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hi everyone this is your

big card reading for how do you they

feel about you so we're gonna have a

look and see what's coming through so we

have these

three very very beautiful groups so

take your pick as to which one you're

feeling most drawn to whether it's the

blue heron the tiger or the polar bear

and then i'm also going to be using

tarot cards as well

which i'm going to be shuffling as we do

the reading

and then also a romance angel oracle

card as well

and um yeah some i think we're gonna

also use some charms

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below alright so first of all we're

going to start with group number one

which is the blue

heron and this absolutely stunning blue


alright so i'm just going to move these

other two groups

to the side and we shall begin

all right so let's see

all right group number one how do they

feel about you you have chosen

this group which is the blue heron with

the stunning

blue crystal i mean let's just look at

that crystal right

so it's so beautiful um so so wonderful

so let's have a look all right so

blue heron i'm going to read this so it

says here and make a stand for what you

believe in and do what feels right in

spite of any judgment or disapproval


others and so this person really feels

that you stand up for yourself you do

the absolute best you can for you

you're always willing to put others in

front of you you're always looking out

for others

you're always also looking out for

yourself as well and your emotions and

your feelings

um so this person i think really does


that you are a strong person you know

that you go after what you

what you need as well um you know herons

love to

go after um just about anything but

mainly fishes as well and you know um

usually in

the summer um they go after my coys

which is not fun but you know they they

go after what they

what they need and that you know it's

sort of like a survival thing as well so

i definitely do feel here very very


by the way if you can hear that noise

it's because someone's in the kitchen so

it's just that it's just so happened

with timing

um but it definitely does showcase here

that you stand up for yourself and you

will always do what you feel is

like super super um you know necessary

so that's the blue heron card

let's uh shuffle for a romance angel

oracle because i feel like we should

let me just grab them

okay let's see how do they feel about

you this is

the deck oh it came out straight away

very soon okay so message here is quite


clearly decide what you want so that it

comes to you now like you are someone

that that definitely decides what you


how you you know want things how you

want to be treated i think that's really

important here

and they really respect that about you

and i think because they know just how

strong you are

how you make your decisions how you live

your life they feel like you're a strong

willed person and trust me when i say

when people often think about sort of

coming into your life or perhaps coming

back into your life

um they they like that energy

so there's an energy here very very soon

um some of you could be in separation

or you could be waiting for something to

happen for your connection to be

elevated or

you know go to the next level so i

definitely feel here there's an energy

very soon

um where things could come together

which is quite nice

okay so yeah those are the messages

there all right so let's have a look and


with tarot what messages we have how do

they feel about you

what messages do we have there i do

apologize about the noise

in the background it's the whistle of

the cooker

okay so seven of wands

justice like you're waiting for

something to be resolved here um

this person feels that you're very very

balanced okay you're very balanced

you try and solve problems you're a

problem solver you'll put

you'll put aside your ego and pride

for the betterment of others and they

know that okay because the seven of

wands here

quite frankly shows that so it

definitely shows here

that they will always try and do the

best that they can

seven of ones also

seven of wands well you know i do feel

that this seven of wands

is quite a strong energy in regards to

you just being a strong person right

you're someone that can get through

obstacles and challenges

you're someone that you know even if you

don't feel this way you are strong

i just want to say that so that's how

they see you again we saw that with the

blue heron as well

queen of pentacles you're always putting


and others you know needs

well you put yourself first and you also

put others needs and others

um energies as well in front of yours

so you're someone that's you know strong

and confident you know what you want you


you know how you want to be treated as

well but i definitely feel here that you


there is this energy of really just

really liking this person

this person liking you back but also

having some sort of challenges sometimes

towards you as well because

it's almost like you know what you want

and somewhere deep down i feel like they


perhaps not be as sure but i definitely

feel like the more strong the more

confident you come off the more radiant

you come off

especially with the sun card the more

sure they are that they want you

and to be honest i will say this right a

person shouldn't just like you for your

strong moments or for how you

are living your best life they should

like you for

every other aspect of you as well and i

think that's really important

you know that sort of phrase when like

someone's really desperate for someone

and they just can't live without that

person they need that person in their

life and so many people get really

turned off by that because they think oh

that's yeah you know it's not nice but


i think it just goes to show how someone

actually really does care about you

and so you know oftentimes people don't

like that they get turned off by it you

know exes

run in the opposite direction they're

like no you're that desperation the

minute they start seeing that person

just live their best life they return i

just think to myself really

like really it's it's not nice right

because that person really loved you

cared about you in that moment and then

you you returned to that person

just when they're living their best life

you're you know you're doing that person

when they're

crying over you i just think wow isn't

that interesting like i personally

you know would feel so bad towards

someone who's like crying over me

but then i guess you know that's the

difference between ego and empathy

so i do feel here there's a sense of you

just being very

you know you have a lot of empathy

towards someone this person can be

someone that has a lot of ego or pride


especially you know in regards to this

like they could have some um

childhood issues that lead them to have

a lot of ego pride and

trauma you know it's just one of those

things so

how do they feel about you you just got

a bunch of cards that came out okay

so two of cups this person really does

like you all right this person i feel

like deep down this person loves you

because you've also got ten of

cups as well okay four of cups here as


it does go to show here that they can

have some ego and some sort of

pride which is also coming through

you've got the three of ones

which you can't really see there but

let's put it there and three of wands

this energy here is about waiting okay

so if you've really been waiting there

is this energy of like very soon things

coming together

we've got the eight of swords which

shows here that they sometimes they feel

very trapped like they don't know which

way to go in they don't know which

decision to you know necessarily make

they don't know

what's right and what's wrong which oh

that's you know

kind of sucks but hey at least they're


three of swords they're definitely

feeling the extent of this heart ache or


and they're understanding much more of

what they've done wrong um that's

definitely coming through

the eight of pentacles which is

definitely quite strong energy in

regards to

you know them trying to put in a little

bit more effort a little bit more work

um so for those of you that perhaps this

person has ghosted you they're thinking

about okay well you know maybe i should

come forward and actually not ignore you

you should come forward with that cup

and give you a message

or you know tell you something so

definitely feeling this heartbreak like

this is how they feel about you

so you've got the three of swords which

is definitely them feeling under the


feeling trapped you know feeling like

they you know in time they'll come to


which seems to be very very soon um

i have a feeling this person has seen

that you're doing well which is also why

i feel like they're coming towards you a

little bit like how i described before

so i know it kind of sucks though

doesn't it

it kind of sucks that people often times

want people in their best but they don't

want to support

necessarily people in their worst like i

feel you're the kind of person that

would support someone regardless if you

love them

but some people they they just want to

support people in there in their best i

just feel like oh

anyways six of swords

ace of pentacles

yeah six of swords here is a really

strong energy of

um emotionally trying to get themselves

to a better place the ace of pentacles

here shows they want to

at least reach out or work things out

with you you might be even hoping for a

higher level of commitment here

all right which i am seeing as well

because you've got the ace of pentacles

with the queen of pentacles and you've

also got very soon as well

and so you could get a higher level of

commitment um in this particular

connection which could be quite exciting

um especially with the ten of cups as

well um you've definitely got that


right there especially with the two of

cups as well it's this energy of like

everything coming together

um just feeling really you know

confident really strong


having you know a sense of joy enjoyment

um in regards to everything

so that is what we have right there

hmm yeah so that's what we've got

for you group number one and so this is

how they feel

about you um and feel towards you i mean

the sun also does show that

they feel like you're really like

humorous fun you know good person

and that's quite lovely to see as well

alright so that's what we've got

there so i'm gonna take away

the cards

all right so group number two how do

they feel about you so

the main card we have here is the

tiger i was going to use charms and i

actually didn't use charms in the group

number one reading

um which is so typical i feel like i

just kind of forgot

um so we'll see as we get through the

reading sometimes it's just you know

very like

you know sometimes i feel like it

sometimes it doesn't really work out

maybe in this group we will use charms

okay so let's have a look okay so you've

got here the tiger

it says you've been called upon to

provide leadership so trust that you're

capable of doing so

um this person really does feel like

you're a leader you

you're ahead of the game you know what

you want you understand yourself you

understand your heart

because you've picked this beautiful

green um

crystal which is known to be resembling

the heart

chakra all right so i i really do feel

here that there's a really strong energy


um being connected to yourself

and and just being really strong you

know when you think of a tiger you think

of strong

you know leadership qualities as well so

i think that that's definitely something

that's coming through they just feel

that you're really strong

and that you understand yourself and you

understand love and

yeah that's how they see you they just

feel that you understand your emotions

and your feelings as well

so i'm just shuffling for a angel or


the romance ninja oracle card


finances and career well there you go i

had a feeling um so there's something in

regards to finances

and career here it says here finance uh

financial issues are a factor in your

love life right now

sometimes when we are focusing so much

on love

um and either we feel upset about it or

sad about it

or happy about it it actually affects

our finances as well believe it or not

and the better we feel in terms of love

and emotion

the better our finances can be believe

it or not again energy really does

dictate things

so i feel here with the finances and

career card

there's just this really strong potent

powerful energy

here of you know the financial um

situations financial issues

um perhaps you know you're thinking

about finances perhaps this person's

worried about their finances

but i definitely feel here that you're

sort of coming across as a sort of


kind of energy like you know where you

want to be you're good at managing your


you understand yourself perhaps this

person's a little bit more immature

um but if this person is quite strong in

terms of that there's definitely

something here that's hindering them

back in terms of their career

and and their finances so it's just

something to be aware of like this

person does feel that you're much

stronger in those areas even if you are


okay um they just feel that way they

feel like you know what you're doing

they feel like you've got your life


they feel like you know what you want

for the future um and they feel like

they don't okay

so it's just something to put in in

place is that they feel a little bit


um which you know is a bit sad to be

honest but that's the energy that we're

seeing there

okay so let's go with the tarot cards

and see what's coming through the wheel

of fortune yeah

again you've got strong like career


money energy they feel like you've just

got everything together

they don't sometimes feel like they've

got everything together even if they

appear like they do they don't

wheel of fortune is jupiter energy meal

of fortune is to do with careers to do

with finances

it's to do with luck and prosperity and

also the future

okay they feel like you think about your

future they don't know what they want

for the future sometimes

okay seven of swords yeah like sometimes

i feel like they say one thing and do


okay and they might reflect this upon

you you might feel like you're doing

everything wrong here

or you might feel like you're not good

enough but actually it's how they

reflect their own issues and challenges

in the connection as well like you might

just feel like you're doing everything

wrong but actually they are the ones

that have so many issues and challenges


eight of swords

okay of cups

so you got the king of cups here this

person really does feel that

it's it's almost like they think that

you're too good for them

which i know sucks like that's just

equally like sometimes that's just

heartbreaking isn't it it's like really

sometimes you're not good enough

sometimes you're too good like too good

feels worse i will

i mean both feel you know not so nice

but feeling

too good for someone is honestly like

horrible as well

you know it's that energy of like really

like really out of everything that

you know so the seven of swords here

really does show that it's almost like

they they feel one thing then they feel


eight of swords shows that they feel

trapped um towards this situation


and the king of cups shows that they

just feel like you

you understand yourself you know

yourself you know what you want you

understand your emotions

right you understand your heart you know

where you want to be you know what you


and they don't feel that they they know

what they want they know what they're


you know so it creates that sort of

imbalance should i say

and that to you a lot of it right you

got the devil


okay just got the three of pentacles

so double here shows attachment okay

they feel like you're really quite

attached to this situation

um attachment can also create a lot of

energy as well remember i

spoke about that with finances and

careers sometimes when we're so fixated

on our love life it can affect our

finances our career our goals our


and very similar actually when you're

really kind of fixated on someone

um that it can also affect the energies

with that connection it can make things

move much slowly

the more detached you are also

emotionally the more things can actually

progress a little bit quicker and faster

believe it or not

it can happen so this person does feel

that you're quite attached to them

and they that makes them also feel like

they're sort of you know feeling stuck

in some ways and they can't really move

forward with the situation and the

connection so

again there's you know there's that

energy here i definitely feel like


and they feel this as well that you're

perhaps you know really

maybe perhaps even dependent on them um

in regards to sort of love and energy


things like that and perhaps you've told

them the love is there also shows here

this energy of you know they they know

i think that you have these feelings

towards them and the love is really does


um that energy quite significantly i


you've also got here the three of

pentacles right and that's a

again a career energy as well it's also

an energy of teamwork and collaboration

they feel like you know the

communication was good

there have been some good things between

the two of you um

i feel like this is someone that you

have met okay some of you might be sort

of asking in regards to a crush

this is someone that you've met so

perhaps um

it's important for me to mention that um

yeah three of pentacles is definitely

this energy of teamwork and

collaboration like they feel like they

really need to be

sort of on point you know to make things

work like they feel like you want to

make things but they're not sure where

they are

um in regards to energies queen of cups

definitely a really strong energy here

in regards to

their emotions and their feelings


i feel like they put a lid on their

emotions okay i see you more as the king

of cups

yeah a high vibrational energy of you

know just being able to sort of

be on a bed of rocky water being able to

overcome any obstacles and challenges

whereas they put a lid on their emotions

and they try not to really show them

but still have a lot of vulnerability

and actually can be extremely extremely


delicate inside even if they have ego

even if they have pride

there's definitely a lot of that

vulnerability there

four of swords here definitely shows

that they feel like you're peaceful

you're calm you understand yourself

um but more so that you know yourself

you know you're fierce and you're strong

and you're

um you're fearless and the king of

swords here really shows

strong energy here of um

loyalty shows a strong energy of you

know the ability to get through things

and to move through things as much as

possible they feel that you're very very


but you have got here two counterparts

as well i really do believe actually


with the lovers they they really do have

a lot of strong feelings towards you but

at the same time i do really feel as


that they try to do as much as they can


but they also feel trapped within

themselves and they feel trapped in

regards to the future

the hierophant energy as well it's

tourist energy you know so there is this

energy of them

sometimes being quite stubborn towards

the long-term um sort of goal

and the hierophant here is definitely

this energy of like sort of stability


but also again being quite stubborn

which is you know quite a

strong energy

in that sense so how do they feel about

you in general they feel like they're

not good enough like that's one thing i

do want to mention is that they don't

feel good enough

it's going to take some time for this

person to really get themselves that

sort of

energy of you they they put you on a

pedestal it's very very obvious here

that they do that

they feel that you've got you know a

bright future ahead of you they feel

like you know what you're doing you

they feel like you know you're doing the

right thing you know you're sleeping


even if you're not they feel like you're

sleeping well you're taking care of


um they do feel that somehow sometimes

you're very attached to them um

and they also do feel that you're a good

person you know that you're loving

you're kind you're respectful you have


you have your own goals and that you're

flourishing you know as

someone that sort of has this sort of

tiger like energy

okay so that is what i'm seeing um in

regards to

this reading so yeah group number two

um i know we mentioned some charms but i

i think we're going to leave that for

another reading in all honesty

but um yeah this is how they feel

towards you so let me know if this

resonates in the comment section below

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do take care all right so let's put this

right there

all right group number


three this is your reading for how do

they feel about you

so let's see you picked the polar bear

i'm also going to be using tarot i'm

going to be using the romance angel

oracle cards and

i know at the beginning of the reading i

mentioned charms but i think we're going

to leave the charms for

another reading just feel really drawn

to the cards today

so we've got polar bear stand up for

yourself and speak your truth

respectfully and compassionately

with no attachment to outcome oh

gosh i really love this energy i think

it's so important

sometimes you know we speak because we

want an outcome and i think that in life

what's really important is that we speak


respectfully compassionately and truth

is also our personal truth like what

you know what we really deserve and what

we want and when we have that sort of um

energy of no attachment to the outcome i

think it's so powerful isn't it because

a lot of the times we speak because we

we desire a specific outcome

we desire um we so have so much

attachment to something that we have


of what it should be like and then

because we have expectations we mold

what we want to say

we mold what we feel to that particular

expectations i just think that this is

such a strong energy

whoa it's amazing okay so how do they

feel about you

well you know i definitely feel here

that they

this person can be emotionally detached

all right and how they feel towards you

is that

you know i do feel like sometimes they

really just speak their truth they speak

you know how they feel

and you might be quite you know attached

to this person

so that to me i feel like you are

attached to this person they are much

more detached

and so when you speak towards this

person or you have feelings towards this

person it's because of

an expectation it's because of that

attachment emotional attachment that you


whereas when they speak and they do

things it's because

they just you know speak their truth and

they are not as attached they're more


right so that's what i'm seeing there

it's really interesting actually i think

this is something

to really live by it's a little bit like

a career you know if we have so many


out of our career and we expect to be at

this place by this time in our career

or we have you know all these

expectations it just

you know makes us sometimes do things

very differently than if we're just you

know going with the flow and just seeing


every day is so yeah it's definitely

that energy here that i'm picking up on

okay romance angel oracle card passion

okay well it says here allow your heart

and soul to sing with

joy so i do feel here that this person

can be a little bit cold

okay i mean polar bear cold yes of

course um and you've also got here the

white crystal and to me this just

represents like snow

or um you know crystals like actual

crystals you know like the cold crystal

wow what a way to describe things um so


um so you know it seems to me like they

feel like you're really really

very warm and they feel sometimes that

they can be quite cold

yet all they're trying to do is be quite

truthful in regards to how they feel

so to me i feel like opposites here are

sort of attracting like you're quite


you have more of this attachment style

they have more of a detachment style

you're very very hot they're very cold

you know in terms of energy

and they feel like you know you really

have that sort of um energy towards them

passion towards them and they feel like

they just sort of speak their truth and

just feel things

as they go along okay so that's what i'm

seeing here

so let's have a look and see what tara

is bringing us

was that the king of pentacles i saw oh

no no it wasn't in mind

i swear i swear that looks like the king

of pentacles

it's a nine of cups

okay let's just go with these i'm just

gonna put those there

um so king of cups with a nine of cups

these are expectations all right they do

feel deep down that you have a lot of


of them you know you have expectations

of this and there's perhaps finance

career you know

be open towards me do you know they feel

like you have a lot of expectations and

they feel like it's really hard

sometimes to match all of those


so it's almost like they're playing

bingo or something um and that's how

they feel

um in regards to this you know they they

really feel that you have a lot of

expectations you know what you want and

that just confuses them sometimes

they feel like you're emotionally very

very attached and you

again you know what you want you know

what your heart wants you know what you

want to do

so they they feel that energy here like

you know you know what you want you know

what you want to do

and they feel that you've also got here

the seven of pentacles as well

all right so the seven of pentacles is

very important because it goes to show

um especially with the six of pentacles

as well because that's um progression

from six to seven

that they feel that you're very balanced

all right that you give a lot and you do

a lot

um and you're always trying to help you

know as much as you can also people

around you

so they reflect upon your really good

qualities all right they don't just run


from your good qualities they they like

your good qualities they think about

your good qualities

a lot and they are very very progressive

towards that as well

we've also got here the hanged man with


knight of cups

five of cups with the emperor

four of swords

well the fact that i swear i saw that

king of pentacles right

definitely does go to show here that

they do feel that you're

very strong you you know you have an

upper hand you understand yourself you

know yourself a lot better

you know this person just tries to live

every day i feel as

it comes they try and just you know wing

it essentially

okay you've got five the six and the

seven of pentacles they're there

and there um how do they feel about you

they they sometimes let their detachment

get in the way of things

and sometimes they don't feel everything

okay so that's the five of cups here

they can focus on the negatives and they

can focus on all these expectations

but they forget to look at the positives


you know they do emperor

detachment sometimes this person doesn't

allow themselves to feel everything

they feel like you're really

hard-working you're very giving you're

very kind you're caring but you feel


and and um it's not a bad thing okay i

don't want you to feel like that's a bad

thing but they definitely feel like you

know you

you act upon your emotions you do

everything based on how you feel

and i feel like this person operates

from a completely different place

so sometimes we can't understand that

part of things

and perhaps in a relationship as well

that can be quite difficult

especially if you do things from a place

of emotion and they do things from a

place of detachment

and just sort of you know having no

expectations you know it's a little bit

um challenging it's a bit different

or difficult should i say and five of

cups definitely a really strong energy


okay well you know how they feel is that

they are overwhelmed by expectations

um and also the emperor here as well is

definitely a strong energy if they sort

of just again they just do things as and


the knight of cups here shows that you

know they do have feelings towards you

and they do feel that you're a great

person but again those expectations seem

to just mount up

um and also they feel like again you

operate from a place of emotion which by

the way i just want to say i know i keep

saying that

it's not a bad thing okay don't let that

get to you we don't want to be like

cold-hearted or anything like that okay

i'm not saying this person is

cold-hearted but like we don't want to

get to that point you know

um the hangman here shows that they feel

that you're quite spiritual

and they also feel that you think from a

you know you think from a really good

place and that you always have a good

perspective on things

five of pentacles here they do feel

quite lonely without you sometimes they

want to change the situation

because i do feel that some of you may

have been ghosted by this person you may

not have spoken to this person in a


they definitely do feel here like they

need to do something quite substantial

and they need to have conversations and

talk and things like that so

five of pentacles five of cups really

showing that energy quite strong

um page of cups here as well really

showing from the page to the knight to

the king um

it's showing that you know their

emotions grow quite slowly

over time but it also shows here that

you act a lot through your emotions so

they do feel that sometimes that can be

quite overwhelming but don't

see that as a bad thing okay just want

to say that and they also feel like you

know you're out there living your best

life doing your best

you know that you can and the four of

swords here really shows that they know

they they know that you know how to look

after yourself all right so they like


as well so in regards to their actual

feelings and how they think about you

this is what i'm seeing

um yeah

it's just you know it's that difference

where sometimes perhaps

you might be dealing with someone who's

emotionally quite unavailable as well um

which i'm seeing here so

you know that seems to be a difficult

topic in itself

um trust me i've done it and it's it's

not fun you know dealing with someone

who perhaps isn't very open

and you're trying to open them up and

they don't want to open up and then they

do open up and then

you know there's this whole like

constant push pull that tends to happen

and it's very very difficult but

this is what i'm seeing for you group

number three so if this resonates let me


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