writing my graduation thank you notes like Jimmy Fallon

okay I have lots of energy all of a

sudden so I decided why not film this

because I'm the funniest whenever I'm

like this stuff I need to write some

thank-you notes I went to Target picked

up to the can you see that they just

Huff green plants yeah

so these thank-you notes are for

graduation some people have already sent

me graduation money and I very

appreciate that thank you thank you you

haven't done that yet my mailbox is

still open just anyway that's a joke

dump a pressure unless you want to okay

what lady got me a card and one person

also I gave you some cash so I'm gonna

write some thank-you notes I thought

it'd be fun to do it like how Jimmy

Fallon does so I'm at my desk they're

really small so here we go I'm not going

to say their name because I don't know

if they want that but here we go so




first off

for the visa gift cart





Andy also thanks so much for

shooting really awesome photos


fish and etc and of your dogs the people

I'm setting this to they are underwater

photographers and that's super cool so I

had to mention that XOXO you thank you

for the money i i got us up saying

appreciate i don't really i mean

appreciate it's the only word should I

look at postpone i appreciate i am very

thankful i already said thank you


appreciate I really a people or I really

appreciate it it will definitely another

writer most film go to good use yes

xox Katy actually will ID if he's saying

his yeah this one actually is just quiet

I'm I thought you said address creeps

best wishes you hope for a wonderful

future I'm gonna say best which

she's back well guys that best wishes to

you and your family so today we are

writing to one of my mom's eager

grandmas and it's super sweet of her to

say Nick hard because she doesn't even

know who I am so that's thank you thank

you grandma okay dear this pen doesn't

work hurt are too for reference thank





exclamation point I I've got something

appreciate I I'm gonna have to say

appreciate how did I spoil yesterday

anyway sir since she doesn't know me I'm

going to tell a little bit about myself

this so I am so excited excited wrong to

follow my dreams of


medical field I also feel wrong there's

one of us fact I don't know if I want

you to be a doctor or a dentist it's

true guys I think I could be a dentist

look at this smile and I was like oh I

kinda liked it it's weird I do I am or a

dentist once again thank you

so much explanation wait

xoxo dad just gave me a great idea

I could write thank-you notes to my

teachers too so first off you already

know I'm gonna write time my home Angie

teachers any cups of their names before

I know if I should go anyway my teachers

for the medical program at MIT so super

fun okay so dear miss and then


thank you for

everything you have taught me this year



I am so grateful for the time we had in

class it well

the broker I've had actually in vinegar

you see that


is the best thing that I could have ever

been part of my senior year once I get

her address I'll just add this in the

envelope so micro and I'll send her like

my graduation announcements - that way

she can have a picture of me and she

could have this and she probably write

back for being honest okay my senior

year thank you for showing me


for sure I mean it'd be better to say

teaching you brandy but it's for showing

me how to grow and get out of my comfort


anyway so the end of the at like the end

of first semester every year they have

like the old students come back and so

I'm gonna ask if I keep enough notes

please don't hesitate to ask me to come

back because I gladly all caps will

mm-hmm xoxo yay

don't take out any of the money or gift

cards or whatever until I've written the

note and I'm a little behind so let's

get started this one is from my most

favorite teacher in the world and I

already wrote her think you know but she

wrote me back and gave me a gift card it

says lunch on me and it's the cutest

thing ever so I'm definitely gonna write

back to her so dear you know the drill

thank you


gift card you already know me and Ellie

she's also in the same class as me my

heart you know me and Ellie we'll put

this to good use



and the class the weight some weird so


we have to get lunch soon exhalation boy

XO XO maybe next um my grandma's

neighbors they have seen me grow up so

it's always good

they gave me some cash money so yeah

let's write to them okay so dear thank


for the money awesome see cash but I

didn't want to sound gangster thank you

for the money and


being there for me

growing because like I said my grandma's

knew where okay so this is kind of like

so one of them is sick I don't want to

say okay so um not with coronary like

that thank you for being there for me

well growing up also just wanted to

elect just wanted to let you know yeah

that's fine let you know that I pray


xoxo Katie or can I say see this one

these so at the old church I used to go

to before I moved this was like the

great appearance of the church and I

loved them so much and they gave me some

money yeah


ready and then he and Papa is he thank

you so much I really I don't remember

how appreciative


I'll have to look it up against it I

hate that all right I really appreciate

you guys thinking of me


I wish I got to see more


so thankful y'all yeah


are a part of my life hope you guys are



miss you bunches you see with everyone

my bunches


xoxo Katy I like cry writing that one

that one was a lot this one okay so I

don't know these people but they're my

mom's family guys I'm not gonna tell you

you know how much they gave me but they

really pulled through like let me tell

you I didn't know that

so super thankful babe

yeah so in this one I'm gonna tell them

a little bit more about myself than like

the other ones where I'm just like

thanks so much like my friends calling

me okay so back daughters saying


these people think guys so much



kinda also excited to study medicine I



a dentist will see everyone is doing


I shouldn't keep my coffee right now but

I'm not because and the last one oh my

gosh is another one of my grandma's

neighbors but they babysat me forever

and they had a grandson my age and we're

like best bud so was I almost cried when

reading this just so everyone knows that

you know they gave me some money but

okay I'm keeping this one literally

forever it was like so that's like a

picture of kids on the front porch and

it was basically like this used to be

you up my porch like so proud of you

everything anyway so look what's right

to them

okay so dear


thank you guys

for the money but most


importantly they know for watching

watching out for years

I literally almost cried while reading

your letter and am almost crying it

right no love you guys so much

xoxo Katie


that and don't worry