showing your because I

truly believe you will be able you won't

be able to be a fashion designer one

thing I hope that you also don't forget

to always Center God in every situation

you face whether it may be good or bad

the happy birthday happy birthday

Chelsea I hope that you have a great day

today because you deserve it I love you

I think everyone has already covered all

of your talents already they said that

you're a singer musician and then you

can do all of these fashions but let me

share to them what I know about you from

18 years of experience firsthand when

mom and dad told me I'm gonna have a


I wanted a brother but inside I've got a

sister and to me it was the greatest

unexpected gift I've ever asked for

let me tell you why through all those

years I know we started off as sibling

rivals that we've always wanted to gain

for attention for a mom and dad to get

this and get that but I never thought

that I'd have a best friend at home as


and I'm so happy that I've seen you

growing up so such a beautiful young

lady who's so talented with so many

friends 150 guests and they're they're

so they're so

they're so wonderful and there's I wish

they could see all of the beautiful

things that you've done and I'm so

thankful that you have been my sister

even share to me all of your secrets all

of the things that you want to tell me

and I'm always there to guide you as

your brother and so with that happy

birthday and I hope you have a great day