The Betrothal - A Fairy Journal and Ephemera Folder

hey everyone so I've got this journal

set finished and I want to show you

inside and as I was finishing it some

elements started to come together and I

decided to just call it the betrothal

it's just the word that came to mind and

I'll explain why in a minute so first I

want to show you what I ended up doing

with the cover of this Reader's Digest I

used a few pages from my collection

called miss lady Faye in here and so I

wanted to showcase the element of wings

and I did some layers and I used a Tim

Holtz cabinet card frame and then I put

the little wings in the middle there

with a button now it's on layered

cheesecloth and fabric and lace there so

the fabric was kind of too bright for

what I had in mind so I just dipped it

in my coffee mixture that I had left

over from some of the coffee dyeing that

I had done for this project and also I

wanted a closure that was attached to

the cover so what I did is I glued it

down and then just to hide the little

glob of glue I put a little flower a

lace flower there and I did the same on

the back so I this is sort of like just

sitting there it's not glued down it's

only glued here and then I covered the

little glob of glue with another flower

there so that allows me to have a

closure that's on the outside of the

book but that's not in the way of

putting a layered element like that on

the front

I also before attaching this layered

piece I added a strip of lace along the

separation between the spine color and

the pattern color there so I just put

that underneath there so the reason that

the word betrothal came to mind was

because as I was adding these al

this little piece of sorry ribbon just

reminded me of the hand fasting

ceremonies that people in some cultures

and ceremonies do wear a ribbon is tied

around the the hands of the couple so

that was one of the elements that just

it just made me think of the word

betrothal so I do enjoy revisiting some

of my old collections and miss lady Faye

is one of my favorites especially at

this time of year because of all the

bright colors and it's just reminiscent

of spring and how butterflies are

starting to arrive when the flowers

start to bloom and stuff like that so I

used some of the pages from that and

then just a combination of my usual some

pattern paper I have wallpaper in here

and a few envelopes things like that so

on the front here I've got a CD envelope

and it just opens up at the top so you

can slide things in and then you've got

the window there the colors are

obviously some greens and some pink I

printed on the back of my pattern paper

I just designed a grid and made the grid

a kind of a pinkish red color and this

is some wallpaper there are birds

somewhere on these wallpaper samples

on this plain colored paper I also did

the grid and then I dipped it into my

coffee mixture after I had printed and

this was printed on an inkjet so what I

wanted was to fade to fade the graph

pattern and so that's the effect you get

when you use a inkjet and then you dip

afterwards you'll get a little bit of

the sort of fading out so that turned

out perfect we've got some butterfly

book pages in here as well

gorgeous colors there's also miss lady

face on the ends of my little strings I

just wrapped some washi tape and then I

cut it on an angle so that I've got

these little pointy bits there

so this is a writing journal I left it

blank didn't decorate there's the

beautiful bird there lots of writing

space I believe there are 144 sides and

when you've got a patterned image if you

want to do some journaling on that page

you can just like tape a an extra little

journaling spot or staple or glue to the

patterned pages this was a timekeeping

logbook and this actually has some

penciled information in there here's the

built in lace bookmark

I love this image right here this is the

other side of my bag another wallpaper

very pretty isn't it



this is just a little element that I

made I didn't attach it to the cover and

it's just an old postcard with a stamp

on there there's some handwriting and I

knew it was a postcard I wasn't going to

use on this side so I didn't mind using

it for the visual appeal of the stamp on

this side instead and then there's some

lace there on either side so this could

be used on here if you were to use this

as a cover or if you were making another

journal with something else you could

use this on the cover and you could add

additional layers of cheesecloth or

fabric or anything

the sorry ribbon on the cover

could be the ribbon that they used for

their handfasting ceremony so I stuffed

this one the same as I did with the

other ones won't start in the back I

made a little pocket and put some

catalog cards in there a Tim Holtz paper

doll there's a playing card here that

has some butterflies and then three

little tags made out of wallpaper

and then there's a couple of pages from

some botanical books

this is butterfly every mom couple more

here I've got three of the inventory

tags this little glycine pocket I coffee

died and then just to go with the the

page from miss lady fey that has the

little dog with the top hat I I'm

including this little card as a photo in

this little organza bag there are some

stamps another paper doll and this is a

German die-cut of a butterfly this was

cut out of an Edith Holden book it's a

strawberry blossom and this little

pocket is attached and I've got another

German die-cut there I've got the Tim

Holtz little dog and some ticket stubs a


photo slide and some small merchandising

tags there

and on this side I've got another

envelope with a coin envelope in the

back some assorted receipts and ephemera

and another little pocket I've got the

Apple Blossom image from my familiar

trees collection three of these guests

check this with a gorgeous stamp there

there's some doilies these are all

coffee stained as well this was also

from Edith Holden playing card and in

this little bag we have three of these

and they're from the familiar trees

collection and these are from eco prints

that I did last autumn I think this is a

beautiful tree illustration on the bag

here there's some trading stamps a

little ticket and another die-cut German

scrap they call it and then these round

tags I've been coffee stained there's a

leaf here and a small flower charm and

they're all just pinned on the lace

pocket so it is available now in my Etsy

shop it might be something that would be

nice for a wedding as a wedding gift or

as an anniversary present something like

that or just if you just enjoy fairies

and spring so I absolutely enjoyed

putting this one together it's been

refreshing to work with some of my old

digital kits I do like to revisit them

every now and then it's kind of like you

know meeting up with an old friend

I start remembering how I design them

and why I designed them and I just enjoy

the color combinations and things like

that so anyways if you have any

questions let me know and I'm not sure

when I'll be back with another video but

I'm already planning on another round of

journals and so I will share as soon as

I can thank you for watching bye