Essay for Dedication Book

this lesson will give you some reminders

to help you as you create your

persuasive essay for your dedication

book first let's think about general

essay structure an essay begins with an

introduction it is followed by some

supporting paragraphs and ends with a

conclusion paragraph in the outline I'm

showing here there are three supporting

paragraphs which is considered to be the

minimum more are certainly acceptable

now let's take a closer look at that

introduction introductions have three

parts a hook which gets the reader's

attention a transition which kind of

connects the hook to the thesis and

allows the reader to move easily from

one idea to the other and then the

thesis sentence the one sentence that

states what you are trying to prove in

your essay take a moment with this slide

if you need to review some of the

details about how to achieve a hook a

transition and a thesis sentence here's

an example introduction for a persuasive

essay for a dedication book what has ten

legs an enlarged heart and the ability

to bend time if you are thinking the

answer is a monster you are wrong I am

actually talking about my mother of

course my mom is the greatest woman any

boy could ever know

notice the parts of this introduction

there is a hook which asks the question

a kind of startling question so it

incorporates a number of the types of

hooks we've talked about then there's

the transition Wow when I first heard

that question I was thinking of

something monstrous but actually this

essay is about my mother and then comes

the thesis my mom is the greatest woman

any boy could ever know that one

sentence gives the topic of my essay my

mom and my opinion about her that she's

the greatest any boy could ever know

after the introduction come body

paragraphs each body paragraph should

begin with a topic sentence that states

one reason why the thesis is true the

rest of the paragraph should provide

specific detailed examples and then it

ends with a concluding sentence don't

forget to use transition words and

phrases to help move your reader through

the paragraph and again you're writing

three to five body paragraphs to make up

the body of your essay let's look at an

example body paragraph this paragraph

connects with the introduction that I

showed you a couple of slides back we

know it's not the first body paragraph

though because we know what it starts

with the transition word another so this

must be the second or third body

paragraph in that essay let's check it


another reason my mom is so wonderfully

fantastic is that even though she has a

full-time job she somehow manages to

make time for everyone in my family she

spends hours with me each week driving

me to baseball practice cheering me on

during my games and helping me with my

math homework in addition she makes time

for each of my siblings supporting my

older sister and her gymnastics and my

younger brother at whatever it is

three-year-olds spend their time doing

she even reads him the same dr. Seuss

book two or three times every night and

she never seems like she is in a hurry

when she does it

finally after we kids are in bed each

night she and my dad play cards it is

amazing to me how much my mom man is

just to fit into each week of her life

notice the transition words and phrases

in this paragraph another in addition

finally also notice the details she

supports my older sister in her

gymnastics not just in addition she

supports my older sister or here are the

three things she does to spend hours

with me each week not just she spends

hours with me each week remember to give

as much detail as you

in your body paragraphs after the body

paragraphs are finished comes a

conclusion remember this is where you

restate your thesis make your topic

relevant for your reader and end with a

clincher that makes your essay sound

finished here's an example conclusion

that ties back to the introduction used

in this presentation notice it too

begins with a transition phrase as you

can see my mother is an unbelievably

fabulous woman that's the restatement of

the thesis I mean your mom might be

pretty great now but I guarantee my mom

can and would make any child feel like

the luckiest kid on earth that's the

part where you make the topic relevant

to your reader and then here comes the

clincher even if she does sound like a

monster that ties back to the hook to

the opening riddle of this essay I'd

like you to take a look at another

example essay pause the movie here

heading to Moodle and open all three

pages of the example essay that is

written for a dedication book there are

PDF files that you'll find there as you

read look for all the parts that we've

been reviewing in introduction body

paragraphs specific details transitions

and a conclusion after you have read the

entire essay come back and restart the

movie where you left off okay as you

read through here's what I hope you

noticed the introduction had a hook

started with some startling unexpected

words for an essay of this type then

there was the transition helping the

reader move from this idea of maternity

clothes - oh we're talking about

teachers here and then the thesis which

narrows it right down to a specific

teacher uses a metaphor and lets us know

that the person writing this essay felt

very lucky to have MS startin as a


next up were the body paragraphs each

one of them provided a reason for why

mrs. darn was such an inspiration to

this student you could see very specific

examples in each of these body

paragraphs finally came the conclusion

the thesis was restated and it ended

with a clincher a clincher that tied

back to those openings startling

unexpected words at this point I hope

you feel ready to write your own

persuasive essay for your dedication

book remember to organize your writing

can't say it enough support your ideas

with numerous specific details include

transition words and phrases to guide

your reader and for this essay you're

going to read in a mostly formal voice

still looking for no slang no

contractions no stage directions but in

this instance it is acceptable to write

in first-person this is a persuasive

essay but it's a personal persuasive

essay and I would expect you to use

examples and thoughts from your own life

in it when your essay is finished

remember to bring it to me and we'll sit

down and review it together