Wedding guest sign-in book you can make yourself

hi I'm Karen Patterson and I'm a

consultant with close to my heart as a

mother of four

I love memory keeping and one of the

reasons I love close to my heart so much

is that they put such an emphasis on

preserving memories as well one of my

son's recently got married in fact he's

the last of my children to get married

and I did something for him that I've

done for all of my children and that is

create a 12 by 12 album that is meant to

be their wedding sign-in book this is

the one that I recently created for

Dawson I worked primarily with our hello

lovely paper packet I love these colors

they compliment his wedding so

beautifully but almost would complement

any wedding beautifully because the

colors are so soft I did create an

opening page and one almost exactly like

this for the closing page just to use

some continuity in the book to open and

close it and these pages weren't meant

to sign as you go into the book you'll

notice that I've created two page

layouts that are for people to sign

there's a lot of white space on these

layouts and that's on purpose so if you

create a project just like this remember

you do want to leave quite a bit of

white space so there's plenty of room

for family and friends to leave

heartfelt wishes and messages on the

night of the wedding I had someone sit

at the Welcome Table and she sat there

and put out one two-page layout at a

time as that layout filled up she just

put those pages and slid them back in

the album and put out another two pages

for people to sign and they filled up

really evenly and beautifully that way

it worked out great I really love the

way these books looked filled with

messages and wishes and signatures from

the bride and groom's family and friends

I feel like this book is more than just

a sign-in book it's a keepsake that

Dawson and Paige are going to treasure

forever but not just them I feel like

their family their children and their

children's children will really

appreciate having this beautiful memory

of their wedding day I have photos of my

grandmother who's 98 years old and still

with us on her wedding day and I

treasure those photos I can't even

imagine what I would feel like if I were

to have inherited a book like this that

told me a lot about them and the things

that their friend's treasured about them

as well it's really truly a beautiful

keepsake that I'm proud to have been

able to do for each of my children and

some of the other people in my life that

means so much to me if you are

interested in preserving memories for

your family then all you need to do is

find it close to my heart consultant

like me in your area and to do that just

go too close to my heart calm