Making Baptismal Candles for Vivienne

hi everybody I was so honored and

thrilled when my sister Juliana and her

husband Alex asked me to be their new

baby daughter Vivian's godmother and to

commemorate that really special bond

that she and I are going to hopefully

have not only as auntie and niece but

also as God MoMA

and little one I thought that I would

make some candles for her baptism in the

Orthodox Church the sponsors of the

child The Godfather and the godmother

each holds a candle during the service

and sometimes they are just plain

beeswax candles sort of like this and

sometimes they're just white ones with

maybe a cross on them or some sort of

simple decoration sometimes people

really go crazy and they add to land

ribbons and bows and flowers and pearls

and they're really fabulous works of art

and though that sort of thing is kind of

beyond me I thought that I might be able

to put together a very simple version of

a floral candle for her baptism so I

went to the store and I bought two

flowers I bought two of these which I

believe are peonies they also might be

roses but this this bud really reminds

me of a peony and the inside of this

flower reminds me of a peony looks but

either way I bought this and I'm really

pleased for this I do not typically like

faux flowers I think they're kind of

tacky but for the purpose that I'm using

for this which is to be something

relatively sturdy and also something

that that can be used as a keepsake for

Vivian I thought that this was really

nice I like the variation of color

inside the flower I like the gold and

the cream and the pink and I think that

this color palette is kind of

one of my sister's favorite ones so I'm

hoping that she'll also like this in

addition to the flowers I bought a spool

of moss or moss colored ribbon and it's

kind of silky it feels nice and I like

that it's why that kind of will give it

a little bit more visual impact on the

candle and so I'm ready to get started I

thought it would be fun for me to to put

one together in front of you so that you

could see how it looks and if you have a

baptism coming up that you need to make

candles for maybe this will help you

decorate your candle or if you are have

more interest in what an Orthodox

baptism is all about you can comment in

the comment box and I would love to talk

to you about that so basically all I'm

gonna do is take the candle and I'm

gonna sort of put this flower somehow in

here and I first I did trim these quite

severely they were pretty long stems and

I trimmed them so that this the flame as

it burns during the service will not

interfere with the flower so hopefully

that's short enough but if not I'm

hoping that maybe we can just lower it a

little bit as the service goes on if it

seems to be getting a little close and I

also cut my ribbon I gave it a nice

little finishing edge and I did cut it

rather long but I did that on purpose so

that if I need to trim it it will be

able to be easily done I didn't want to

waste the the ribbon by cutting it to

shore and then not having it work well

um I might the one thing that I didn't

buy and I really thought that I had it

at home was a spool of some wire that I

could use to help secure the flower so

if it feels like it's not secure enough

I may go back to Michaels or to Hobby

Lobby and grab some of that wire and use

it to help secure the the flower onto

the candle but I'm kind of hoping that

it won't be necessary that maybe the


pretty well on its own I don't have a

lot of foliage going on here it's just

the one stem so we'll see if not it's an

easy fix and who doesn't like an extra

trip to the craft store right so here it

is here's the candle it was a really

simple project and I really liked it

I liked how it turned out I like the

flower a lot I think that the ribbon

goes well with it it's sort of a subtle

pop of color and I think that I will end

up trimming that ribbon what do you

think it seems like it's a little long

but I mean either way I might talk to my

husband and see what he thinks he's

really really good at that sort of thing

and it seems secure doesn't seem like

it's going anywhere so maybe the wire

isn't that necessary we'll see but I

really do like it I feel like it is what

I was going for I was looking for

something that was elegant I was looking

for something that was feminine and I

didn't want it to seem to burn up

because obviously she's a little baby in

so I wanted it to seem more sweet and

gentle than growing up and I think that

that is what I ended up with which makes

me really happy I was a little worried

as I was cutting the wire on the flower

that it wasn't going to work but I think

the combination of a few leaves this bud

the blooming flower it works well let me

know what you think tell me if you have

some suggestions for me something to add

or maybe they take away tell me about

what you think about this the length of

this ribbon whether it's gonna be

cumbersome during the baptism I'd love

to hear from you and again if you have

any questions about Orthodox infant

baptism I can answer them if I can't

then my husband will happily do it I

hope that you have a great weekend

and we'll talk soon bye