80th Birthday card for a fashionable lady

hi Mary here I'd like to share with you

today this 80th birthday card I made for

a lady called ITER who loves fashion I

started off with an a4 sheet and folded

it in half and I cut the bottom off so

that it measured 6 by 8 or 15 by 25

centimeters approximately I then chose

some paper out of this card pack pick

this one also I cut a black layer out

that was slightly smaller than the card

base and then I cut the patterned paper

slightly smaller than the black I have

this mannequin die in my stash and I cut

it out twice our black card and layered

them together

the mannequins legs are very delicate

and that was the reason I chose to put

you together

I picked this gingham ribbon out of my

stash in pink and I'm going to use this

as a waistband around the mannequin I


oh I sparked called the mannequin up

with some spray Sparkle I have and two I

have this tool which is in pink and I'm

going to make a skirt out of this so

return the mannequin round to the back

and I glued one side on I then glued the

other side on to the back also

then I flipped it around to the front

and started to make some pleats gluing

as I went along quite fiddly

and I'm going to trim off all the excess

at the top but most of it will be

covered by the ribbon now we're going to

put the ribbon on and I secure it at the

back with some glue

and I'm going to trim off the bottom of

the skirt I cut it crooked to start with

so I'm trimming it to get it even to my

satisfaction there you go

and I want to trim a little bit more

then come happy with it now

these are my card pieces and the

mannequin I'm now going to cut out these

banner dies that I got from Aliexpress

they're layering dye so I'm going to cut

out the largest one and then the second

one down I'm going to work on the

smallest one and I'm going to emboss

this so I use my embossing powder

thingamabob whatever it's called and I

use an embossing pen I'm going to dot it

all over and then I'm going to use gold

embossing powder sprinkle it all over

the card

tidy up a bit

brush off any bits that shouldn't be


and put the rest back into the pot I'm

gonna get my heat tool now and set the

embossing powder making sure it's good

and hot before I start because that

helps with the card not warping so much

I'm now going some foam foam and cutting

it out with using both of the dies both

sizes I should say trimming off the

edges so that it doesn't show and I'm

going to glue them on to the largest one

and this one

now to the lady's name iter

I cut this out in the cricket I'd cut

quite a few layers and gluing them

together the first layer being gold and

I cut out a black layer also maybe as a

shadow but at this stage I didn't know

if I was going to use it or not

anyway now the card is all glued

together I used some foam foam between

the card base and the black and I'm just

gonna see where everything's gonna go I

cut I stamped and embossed the happy

birthday and the 80th and cut it out of

a banner die now going to use these

lovely flowers I have and I'm just

positioning them roughly where I think

they might go but as it happens I did

change it slightly they're in the same

place but not in the same positions

some of them are very small so I had to

use my tweezers to move them about

so at this stage I was sort of happy

with the layout I'm going to put some

pearls around the mannequins neck there

flat-backed self-adhesive pearls but I

like to use extra glue to stick them on

and they're in a lovely pink color

going to use some foam pads on the back

of the mannequin I actually I put extra

glue on there also just to make sure

it's not going to come off in the future

and now I'm going to start putting the

card together

I use wet glute gives you the

opportunity to move it round to make

sure you've got the right position and

now at this stage I've glued on the

flowers the mannequin the name and I'm

just putting some flat back pearls into

each corner use an extra blue again I

did use you can't really see it but I

did use the shadow ITER at the back of

her name just to make it stand out a

little bit more I'm now using a sparkle

pen to go over all the flowers

it really does finish them off

I was happy with the card and I thought

you look good and the dimension but then

I decided I just used this Sparkle PVA

glue and it dries clear so it just

leaves little dots of sparkle all over

the skirt and looks very effective

now I'm going to let that dry and do the

inside of the card and I do this on my

computer I cut it to size and I glue it

in and the last thing I do is put my

stamp on the back and the card is

finished thank you for watching