How to Start a Gratitude Journal You'll Actually Keep

Have you ever been frustrated because you started a helpful habit like

gratitude journaling only to fall out of that habit days later because you put

way too much pressure on yourself to do it daily? This video is for you if you've

ever broken that promise to yourself and as a result had negative self-talk and

we're very critical and judgmental of yourself give me a like if that totally

sounds like you I've been there and I've done that I have a whole stack of

journals that I've kept throughout my life that are half finished or that I

couldn't keep up with because I had unreasonable expectations on myself to

write every day what's worse is I'd get really mad at or down on myself for not

sticking to the habit gratitude is simply the appreciation of what is

meaningful or valuable to oneself the benefits of keeping a gratitude journal

are many it's been studied and widely shown to improve your quality of sleep

help you form healthy habits to take better care of yourself

increase your resilience and times of stress by lowering stress hormones

improve self-esteem help us be happy for others success rather than envious

become more satisfied in our relationships feel more connected to the

universe and our soul and ease symptoms of depression so yeah I want that for

myself and I'm sure you want those things for yourself too but how to keep

a gratitude journal over time the last benefit that I mentioned eases symptoms

of depression is the reason why I started gratitude journaling in the

first place it was 2009 and I was taking my first

yoga teacher training one of my peers at the time told me that she regularly

wrote down three things she was grateful for every night before bed I tried it on

for three months and it definitely helped a whole lot

I noticed that instead of focusing on the darkness or what was lacking in my

life I started to focus more on the joy and the light the things that I already

had I think it's important to mention that there's not a right way or a wrong

way to keep a gratitude journal but there definitely is an effective way in

a way that makes it feel like it's not just another

on your to-do list I wanted to keep going with my gratitude journal so I did

some research and experimentation and I've taught this process to so many

clients and students who say this is now a regular easy part of their lifestyle

here's how to start a gratitude journal you'll actually keep step 1 pick a

journal that you like having out and around that you can see on your desk or

your bedside table that's aesthetically pleasing and enticing step 2 choose just

three days a week to write a study actually found that writing just three

times a week is more powerful than if you were to write every day that is

scientific permission to do less mark it in your calendar to hold yourself

accountable don't just think that you're going to do it you can choose morning or

evening whichever works best both have been found to be helpful step

3 find a quiet space to write where you

can really be present make it a ritual perhaps with tea or just choose a

consistent space either inside or outside your home step 4 write down the

date and five things you're grateful for but hold up not just the things you're

grateful for the reasons why you're grateful so instead of writing something

like I'm grateful for my dog be specific you might write instead I'm grateful for

my dog because she greets me when I come home making me feel like I matter it

helps to start each sentence with I'm grateful for and just see where it takes

you from there step 5 feel the feels as you write feel

the emotions that come along with what you're grateful for this is what makes

gratitude journaling something you'll actually keep and look forward to

because when you feel where the emotions land in your body you savor the things

in your life that you're writing about and they're no longer just thoughts they

are experiences and this shifts your body's chemistry and your brain for the

better that's it just three days a week five things

you're grateful for and the reason why as you feel all the fields

compare this with a restorative yoga practice for gratitude which I've linked

to up here which you can watch and practice next if you're looking for more

ways to shift your perspective with simple mindful and sustainable practices

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