Format a Donation Request Letter

how to format a donation request letter

a donation letter is a formal written

request for donations from individuals

companies or organizations this letter

provides the potential donor with

information about the requesting

organization and details about the

project for which a donation is being

sought you need to make the format and

content of the letter as appealing as

possible to solicit the donations your

organization needs formatting the letter

start with the organization's name and

address at the top left hand corner

place your organisation's name if you

aren't already using letterhead

underneath the name and your

organization's address it's also good to

have a phone number and email for people

to contact you

add the date skip a line below the top

address in that space add the date you

should write the month followed by the

date a comma and the year spell out the

name of the month

I had the customers address skip a line

between the date and this part next you

put the name of the person you are

sending the letter to underneath that

add the person's address below that add

the phone number and email

create the greeting skip another line if

you know the gender of the person you

are sending the letter to it's best to

use miss missus or mister you can use MS

if you are not sure if a woman is

married or not if you're not sure about

the gender of the person just leave off

the honorific that mr. or mrs. either

way begin with deer for instance you

could write dear mr. Smith

dear mrs. Jane George or deer Pat gray

for instance you could write dear mr.


dear mrs. Jane George or deer Pat gray

start the body of the text next you will

have the body of the text often business

letters are not indented meaning the

beginning of a paragraph doesn't have an

indention and you put a line between

each paragraph however you can also

indent if you prefer in which case you

don't need lines between the paragraphs

though you can add them if you like the


pick a closing skip a line choose how

formal or informal you want to be

usually you make this choice based on

how your organization represents itself

if you tend to be more informal in your

outreach you can use take care or all

the best to close the letter for a more

formal closing try it sincerely

sign the letter leave a few lines blank

below the closing where you will sign

the letter below that add your name and

your title below that put your

organisation's name