The Sad Notes That Florists Had To Write (r/AskReddit)

Florist subreddit what's the saddest

thing you've ever had to write on those

little message cards the florist I work

at prints the cards and we don't have to

handwrite them the sympathy cards are

always sad but the worst one I've read

was something along the lines of I'm so

sorry for the loss of your brother so

soon after the loss of your parents I

upgraded that arrangement a bit and I

know it wouldn't make the situation any

better but I wanted to make sure the

flowers they received were extra nice

the florist didn't write it my

grandfather did happy anniversary I'll

always love you

pet name it was delivered on their 40th

anniversary five months after he had

passed from colon cancer he had his son

my uncle get the card and he wrote it a

week before he passed my uncle then

saved it and sent it with the flowers my

grandfather had ordered for her we found

the card again when she passed away she

had kept it stashed in one of his old

cigar boxes with a stack of other love

notes he'd sent her through the years

most when he was overseas in World War

two my mom was a floral arrangement

specialist at Kroger a young woman came

in asking for lilies and rosebuds with

baby's breath my mom putted together for

her and asked what she wanted on the

card the woman replied to Lily the

breath of your baby shall forever bloom

in our hearts and yours

she told my mom her sister's daughter

died of SIDS the day before our

goalkeeper hung himself when he was 14

his father was one of the biggest

florists with several two shops all

around the city

I've never seen a grave like his since

it was practically a gun every card read

for my son I'm sorry and then finished

with another confession apparently he

had neglected him after his wife died

and tried to keep the business running

not necessarily sad but weird after my

dad's funeral we were looking at the

various arrangements and the cards a

rather lovely one came from my dad's old

boss nice except he supposedly had died

three four years earlier he went off the

grid nobody heard from him

eventually everyone in the business said

he died never did see him he should have

written on the card PS I know it isn't

really relevant to you anymore

but I am not dead a man paid for flowers

to be left at his wife's graveside once

a month always wrote I love and miss you

on it not the saddest thing to write but

just the idea of it he always called to

make sure we didn't forget to also

having to do the flower arrangements for

a friend I was just with the night

before imagine finding out they died

because someone was ordering flowers for

their parents I was a florist for about

five years and though I don't

specifically remember any of the card

messages my worst day was when a local 7

or 8 year old girl passed away after she

was thrown from a horse the neighborhood

she lived in was right across the street

from my shop and one day before the

funeral all the little girls friends

came in with their parents to pick

things out for the funeral it was

heart-wrenching with each of these

little girls and boys choosing flowers

and saying what they wanted on the card

I'll never forget it

different kind of sad I guess and the

card itself was actually fine just the

usual sappy little love note signed by

your secret admirer the guy came to one

of the shops and paid in cash when the

delivery came the girl at the door

panics and started crying

demanding to know who it was from our

drivers don't have that information but

stayed with her and tried to console her

while the main shop was cooled and

payment info was checked since he didn't

use a card

we couldn't have told her even in a

best-case scenario we had no info at all

she didn't want the flowers so the

driver brought them back eventually the

shop was contacted and asked to go

through their security camera footage

because the girl evidently had a

long-term stalker who she had moved to

get away from don't know the end of the

story unfortunately but I always was

relieved when the secret admirers I

dealt with paid with a credit card my

grandmother was a florist for many years

I used to go to the greenhouse with her

all the time and watch her make these

amazing flower arrangements one day I

was visiting and she's just got done

making a stunning bouquet with a small

card in the center the card read Erik

I'm sorry to have heard of your recent

tragedy you'll forever be missed by us


and out Eric was just getting married

the arrangement was from his drinking

buddies not a forest but this most

recent Memorial Day was the first one

without my grandpa it has been a family

tradition to all go to the cemetery and

lay flowers on the great-grandparents

graves in this was the first one where

grandpa would be joining that list the

flower selection at the store was pretty

picked over which is what happens when

he waits to buy flowers the morning of

but with my floral design skills I

picked up practicing arranging flowers

for my upcoming wedding I was confident

I could arrange something pretty for all

three headstones at the cemetery I am

arranging the various bookcase mom

grandma and the aunts are losing it with

grief until they noticed this little old

man two rows behind us he looked so sad

he was kneeling at a grave tearing up as

he tried to stick a rose in the little

flower jar often installed with a

headstone we learned that his wife of

sixty years died a few days before

Grandpa and that he wanted to keep the

roses he brought fresh looking and

watered he told us that he wasn't good

at that sort of thing and he doesn't

want to embarrass the memory of his wife

by having dead flowers on her grave he

didn't have any family in town and it

was getting harder for him to do things

his wife had been why he got up every

morning and he was afraid that when he

died no one would put flowers on her


we just couldn't let that happen not on

that day so the aunts and my grandma

talked to him about his wife while they

watched my mom and I created a fourth

little bundle of flowers to add to his

failing roses I recut the stems and hid

some of our flower food to the water and

created a pretty little bouquet for his

wife's headstone we promised that we

would look over his wife's grave too and

make sure that her flowers always looked

pretty now every Memorial Day we will

honor my great grandparents grandpa and

the woman to Rose over my shop used to

do funerals

we had the couple coming once and they

just did not seem all there taking the

order was very difficult but eventually

we got them sorted out with a nice

little spray blue arrangement for a

casket and some blue and white standing

arrangements turns out they had just

lost their four-year-old son and were

actually fresh in our shop from the

funeral home where they choose the


we got orders the rest of the week from

their friends and relatives with cards

like heartbroken for you and he was the

sweetest boy having seen them as they

went through it made every card hard to


we had a standing order for a weekly

bouquet this was an exclusive shop in an

affluent area and the gentleman clearly

had enough money to send something showy

to his beloved wife on a regular basis

what struck me was that he would

personally call in a new poem with each

order and these weren't Shakespeare

quotes by any means all were summoned

from the depths of his own creativity I

was tasked with painstakingly

transcribing his weekly poem onto the

card they had been married for a long

time and you can imagine how these poems

would have devolved into kornev 'l yet

he never missed a single one while I was

there we all marveled at how he always

took the time from running his large

company to write a love-struck message

to his wife every week he never had a

secretary call in the order I was always

touched to take the calls from that old

guy then one day a woman called in with

the poem it was quite a bit different

perhaps lifted from a Hallmark card as I

filled out the order form she explained

that her father had experienced a

debilitating stroke and she would be

providing the poetry from that point

forward the delivery is stopped shortly

thereafter worked for a wedding event


we had a retirement party planned the

guy built the company from scratch

turned it into this regional

multimillion-dollar enterprise after 50

years of the company he was retiring and

setting his son as CEO he was going to

spend the rest of his life with his wife

three kids and 16 grandkids had a yacht

he was going to sail to the Caribbean he

had it all planned out was so happy with

what he built but was ready to finally

care for himself night before the

retirement party he was driving home

from dinner with his son and was hit by

a drunk driver

both him and his son the one taking over

the company perished drunk driver

survived I got the call from the event

venue got all the details the $27 K of

flowers and decorations all went away

stay filled the church with beautiful

arrangements for the funeral however

found out a few years later that the

guy's daughter

was getting married and used my old boss

the florist for her wedding turns out

her mother ended up killing herself nine

months after her husband's death

they say she went into a deep deep

depression after his death she truly

loved the guy and looked forward to

spending the rest of their lives

together well not what was written but

the bad timing of it

my brother has always been a sarcastic

and funny kind of guy he had a friend

from church who was hospitalized due to

some lifelong health complications the

guy has been hospitalized a lot his life

and it was expected he'll be out in no

time he sent flowers basically saying I

bet you a $100 you'll come out of this

fine and we can go get high and hammered

with the money

the flowers arrived two days after he

died I was a trainee florist when I was

17 the saddest one I had was a phone

order from a gentleman who wanted a

bouquet of flowers with the note sorry I

ruined your life - his ex-lover not a

florist but my mom was working at the

same desk job for ten years nine years

in a row she got Valentine's flowers

from my dad who worked at the same place

in a different department on Valentine's

Day he was a custodian so he would show

up filthy with a bouquet screaming

where's my lady and every year my mom

and her co-workers got a great kick out

of it until they got divorced and she

didn't get flowers that last year the

whole job was quiet and concerned

I brought her flowers instead with my

little sister after school 17 and 13

years old at the time the whole job was

crying she quit a few weeks later I am

NOT a forest but a few years ago on the

day before his mom's birthday my friend

ordered her flowers on the card he wrote

something along the lines of happy

birthday mom I'll love you always and he

died in the middle of the night the next

day in the middle of her mourning

someone came and delivered her those

flowers I know that they have already

been a number of responses from non

florists but I have one there was a lady

who was my grandmother's best friend for

almost 50 years eventually my

grandmother moved to a different state

and they both eventually developed

mobility issues and were not able to

travel very much but they still very

generally called each other on the phone

and talked for hours my grandmother's

friend eventually died due to a number

of complications and I went to my

grandmother's house soon after she sent

an order to a florist shop back in New

York and asked for a note to be attached

that said I know that you always loved

these flowers but could never have them

because you were allergic but I'm

sending them to you now because I don't

think it will bother you anymore

my grandmother had been crying for the

death of her friend but she laughed when

she talked about the card later and said

that she only wrote it because she knew

her friend would have lost had she seen

it I guess the circumstances for the

card was sad but the card itself was

actually kind of funny my grandmother

died a few years later but I'll always

remember that aspect of the relationship

between her and her friend I was working

for a florist and it was around Father's

Day someone ordered flowers and I was

instructed to write dad

thanks for keeping the abuse physical on

the card

hopefully that family just has a dark

sense of humor I'm not a florist but I

have one my best friend and basically my

brother Mike killed himself on the 4th

of July 2005 suicide note was left me

and his grandmother found him the

funeral was intense tons of friends and

family I never left Mickey's side it

wasn't a time to catch up with old

friends like most were doing it was my

final time spent with the closest person

to me a few days later a bouquet of

Mickey's favorite flowers daffodils

popped up I opened the little envelope

it was a note from Mikey a PS that his

suicide note for me it said thank you my

brother for doing all you could you are

the sole reason I made it this far we

both need to know you did all you could

but I was not built for this world but

you were keep shining your light my

brother until the next time we meet I

love you Mikey I have the dried flowers

and the note in its own portable safe

every fourth of July I take it out and

read it

I have sent many bouquets to friends and

family members I've lost I have received

plenty as well in my lifestyle we lose

folks regularly but

note that note was the single most

powerful painful enjoyable and humbling

message I have ever received I once had

to send an arrangement and card to a

woman at her work the order was placed

by her and was for the one-year

anniversary of her miscarriage she

specifically requested that we not

reveal the sender if anyone called in to

ask the card was intentionally left with

no sender so the woman got the

arrangement she sent herself called us

to ask who it was from and we had to

tell her I'm sorry the sender has asked

to remain anonymous even though the

previous night she had called herself to

order it absolutely heartbreaking not a

forest but I once had flowers delivered

to my office and the card said I know I

will never see you again but I wanted to

thank you for changing my life I have no

idea who they were from my brother died

of an extremely rare disease when he was

seven years old I was 2 at the time

about a year or two ago I came across a

memo my dad wrote for the expat

community to inform people of the loss

we were living in Tanzania but I'm the

part that hit me the most was a life no

matter how short is a lifetime

I helped her cute and quiet boy and his

father make an arrangement and they had

happy birthday mommy on the card I told

the boy I bet your mommy will love this

give her a hug with it - the boy tied up

and said he didn't think he could make

his hug reach heaven and he hoped she

could see the flowers on her grave dad

looked wrecked I still feel awful

I ran a gift shop at a hospital I got an

order for a very elaborate bouquet

I asked what they wanted the message to

say which followed with your losses

heaven's gain it was delivered to


my mum once sent me flowers with a card

that said hope this isn't a nail in the

coffin why you might ask

because even though my mom ordered a

bouquet with no roses the last time

there were roses in the bouquet I'm

allergic to roses

turns out the next book hey still had

roses both were supposed to be get well

soon flowers after a series of surgeries

I was having the second time she called

to complain because her order said on it

no roses if the place essentially said

substitutions because the bouquet she

picked had like some super seasonal

flower at their discretion and she could

eat it she did a yelp review and they

changed their tune by sending a new

bouquet to me of fricking roses after

that we just had to laugh I mean I get

the roses are expensive and that's what

most people want but really really dead

customers right no reviews this is more

flower sadness related but I guess it

belongs here a girl in our work received

flowers to her desk on Valentine's Day

and was delighted even though they

didn't look very impressive but she told

me her boyfriend had been struggling

financially recently because he was

starting his own business so this meant

a lot to her about half an hour later a

girl who sat two desks away received a

much more impressive bouquet which got a

lot of attention from the other women in

the office I saw the first girl watch

all this looking so sorrowful before

taking her flowers and hiding them under

her desk I had one that said to one of

your dying wish I am putting this truth

on a card for the world to see I never

loved you and resented you in my life

now that you are gone I feel a certain

relief there I said it mom not sure if

this counts but I was picking up flowers

4gf of two year at the time they gave me

the wrong flowers but for the same girl

turns out there was another guy in the

picture trying to get her to date him

the look on the shop owners face was


especially since I had read what he had

instructed them to write on the card at

that point only here for a day however

his memory will live forever I worked at

a cemetery and god baby graves are the

worst I got used to digging and tending

the big ones but I was reluctant to even

clean the baby once so many people left

little mementos and one had an iron man

action figure standing next to it

technically those should all go in the

trash but we always left them there

besides working for a bank for three

years in college I've spent my entire 28

years in the flower industry my mom has

owned the shop since I was two my dad

owned a greenhouse etc it's the family

business the saddest thing I can think

of there's too much the mother whose

six-year-old dreamed of having a

fairytale wedding when she died of

cancer she gave her a fairytale funeral

the families that take flowers to their

infants grave it's between 20 years but

they're still just a baby to them words

on an enclosure card just can't describe

sadness like I've seen I've met with

families to discuss funeral arrangements

countless times I've seen deceased

people weekly if not daily since I was a

little boy these people are friends and

family members of my small community it

takes an emotional toll I'm sure to some

florists it's just business but not to

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